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The best-detailed 1XBET eSports review for 2024 with bet tutorial by 88MYR – on CS:Go, Dota, Valorant, Fifa, and more! Join 1XBET & get RM500 1st deposit bonus!

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The 1XBET Sportsbook is one of the best sportsbooks to wager on in the betting world online as this gives you an easy interface and betting slips which you can use efficiently. Another place similar to this best sportsbook is the 1XBET eSports sportsbook on the site. The 1XBET live eSports section is one of the most entertaining places in the betting world and to know more about it, read on.

1XBET eSports dashboard: What will you find?

What makes the 1XBET eSports section stand out from other sportsbooks that offer eSports betting on the internet is the fact that this section is separated from the main sportsbook. This divide has a different interface which makes betting much easier even though you can place direct bets from the main sportsbook on 1XBET live eSports game. What you will find on the 1XBET eSports dashboard is mentioned below!

88myr 1xbet live esports review play live betting with tutorial

  1. Thrilling live-stream gameplay: As mentioned, the 1XBET eSports section welcomes you with a live stream and easy betting slip option the moment you enter a sportsbook. This live stream broadcasts they do is of top-notch quality and to be fair, just watching the live stream of the players playing may sometimes be more thrilling than betting on the teams.
  2. Live In-play betting: That being said, live in-play betting is available with an easier interface. Here you get to view the live stream match on the left panel while making betting decisions on options in the mid-section, and placing a wager on the right panel of your screens.
  3. Helpful statistical charts: Besides the constantly updating and accurate betting odds, you will find statistical betting charts in the 1XBET eSports section that will let you analyze previous match results of the teams to help you make proper decisions and place accurate bets in the bet slip.
  4. Beneficial betting options: All betting options you will find in the 1XBET eSports sections are similar to the normal 1XBET Sports Betting games. However, since most of the eSports games decide the winner based on the best of two maps, you can easily watch the game on the first map and make decisions for the second and third matches.
  5. Top matches from different games: No matter which kind of eSports game you like, 1XBET gives you updates on some of the hottest games in the betting world prior to matches taking place so that you also can wager on early odds in the sportsbook. Below we have mentioned what matches are available and a must try so keep reading.
  6. Reasonable betting stakes: Another important thing is that 1XBET eSportsbook gives you to play betting with a reasonable minimum betting amount which is only RM10. Using RM10 you can wager on any eSports match in the sportsbook to only double up as you keep winning bets.
  7. Exciting new member promotion: Last but not least, 1XBET also gives its new members a warm and wealthy welcome with their first deposit bonus on sportsbook products. Using the 1XBET promotion of 100% up to RM500, you can boost your bankroll instantly as a beginner to earn more via betting.

Play early or 1XBET live eSports betting on these 6 games

We mentioned that 1XBET gives you a plethora of games to wager on when it comes to 1XBET eSports betting and in this section let us explore some of the games available here. Using only RM10 as the minimum betting stake, you can now wager on top games your favorite teams play for a fun and entertaining time.

1xbet esports review on 1xbet dashboard for live esports by 88myr

  1. CS:Go: If you have been into eSports for a long time then you definitely must be a CS:GO fan. The game has been around for a long time now with different versions of it out there with each time getting better. At 1XBET, you can wager on CS:GO games played by top teams and view the live-stream gameplay.
  2. Dota 2: Dota 2 is another popular eSports game that you will like as the gameplay is entertaining in its own way. Dota 2 games are fun to wager on as the teams battle to destroy each other structures that they must defend till the very end.
  3. League of Legends: Very similar to Dota 2 is the game League of Legends, aka, LOL. This game has a similar gameplay to the aforementioned eSport and thus can take hours for the teams to finish the game giving you a much more thrilling time.
  4. Valorant: Valorant is the latest eSports game that took the internet by storm when it first came out as the game was not only free to download but also available in most countries. Valorant at 1XBET eSports lets you live-stream fun gaming rounds while placing in-play betting.
  5. Mortal Kombat: Going back to the classics, we have Mortal Kombat, a one-on-one fighting game that is entertaining in its own way. Wagering on Mortal Kombat games would be like wagering on any WWE games making the entire gaming session fun and thrilling in the 1XBET live eSports sportsbook.
  6. FIFA: Last but not least, FIFA lovers can place bets in the 1XBET eSports sportsbook by wagering on their favorite teams for RM10 only. The best part is that there is always a FIFA match available to watch as well as wager on in this all-rounder eSports sportsbook in the betting world online.

Bet on 1XBET eSports games using 3 simple steps by 88MYR

Now that you know about all the fun gaming products you can find on the official betting sites for 1XBet esports let us move on to the next section where we give you a fun betting tutorial on how to play the 1XBET live esports games in the sportsbook. Joining 1XBET will give you a 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia bonus up to RM500 which you can use to play betting on the site.

Step 1: Log into 1XBET and visit the eSports sportsbook

The first thing you should do is go to the official website and log into your 1XBET account by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button on the homepage and entering your login credentials.

1xbet esports review by 88myr with betting tutorial step 1

  • If you do not own a 1XBET account, then create one by making a 1XBET Registration by clicking on the ‘Registration‘ button and filling out the form with accurate details.
  • Once done, you should click on the ‘Sports‘ option from the homepage menu and then click on the ‘eSports‘ or ‘eSukan‘ sub-option to access the 1XBET eSports sportsbook on the official betting site.

Step 2: Scroll down and select a preferred eSports match

  • When you complete the previous step, you will find yourself on the home dashboard of the 1XBET esports sportsbook where you will see an ongoing match and updates on upcoming hot matches that you can wager on.

1xbet esports review by 88myr with betting tutorial step 2

  • So here, you must scroll down and filter the 1XBET Sportsbook by clicking on the ‘eSports‘ or ‘eSukan‘ option again and then click on your preferred match from any league.
  • Here, we selected the Alma vs Muridze (Play) eSports match under the CS:GO. Eternity League. Once you find your preferred match, move on to the final step of this 1XBET live eSports betting tutorial.

Step 3: Compare the odds and place a wager

  • In the final section of this tutorial, you must learn how to wager in the sportsbook by placing a bet on the bet slip. The minimum betting amount for the 1XBET eSports sportsbook is RM10 which is a good price to pay as well as win more.
  • Once you have completed the steps above, you have to now place a wager on your preferred betting option for that, scroll down and locate the betting option you wish to play, and then click on a sub-betting option after comparing the betting odds.

1xbet esports review by 88myr with betting tutorial step 3

  • Doing so would open a bet slip on the right side of your screens where you must enter the betting stake and see the payout returns you will be getting if your team wins the game. Comparing the odds here to give you good returns is important in this step.
  • We have wagered RM10 on Alma for betting odds of 1.57. If you are alright with the returns, then you can click on the ‘Place a Bet‘ button and lock your bets in for the match while enjoying the live gameplay.

Why should you compare odds before wagering in 1XBET eSports?

Above we mentioned that comparing the betting odds when playing 1XBET live eSports betting was important. So, using the same match example above, let us see the outcomes of both teams based on their given odds. This would give you an insight into why odds are very useful when it comes to online betting in the 1XBET eSports sportsbook.

Wagered on Alma @ 1.57Wagered on Play eSports @ 2.405
1xbet esports review by 88myr with betting odds tutorial team 11xbet esports review by 88myr with betting odds tutorial team 2
Condition: If Alma wins the match this betting option will winCondition: If Play eSports win the match, this betting option will win
Betting odds: 1.57Betting odds: 2.405
Betting stake: RM10Betting stake: RM10
If the bet wins: Payout of RM15.70 is givenIf the bet wins: Payout of RM24.05 is given
If the bet losses: Betting stake is lostIf the bet losses: Betting stake is lost

As you can see, the betting odds for the Away team are higher than the Home team and so, this means that the risk of betting on the Away team is more. For this risk, if the team surprisingly wins, you will receive more payouts. However, lower odds on the Home team means that the team is guaranteed to win, and thus wagering on the Home team is less risky and would result in small wins at the end of the game.

Why choose 1XBET eSports sportsbook?

The 1XBET sportsbook can be considered as an all-rounder sportsbook as here you get to game online by betting on favorite video games but also you can sit back and relax while watching action-packed gameplays streamed live with good quality. All these things, accumulate to make 1XBET one of the best online betting sites on the internet in Malaysia.

1xbet live esports review by 88myr play live betting with tutorial

  1. Legal and safe: 1XBET has a license owned by the Curacao eGaming company and so this betting site is considered to be legal to use across the globe as it can offer its services to people in Malaysia.
  2. New member bonus: Under the 1XBET promos section, you will find many exciting bonus offers including a new member 100% bonus up to RM500 on your first deposit in your registered account.
  3. Convenient live-stream: Last but not least, 1XBET streams its eSports games is one of the most convenient ways that allows you to watch as well as play 1XBET live eSports in-play betting efficiently.


The 1XBET eSports is overall one of the best sports you can tune into in Malaysia whether you are a pro or a beginner for a good gaming session. Full of action-packed games, here you can wager on your favorite teams with a minimum stake of RM5 only. To add to this, 1XBET is partners with some of the top eSports teams in the betting world online making this site even more prone to exciting bonuses and deals from both ends.

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