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How to get 1XBET Referral Code easy guide by 88MYR experts – Register, game, & claim! Know what is the 1XBET promo code & join 1XBET today to earn almost daily!

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1XBET Malaysia has always been a go-to betting site for many gamblers on the internet. This is because this website is not only the most trusted one out there but also the most beneficial one for new and existing members. The 1XBET betting site’s most beneficial section is perhaps the 1XBET referral code or promo code store and in this article we will be looking into how you can claim this amazing bonus deal.

What is the 1XBET Referral Code that members can claim?

Before we get to the how to claim 1XBET referral code tutorial by 88MYR, let us first address what is the 1XBET referral code. This promotion is also known as the 1XBET promo code and can be found under the Store Promo Code section in the Promotion option of the website. Here you can convert your bonus points into codes that can give you free bets, cashback rebates, and more!

1xbet 88myr 1xbet referral code how to get promo code bonus

All you must do is join the website by making a 1XBET registration and then making a minimum 1XBET deposit in your account wallet to keep gaming. The more you game at the 1XBET products and win, the more bonus points will be collected in the 1XBET Promo Code store. This bonus points can then be converted to Promo Code currency upon request with which you can then select a promo code for any game under the eSports, Games, Sports, and General betting categories.

How does the 1XBET Referral Code work?

The 1XBET referral code is perhaps one of the most easiest and fun bonuses out there in the betting world which only requires you to register-game-claim! This means that all you must do is indulge in some of the best gaming products on the website to get the benefits of free bets, cashback, rebates, and other bonuses worth referral codes from 1XBET.

1xbet 88myr 1xbet referral code how to get promo code

  1. Place bets to collect points: The first thing that kickstarts the claiming process of the 1XBET referral code is to place bets on the online betting site to automatically collect bonus points. The more you game here and win, the more bonus points you will be able to collect.
  2. Exchange the points for code: The second thing that you must do is the conversion of the bonus points to currency to get a code. This means that the bonus points can be converted into promo code currency which can then help you get a promo code for any of the bonuses under this promotion.
  3. Earn with 1XBET: Lastly, you can this way keep earning with 1XBET in your online betting account. This is because all you literally have to do is claim and game over and over again without spending a lot of cash from your own pockets.

Claim the 1XBET Referral Code in 3 simple steps

Now that you know how the referral code works, let us take a quick step guide by 88MYR on how to claim the 1XBET referral code. The 1XBET website is extremely beneficial this way as these steps are simple and the same can be used to claim any 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia whenever you accumulate enough points by betting.

Step 1: Log into 1XBET account and visit the Promo store section

  • The first thing you must do is log into your 1XBET account by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button and entering your login credentials.

1xbet 88myr 1xbet referral code how to get promo code step 1

  • If you do not own a 1XBET account, then create one by filling out the 1XBET Registration form by clicking on the ‘Registration‘ button.
  • Once done, click on the ‘Promo‘ option from the main menubar ribbon, and from the newly loaded page click on the ‘Stor Code Promo‘ option and move on to the next step of this tutorial.

Note: It is important to activate the ‘Bonus Points for Bets Placed‘ option in your account for bonus points to be calculated once you have completed the registration and verification processes.

Step 2: Convert bonus points to Promo Currency

  • Once done, with the login, you must make sure that you play the games on the 1XBET website to accumulate enough points that can be turned into promo currency which you can later purchase promo codes with.

1xbet 88myr 1xbet referral code how to get promo code step 3

  • As you can see in the image below, the points accumulated are ‘0’, which will increase in number once you start betting and winning the games to collect the bonus points.
  • When you are done collecting the bonus points by playing the 1XBET Live Casino or sportsbook games then you can click on the ‘Promo Currency Request‘ button to convert your bonus points into currency to buy a 1XBET Referral Code below.

Step 3: Claim any Promo Code with the currency

When the Bonus Points are turned into Bonus Currency, then you can scroll down and select any of the promo code you wish, which is affordable based on the amount of currency received.

1xbet 88myr 1xbet referral code how to get promo code step 2

  • For this, you can choose a category between e-Sports, Games, sports, and general betting. Doing so will give you all promo codes with the minimum amounts for them on one page.
  • From here, you can select any of the 1XBET referral codes by clicking on the ‘Get the Code‘ button and paying for the code with the converted 1XBET bonus points. Thus, using the code, you can go ahead and play at the selected category’s game where the code applies.

Important terms and conditions to claim the 1XBET referral code

Now that you know all about the 1XBEt referral code, let us now address the  most important part of this promotion before we conclude this article. That part is the important 1XBET promo code terms and conditions that you must adhere to to make a  successful claim of any of the referral codes to play 1XBET casino or 1XBET Sports Betting online!

1xbet 88myr 1xbet referral code how to get promo code malaysia

  • The 1XBET referral code bonus is given to accounts whose members are already registered on the website for more than 30 days with accurate details completely filled in their profile.
  • It is important to activate the “Bonus Points for Bets Placed” option in your account for bonus points to be calculated.
  • Based on your daily activities on the 1XBET website, bonus points are accumulated under the Stor Promo Code section of the betting site. You can then convert once you have accumulated 100 or more 100 points.
  • Your activities from the past 10 days or since the last bonus was converted and granted will be taken into account for providing the bonus points and exchange value.
  • The promo code you select should have an equivalent price to the bonus amount provided upon conversion.
  • 1XBET’s rules for the promo code and general rules must be adhered to, and if violated, strict action can be taken against the account.


This was all about the 1XBET Referral Code that you can claim to game on your favorite games on the 1XBET website without spending a lot of cash from your own pockets. Using this tutorial, go ahead and create an account on the website today and also do not forget to claim any of the 1XBET promotions on first deposit for sportsbook and casino products so that you can play more, collect bonus points, and earn even more with 1XBET Malaysia.

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