Verify 1XBET account in 3 minutes using these 3 quick steps!

Verify 1XBET account in under 3 minutes with this quick 88MYR tutorial. Complete 1XBET id verification of number, email, password, & 2-step verification online!

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When you create an account on any online betting site, it is important to first check the security processes of the betting site before creating an account online. However, what happens after you create an account and how can you be sure your account is secure on the betting site you select? Well, 1XBET can help you with that as here you get to secure your account yourself all by just verifying your account details on the official site.

Why is it important to verify 1XBET account?

To verify 1XBET account on the site is simple and does not take a lot of effort. Thus, this procedure can be completed within 3 minutes after creating an account on the 1XBET site. But before we get into the 1XBET id verification tutorial, let us look into why it is important for you to make the account verification on the official site first. Thus, you must first learn the reasons behind why you should verify 1XBET account online.

88myr how to verify 1xbet account verification process

  1. Secure sensitive information in the 1XBET database: Firstly when you verify your account you are making a verification of your personal detail and sensitive information to secure them in the 1XBET database. This secures your account so that you can be notified if anybody with a separate IP address tracks your account.
  2. Notifications related to account security or threat: As stated above, 1XBET collects your IP address when you make an account in the register so when there is a login from a person with a different IP address you not only get notified but can visit your profile to look for the new IP address.
  3. Updates on account offers and transaction processes: Another reason to verify your details is that you can get notifications regarding your account offers, any ongoing bonuses as well as expiration dates on offers and more which is extremely helpful for 1XBET members.
  4. Ensure secure 1XBET promotion bonus reward: Lastly, 1XBET gives its customers many rewards as new members as well as existing members. So, to get updates on promotions offered by 1XBET and more you need to verify the contact details in your account for ease of contact.

Learn how to verify 1XBET account in 3 quick steps

Let us now look at how to verify 1XBET account using only 3 simple steps by 88MYR. Using the 1XBET site is extremely beneficial for beginners as here you can be welcomes with a 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia of a 100% bonus up to RM500 on your very first deposit. But before you can claim this, verifying your 1XBET account is important.

Step 1: Log into your 1XBET account and visit your profile

The first thing that you must do to verify 1XBET account is log into your 1XBET account by clicking on the ‘Log In‘ button and entering your login credentials.

88myr how to verify 1xbet account step 1

  • If you do not own a 1XBET account then you can make a 1XBET Registration by clicking on the ‘Registration‘ button on the homepage and fill out the form with accurate details.

Once you have completed the basic steps, you must click on your profile icon to enter your profile and complete the following steps in this tutorial.

Step 2: Fill out all the required account details with accuracy

When you complete the steps above, you will find yourself on your profile so from the side panel opens, you must click on the ‘Personal Profile‘ option and this will give you a form where you must fill out the details accurately.

88myr how to verify 1xbet account step 2

This form completion is necessary for completing the 1XBET id verification process as here you must fill out the basic details about yourself which are:

  • Family Name: Here you must enter your surname and thus, entering your real name is not really necessary but we recommend that you enter that as well.
  • Phone Number: Then you must enter your mobile number which is another crucial thing for making a 1XBET Id verification.
  • Date and Place of Birth: Next you must enter your birth date and also the place in which you were born as a part of the verification process.
  • Document Type: This is something that you should fill by uploading a verification ID document like your driver’s license etc.
  • Country and Address: Your country will already be set as Malaysia but your address is something that you have to manually enter.
  • Gender: Lastly, you can select your gender from the drop-down menu and complete the form.

Once you have completed filling out the entire form of your basic details in your profile, you must click on the ‘Save‘ button to lock this information on the official site. Once done you can move on to the final and most crucial step of this how to verify 1XBET account tutorial.

Step 3: Complete the 1XBET ID verification security process

Next, you must click on the ‘Safety‘ option from the left side menu panel and this will give you 5 different things that you must verify in your 1XBET account.

88myr how to verify 1xbet account step 3

This step is the most crucial part of them all and so, let us look at the verification of each of them below:

88myr how to verify 1xbet account password update

Password update

Firstly, it is important that you create a password for yourself that meets the 1XBET strength standard and this password must be changes after every 3 months to ensure high security.

88myr how to verify 1xbet account link phone number

Phone Verification

Next, you must enter your phone number and complete the captcha verification and then click on the ‘Allow’ button to get phone notifications of your account related information.

88myr how to verify 1xbet account link security question

Security Question

Next, from the drop-down menu, you should select a security question and enter the answer twice. This answer should only be known by you as a password recovery alternative.

88myr how to verify 1xbet account link email verification

Email Login

With only a clic on the button, you can activate a registered email address for your account that you can use to make secure logins if you registered at 1XBET using the other methods.

88myr how to verify 1xbet account link 2 step verification

2-Step Verification

Lastly, you can scan the code on the official 1XBET website via the Android or iOS verification app and then enter the given code your receive upon scanning and send for 1XBET ID verification.

3 important things to keep in mind to verify 1XBET account

In the final section of the verify 1XBET account article let us leave you with 3 bonus tips that you should remember when it comes to verifying your account details in the online betting site 1XBET.

88myr how to verify 1xbet account 1xbet id verification

  1. Use CS for any account security queries: If there are any account-related queries especially when it comes to the security of your account, you should go to the 1XBET Customer Service agents so that they can look into your account details and secure your account from the details you provided during the verification process.
  2. Enter details from legal ID: Whenever you are verifying your account details, make sure that it matches the details on your legal documents such as your bank account details, driver’s license, etc for identity verification.
  3. Change your password after 3 months: As suggested by the 1XBET security team, it is important that you change your account password every 3 months to ensure that it remains safe.


This was all about how to Verify 1XBET Account in Malaysia using only 3 steps. Completing your ID verification on the 1XBET site is beneficial to you as well as the 1XBET security team so that they can give you their 100% protection from their end. Verifying your sensitive details by confirming your number, email address, changing your password, setting a security question, and completing the 2-step verification is ideal as a 1XBET member.

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