Is 1XBET legal in Malaysia? Get honest 1XBET Review by 88MYR

Is 1XBET legal in Malaysia or illegal? Know if it’s reliable with the 88MYR’s 1XBET Malaysia review: Services, features, products, payment methods, promotions, etc.

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Online gaming on live casinos and sports betting sites is increasingly becoming popular as these games are always fun to play. However, if you wish to join any online gaming site for casino gaming or sports betting, then it is important that you select a good and legal online betting site that lets you play efficiently and beneficially. Thus, in this article, let us look into the legitimacy of Asia’s top gaming site 1XBET. By the end of this article, you will know if is 1XBET legal in Malaysia or is it illegal.

What gambling laws are active in Malaysia?

Before we look into 1XBET and the 1XBET Malaysia review of the site, let us first address one of the most important topics of the gambling world and that is about the gambling laws that are active in Malaysia. As much as it is necessary to have fun online gaming, it is equally important to play these games legally. Thus, the below-mentioned Malaysian laws must be taken into consideration when you decide to join and game not only at 1XBET but any online gaming site.

is 1xbet legal in malaysia or illegal to use
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  1. Common Gaming House Act 1953: First is the Common Gaming House Act 1953 which bans offline gambling and was further amended to ban any use of electronic devices for gambling purposes. The fine charged for this law is up to RM200,000 and/or jail time of up to 5 years.
  2. Betting Act 1953: The second gambling law that is active permits the use of the only physical gambling location in Malaysia, Sky Casino in Genting Highlands, as this is a tourist spot. However, Sky Casino has its own rules that everyone must obey. Besides this, the Betting Act of 1953 allows players to play 2 kinds of betting which are lottery and horse racing.
  3. Shariah Law: Lastly, the Shariah Law is exclusive to only the Muslim Malaysian citizens but since most of the citizens in Malaysia are a part of the Muslim community, the Shariah Law is backed by legal penalties if broken. This law prohibits Muslims to indulge in any form of gambling as it is against their morals. If any Muslim is found gambling or even near Sky Casino grounds, they will be fined RM3,000 with a jail time of 2 years.

Is 1XBET legal or illegal in Malaysia?

You must be wondering that if the laws and penalties for gambling in Malaysia are so strict, then how does 1XBET operate in the country with many players playing in ringgit every day? This question may further lead to questions like whether is 1XBET legal or illegal in Malaysia? is 1XBET safe or not, is 1XBET real or fake? Well, the answer to this is simple, 1XBET is a completely, legal, safe, and definitely real online betting site to make a 1XBET Registration.

is 1xbet legal in malaysia 1xbet official betting license

How is that possible when there are gambling laws in Malaysia? The reason why 1XBET can operate legally in Malaysia is that it is not a Malaysian site but a foreign betting site that extends its products to Malaysian players. So, except for the Shariah Law, there is no Malaysian Law that affects the legality of 1XBET as it holds a license from the Curacao EGaming Company.

Thus, it is important to remember to use an online betting site with a legal foreign license to play casino games, sports betting, etc. in Malaysia as foreign sites with foreign licenses are not affected by Malaysian gambling laws. That being said, the Shariah Law is based on moral backgrounds, so whether you decide to go against it and take the legal risk, is completely up to you.

Background facts about 1XBET Malaysia and its legitimacy

In this section, we will look into the background and other facts about 1XBET that not only prove its legitimacy but also proves its reliability and benefits. Joining 1XBET can also grant you 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia bonuses that you can claim as new members on your first deposit. To know more, the below-mentioned table will give you an overview of the betting site which makes reviewing 1XBET easier.

is 1xbet legal in malaysia 1xbet sponsor deals proves legitimacy

Founding Year2007
Founded BySergei Karshukov and Roman Semiohin
Place of OriginLimassol, Cyprus
Licensed ByCuracao E-Gaming License
Secured ByGTS CA 1P5 by Google Trust Services LLC
Mobile ApplicationAvailable for Android, iOS, PC
Welcome BonusSports: 100% up to RM500 on the first deposit
Casino: 100% up to RM1480 with 30 free spins on a slot game
Customer Care ContactEmail: [email protected]
Phone: +44 127 325-69-87
24/7 Live Chat: On the site and app
Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Telegram betting group

About 1XBET sponsors:

Another way to ensure that 1XBET is legit is by looking at the past and present sponsor deals they made with the most prominent teams in the sports as well as the eSports world. As the image above shows, 1XBET is a proud sponsor of top leagues like the Italian Serie A league. Below mentioned is an overview of the sponsor deals at 1XBET.

1XBET deposit and withdrawal: Is safe or not?

Now that you know whether is 1XBET legal in Malaysia, the question arises of whether is 1XBET safe or not to use. For that, let us dive deeper into the betting site by looking into the transaction processes as well as the betting products you can get at 1XBET. First, let us start with the 1XBET Deposit and 1XBET Withdrawal Malaysia players can use to make transactions on the site to access its products.

is 1xbet legal in malaysia 1xbet offers safe and secure transactions


  • Methods: Bank Card, E-Wallet, Payment System, E Currency Conversion, Internet Banking, Bank Transfer, Crypto Currencies, E-Voucher
  • Minimum/Maximum: RM5 – RM2 469 641.62

When it comes to online casinos, making deposits can be risky even on legal betting sites. However, with a site like 1XBET making deposits is extremely easy and takes less than 5 minutes depending on the deposit method. Speaking of deposit methods, 1XBET allows its customers to make deposits with more than 10 ways to make secure 1XBET Deposits within the betting site itself.


  • Methods: Bank Card, E-Wallet, Payment System, Internet Banking, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrencies
  • Minimum/Maximum: RM5 – No limit depending on the method used according to customer care.

Just like making deposits, 1XBET offers its customers many withdrawal methods on the betting site. Here you can make withdrawals to any of your bank accounts or online wallet instantly. Here you can choose between making withdrawals to your Bank Card or directly adding them to your cryptocurrencies. Moreover, 1XBET Withdrawal Malaysia time takes place within 24 hours depending on the method used, which is extremely quick compared to others.

Is 1XBET reliable with its products and services?

Now let us look at whether is 1XBET reliable with the products and services it offers. We can do this by looking into what kind of products they offer and from where are they getting their services to further serve the customers at 1XBET. At 1XBET, there are two main products which is the casino product which includes live casino and other games, and the sportsbook products at 1XBET.

is 1xbet legal in malaysia 1xbet offers safe and secure gaming products

  1. Casino games by top game room providers: For those who enjoy playing casino games on the betting site, 1XBET Casino gives you the chance to access game rooms with a variety of gameplays, whether you like playing live or in a virtual setting. That being said, what proves that 1XBET is a reliable site is the fact that these game rooms are provided by some of the top game room providers in the betting world.
  2. Sportsbooks are provided by 1XBET themself: Other online casino site does give you a variety of products to choose from when it comes to sportsbook. But at 1XBET Sports, there is only one sportsbook available which is provided by 1XBET themselves. However, in this sportsbook, you can also access a different page for esports betting and also for sports building, which is unique to 1XBET. Providing its own sportsbook makes 1XBET a reliable site.
  3. 24/7 customer service available for players: Lastly, if there are difficulties that players face during gaming, in the 1XBET Casino or sportsbook, they can contact 1XBET Customer Service which provides them with 24/7 access to help and answers. These customer service agents take their role seriously and ensure to give their time to the customers will all queries are solved. Moreover there, are more than 3 ways to contact 1XBET Customer Care.

Know what customers say: 1XBET is good or bad?

The best way to get to know more about 1XBET is by looking into the reviews of the customers using the 1XBET site as their gambling place online. Since these customers almost game every day on this website, they probably know what makes this website work well and what doesn’t. You can find many customers reviews about 1XBET online since this is a widely used betting site, but below mentioned are the top 3 reviews that you should look at.

is 1xbet legal in malaysia 1xbet legit and safe to use

Awang Bujang
Awang Bujang
Read More
1XBET is one of the few sites I trust with sports betting including my colleagues at the office. I also tend to leave my money here and use this site as a 'saving account' when I need to use an extra online wallet.
Aaaqil Aki1996
Aaaqil Aki1996
Read More
This site makes gaming on the fun but after downloading the app I realized gaming there is much better than using the website. The fishing games are fun to play on the app and easier to collect coins and win.
Read More
I don't usually use betting sites but I came to know about 1XBET because Talon Sports have collaborated with them. I like watching gameplays of esports and this site makes it easier to do so and even bet as I have recently started doing so.

Overview: Advantages and disadvantages of 1XBET Malaysia

Since we are in the final section of this article, let us now look into what makes 1XBET a good gaming site and what doesn’t help you make the final decision of whether or not you must game on the website. The table below is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages the 88MYR team managed to find when testing the site out.

is 1xbet legal in malaysia 1xbet malaysia review by 88myr

  1. Legal site to use with an updated license from Curacao
  2. Secure to use with SSL certification
  3. Safe transactions without third-party interference
  4. Betting limits are reasonable and pocket-friendly
  5. Easy-to-use casino and sportsbook interface
  6. Products provided by prominent providers in the betting world offline and online
  7. Sponsorship deals with top teams and major leagues in the sports and esports world
  8. Availability of more than 3 customer care services and 24/7
  1. Sportsbook may seem confusing to use at the beginning
  2. Since customer service have to look up answers on the site manually, they may take 3-5 minutes to respond back
  3. Smooth gaming, withdrawal, and deposits require you to have a strong internet connection

Conclusion: Is 1XBET real or fake?

So Is 1XBET Legal in Malaysia or not has been answered above including the other questions like whether is 1XBET safe or not, real or fake, etc. With the help of the given review about we recommend that you try the site yourself to understand whether it suits your gaming tastes or not. But before that, it is important to look into the legality of gambling in Malaysia and learn more about the active gambling laws in the country to make wise, safe, and responsible decisions on your end.

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