1XBET Withdrawal problem issues with solutions by 88MYR pros

Facing 1XBET Withdrawal problem? Don’t worry as 88MYR experts provide helpful solutions to major 1XBET money withdrawal issues that Malaysian players face online

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The benefits of playing on online betting sites like 1XBET are many but one of the most basic one of them is to make huge withdrawals. However, there are times when members face 1XBET withdrawal problem issues sometimes that can be solved instantly. For that, let us look at the main 1XBET withdrawal issues and the site as well as their solutions from the 88MYR experts.

1xbet withdrawal problem with solutions by 88myr experts

Top 5 main 1XBET Withdrawal problems with solutions

Let us now quickly get to the solutions for the top 5 major 1XBET withdrawal problems faced by the members on the online betting site. Joining the 1XBET website is extremely beneficial as from the beginning you can get exciting 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia bonuses that can boost your account wallet to make big withdrawals. So, knowing the solutions to any withdrawal issues is a crucial part of being a 1XBET member.

1. 1XBET Withdrawal request not processed

The first major issue that gamblers face on the internet is that the 1XBET withdrawal request is not processed although it is approved by 1XBET. The main reason behind this could be server issues from the selected 1XBET withdrawal method and so, this becomes a major issue and many people start doubting 1XBET. To know whether 1XBET is a safe site or not check out this Is 1XBET Legal in Malaysia review article.


  • The solutions to this issue is extremely simple and that is to simply wait for the 1XBET withdrawal process to get completed.
  • 1XBET withdrawals take place within 24 hours but waiting for 48 hours is ideal depending on the selected payment method.
  • Other than this, you should also consider any bank holidays and check if the payment server is working right before making withdrawals.

1xbet withdrawal problem with solutions by 88myr

2. 1XBET Withdrawal taking too long to process

The next most common 1XBET withdrawal problem faced by members is that the transaction process takes too long. This makes many people doubt 1XBET to the point where they fear depositing cash online again. However, there are solutions by 88MYR to tackle this common issue so you can make 1XBET Deposit without worrying.


  • As stated, 1XBET takes 24 to 48 hours to complete the entire withdrawal process and this is evident because just like people who face problems, there are people who do not face any 1XBET withdrawal issues.
  • That being said, if the withdrawal time takes longer, then you should contact the 1XBET live chat service immediately so they can help you out as soon as possible.
  • Apart from this you should always opt for using online instant transaction methods available on the site to make instant withdrawals keeping in mind that both the withdrawals and deposit methods should be the same.

3. 1XBET Withdrawal rejected by site

The third kind of problems members face on the site is the 1XBET withdrawal rejected problem where the process itself does not start as 1XBET rejects their customer’s withdrawal request. This happens usually because there may be pending rollover requirements that 1XBET Registration bonuses have or incorrect information added in the request form.


  • The first go-to solution for any 1XBET withdrawal rejected problems is to try again by accurately  filling the details and rechecking.
  • If this is not the case then be sure you have completed the rollover requirements for any bonus claimed as you cannot withdraw cash until the request is met.
  • Other than that, you should be sure that your account balance matches the minimum withdrawal amount for the selected method. And if all these are not the issue, then contact 1XBET Customer Service to know why you have a 1XBET withdrawal rejected issue with your account.

1xbet withdrawal problem with solutions by 88myr pros

4. Cannot see the 1XBET Withdrawable amount

Although this is not a common or main issue when making a 1XBET Withdrawal Malaysia, sometimes you are not able to see the withdrawable amount on your account which makes it impossible to withdraw with a low balance. This become even more problematic when you cannot see the payout wins you received on winning bets added to your account.


  • The solution for this 1XBET money withdrawal problem is to immediately contact customer service so that they can contact the game room provider agents to help with your account.
  • 1XBET live chat options are available on all 1XBET pages on the internet, so you can instantly get help if you cannot see the withdrawable amount or payouts being added to your wallet.
  • However, for these issues we recommend accessing the Malaysian mobile number from the Contact Us page and talking to them directly about this.

5. 1XBET Withdrawal processed but not received in account

Lastly, another common issue faced by the 1XBET members is that the withdrawal request is processed by not being received in your personal account. This may seem like a problem that is not related to 1XBET but it is still important to contact 1XBET regarding this issue and ask them for details on the processed transaction.


  • Contacting 1XBET for this issue can clearly give you an idea of why this issue occured and whether it is withdrawal problem in 1XBET or from your personal bank account servers.
  • Another solution is to simply use online transaction methods for making a 1XBET Withdrawal and also check the online servers of the receiving end before making any transaction.
  • That being said, we also recommend contacting your bank’s customer care for these issues as the processed money should appear on your account depending on your bank’s processing hours as well.

1XBET Withdrawal terms and conditions you should know

Before we leave you it is important to acknowledge that making safe withdrawals online puts forward some responsibilities on your end as well. Thus, it is always important to read the terms and conditions for making deposits and withdrawals on the betting site to play the 1XBET Sportsbook and Casino products smoothly. Below mentioned are the more important conditions to keep in mind to help you tackle withdrawal as well as 1XBET Deposit Problems.

1xbet withdrawal problem with 88myr solutions

  1. All withdrawal of funds are processed within 24 hours. However, the withdrawal processes also take time depending on the other party’s server issues or banking holidays. If the process takes more than 48 hours, then be sure to contact 1XBET’s customer care.
  2. 1XBET security has the right to reject withdrawal requests. As stated above, if your withdrawal form is not filled properly, if you are using another withdrawal method, or if you misuse any 1XBET product or fail to adhere to the rules, then the 1XBET security has the right to reject a withdrawal request.
  3. You cannot withdraw without placing bets. 1XBET has rollover requirements for making withdrawals, so if you wish to deposit money on the site and use it as an online wallet, then you should know that it is mandatory to place bets with the deposited money before you can make withdrawals.
  4. You cannot withdraw using another person’s e-wallet. 1XBET is extremely strict with its security policies, so if you are joining 1XBET then every details including your bank details must be yours alone. You must make withdrawals to account with the name on official documents.
  5. Both, deposit and withdrawal should take place with one method. Lastly, your deposit and withdrawal payment methods at 1XBET must be the same. This is because it ensures a safe transaction process using the same method on the site. If there are changes in the method then you can contact 1XBET’s customer service to help change the process.


These were the 1XBET Withdrawal Problem issues faced by Malaysian players and solutions by the 88MYR experts that you should know before making any transactions with this betting site. If any of these solutions do not work then you can always contact 1XBET live chat customer service agents so that they can look into these issues for you. 1XBET is a betting site trusted by many gamer all across the globe so here there is no issue that can be solved.

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