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1XBET Partners of 2023 Sponsorship deals: Samuel Eto’o (Brand Ambassador), Serie A, Paris Saint Germain, F.C. Barcelona, CAF, ONE Championship, LOSC Lille & more!

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1XBET is widely regarded as one of the greatest online betting sites, offering its products and services to a large number of gamblers worldwide. However, in order to reach practically every sports fan, 1XBET has teamed with some of the best teams in sports and esports.

These 1XBET sponsorship deals provide its audience and sports enthusiasts with some of the best gaming offerings, including sports betting incentives. Continue reading to learn more about these fantastic 1XBET partners offers.

Samuel Eto'o - 1XBET Brand Ambassador for 2023

1XBET is regarded as one of the best online betting sites, as the variety of gaming goods provided ensures that you will never be bored. As a result, this wonderful website teamed up with an equally amazing sports player, Samuel Eto’o, to market its wares all over the world. Samuel Eto’o is one of the best football players the world has ever seen.

Samuel Eto’o’s footballing resume is excellent, as he has played for some of the best teams in the world, including Barcelona and Inter Milan. However, he rose to prominence as a member of the Cameroonian national football team. Samuel Eto’o inked a 1XBET partner sponsorship arrangement in May 2023 and will continue to work with 1XBET to promote the site around the world. This agreement will last until 2025, and if successful, it may be extended even further. To get the most of this deal, make a 1XBET Registration today!

1XBET Partnership deals in Sports for 2023

Now that you’ve learned about 1XBET’s new ambassador, Samuel Eto’o, let’s have a look at the present 1XBET sports partners. Over the years, 1XBET has collaborated with well-known teams. However, in recent years, they have been identified as partners of not only great football teams, but also significant sports leagues. The six active 1XBET partners and sponsorship partnerships in 2023 are shown below.

Serie A - International Partner


The Serie A is a well-known football league from Italy. Top football teams gather here to battle and qualify for global championships. In the year 2023, 1XBET collaborated with Serie A as their International partner.

The partnership between Serie A and 1XBET will last until 2024. During this time, the league will post the 1XBET logo and banners on the pitch of every Serie A match. In exchange, 1XBET will prioritise Serie A matches on their official website, allowing fans to bet on their favourite clubs in the league. Join 1XBET to play 1XBET Sports Betting on Serie A hot matches!

Paris Saint Germain - Asia Regional Partner


Paris Saint-Germain, usually known as PSG, is one of the greatest teams in the world, having had and now having some of the best players. As Regional Partners in Asia, 1XBET and Paris Saint-Germain football club have joined forces.

This agreement was struck in 2022 and is an ongoing 1XBET partner sponsorship. Matches for Paris Saint-Germain will be prioritised for all Asian players, with additional bonus offers to promote PSG’s partnership with them. throughout exchange, PSG will use 1XBET’s brand alongside its own to advertise the site throughout Asia. Make 1XBET Deposit in Ringgit to wager on PSG matches!

F.C. Barcelona - Global Partner


Whether you are a football fan or not, you have probably heard of the Barcelona football team. This is because they are one of the most well-known and powerful football clubs in the world, and it is only natural that they would collaborate with an equally powerful betting site.

In 2019, 1XBET and Barcelona F.C. struck a collaboration agreement in which Barcelona agreed to be 1XBET’s global partners. This transaction is still happening in 2023 and is expected to continue until 2024. During this time, Barcelona and 1XBET promoted each other through logos and banners at match events around the world. Join 1XBET and claim 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia bonus of up to RM500 on sports products. 

C.A.F. - Event Sponsor


The next sponsor on their list is one of the continuing deals, the CAF Event 1XBET sponsorship arrangement. 1XBET and CAF, or the Confédération Africaine de Football league, collaborated in 2019 and are still in this agreement because it has shown to be beneficial.

During this agreement, 1XBET was in charge of sponsoring all CAF league matches, which it has done effectively so far. The CAF league events were also prioritised on the official 1XBET website. Furthermore, CAF was granted permission to use the 1XBET banner to market the betting service to supporters in exchange. Wager on CAF matches and win huge payouts to make 1XBET Withdrawal Malaysia.

ONE Championship - Partner in Southeast Asia


You are probably aware that 1XBET is a betting site that promotes its products all over the world. So, in order to broaden its reach even further, 1XBET teamed with ONE Championship, an event sponsorship organisation that promoted mixed martial arts and other comparable sports events.

This collaboration agreement, inked in 2022, positions ONE Championship as 1XBET’s regional partner in Southeast Asia. As part of the agreement, 1XBET prioritised all ONE Championship events on the site, while the other promotes 1XBET through logos and banners.

LOSC Lille - Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa & North Africa


Lastly, 1XBET is a proud sponsor of another French football team LOSC Lille. This partnership deal was signed in the year 2022 and will go on till the year 2025. Here, LOSC Lille poses as 1XBET’s regional partner.

As a part of this deal, LOSC Lille is set to promote the betting site in the Middle East, North Africa, and Sub-Sharan Africa regions of the globe. While 1XBET has the right to the team’s logo in order to promote the team’s matches via banners and priority notifications.

ESports 1XBET sponsorship deals in 2023

In the final segment, we will look at some of the Esports teams with whom 1XBET has collaborated in 2023. This collaboration agreement gets all esports fans a little closer to their favourite video games as well as top teams playing them. In this agreement, 1XBET prioritises matches among leagues and teams, and teams use 1XBET’s brand to advertise the site in any manner they can. Altogether, these 1XBET partners also answer the question of whether Is 1XBET Legal in Malaysia.

ESL is an esports organisation founded in Germany. This organisation has agreed to have 1XBET as its Global Betting Partner in 2021. What’s more cooler about this team is that it has prolonged its agreement and is currently active, with both parties promoting each other through the usage of logos and banners.

ESL eSports Organisation


MIBR eSports Organisation


MIBR is yet another renowned esports organisation from Brazil. They have teamed with 1XBET as a global sponsor, and both parties will promote each other through various promotional channels. This agreement began in 2022 and is expected to last for the next three years, until 2025.

K23, a Kazakhstani esports organisation created in 2017, has collaborated with 1XBET in the year 2021, making 1XBET one of its initial partners. Despite the fact that they are a young organisation in the esports sector, they have managed to advertise themselves globally with 1XBET promotion logos and banners for their match.

K23 eSports Organisation


Champion of Champions


As Event Sponsors on the GRID esports platform, 1XBET has also collaborated with the Champion of Champions Tour. During this time, 1XBET will prioritise all Champion of Champions tour matches, and in exchange, the 1XBET logo will appear on all games. Furthermore, 1XBET is claimed to be the official host of the tour’s finals.

In the year 2022, Team Spirit and 1XBET signed an international partnership agreement, which is still in effect. The Russian Esports organisation and 1XBET have exclusive licence to use each other’s logos in events to promote each other and reach a bigger global audience.

Team Spirit eSports Org.


OG E-Sports Organisation


OG Esports is yet another well-known esports organisation that has collaborated with 1XBET as their brand partner in 2022. During this agreement, members of the OG esport team will wear jackets with the 1XBET emblem, while 1XBET promotes the European organisation through high-end live streaming.

Last but not least, as Main Sponsors, 1XBET and IHC esports support each other through uniform logos and live streaming services. 1XBET, a well-known sports and esports sponsor partner, has been working with IHC Esports since 2022, and the partnership is still ongoing.

IHC E-Sports Organisation



This was everything about the 1XBET Partners list, which is active and useful to gamblers all around the world. Whether you enjoy sports or esports, joining 1XBET is a great way to get some of the biggest sportsbook bonuses to bet on your favourite teams. As a 1XBET member, you can also get updates on top matches as part of the 1XBET sponsorship campaigns, in addition to updated odds.

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