M88 Deposit | How to deposit M88 & win 188% bonus up to RM888

m88 deposit minimum rm30 bank deposit instantly

Make M88 deposit starting at RM30 via Bank transfer, Net banking, or Cryptocurrency within 10 minutes with No fee. Win 100% Bonus up to RM888 on first Deposit!

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In today’s time, online betting sites are almost like a trend where many youngsters tend to make online transactions like deposits and withdrawals as a form of earning extra cash. You can be a part of this trend too but first, you need to pick an online betting site like M88 which you can trust with ease. Making M88 deposits and withdrawals is something easy and trustworthy, let us take a look at how!

3 Reasons You Can Trust M88 with your online transactions

There are many perks to joining the online betting site M88, and one of the most crucial perks is that you can make completely trust M88 to make safe transactions online. So, here are 3 main reasons why you can trust making an M88 transaction smoothly with trust!

  1. Legal & Safe Betting Site: Finding an online legal betting site in Malaysia is very important for most gamblers online. M88 is a legal and safe use site for online betting site to use with a foreign license provided by Interactive Gaming License by the Republic of Vanuatu. Additionally, the website owns an SSL certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt which makes it a safe site with privacy protection.
  2. Secure Payment Methods: Most online betting sites are not used because people have to deposit money to play. But money is usually not the problem, what is is the lack of trust in online betting sites. However, M88 is widely known to offer 4 secure payment options that you can trust. Having secure payment options gives you the freedom to enjoy the thrills of gambling without worries.
  3. No Third Party Links: Most online betting sites have third-party links to make online transactions which makes the site somewhat untrustworthy. But here at M88, all transactions take place within the same site. As you read more, you will also find out that making online transactions like M88 deposits is very simple and does not require any third-party site.

Make Safe Deposits at M88 Using Any 4 Transaction Options

As mentioned above, there are 4 most secure methods you can use to make an M88 deposit online. Here, we will take a look at each one of them one by one so that you can decide which payment method appeals to you the most.

Make Safe Deposits at M88 Using Any 4 Transaction Options

1. Bank Transfer: Bank Transfer at M88 is the recommended payment method because it is not only safe but also quicker than other online betting site’s bank transfer methods. You can make M88 deposits online via their bank transfer option with options like ATM, CDM, Mobile, Internet, and Counter-teller within only 10 minutes! The minimum deposit rate here is RM30 which can go up to RM100,000.
2. Online Deposit: At M88, you can make deposits instantly as well via their Online Deposit option. Here, you can make an M88 deposit using two payment forms which are Truepay Internet Banking or PayTrust88 Mobile Banking. Here, the minimum M88 deposit rate is RM30 which can go up to RM50,000.
3. Mobile Deposit: Using Truepay’s Touch ‘N Go wallet, you can now make an M88 deposit instantly to access the amazing game rooms here. The minimum deposit for making a Mobile Deposit is RM30 and the maximum is RM500 only!
4. Crypto Currency: Lastly, no transaction option online would be complete without the mention of Crypto Currency. Using the crypto coin Tether or USDT, you can make instant M88 deposits without any minimum or maximum limit, although the preferred minimum rate is RM30.

M88 Deposit Process Takes Only 3 Simple Steps!

Now, let us look into the main part of the article where you will learn the easiest and smoothest way to make an M88 deposit in your M88 wallet. Since the Bank Transfer method is the most recommended form of payment at M88, we will be using the example of making a Bank Transfer M88 deposit.

Step 1: Log in at M88 and visit the Deposit Cashier

  • The first thing you will need to do to make a successful M88 deposit is to sign in at M88 by clicking on ‘Login‘. Here, you will be introduced to a pop-up box where you have to enter your login credentials.
  • If you do not have an M88 account, then you must click on ‘Register‘ to create an account in the M88 Register by filling out the registration form with accurate details.

m88 deposit online banking

  • After completing the sign-up process, you can go ahead and make a successful login to your M88 online account where you will be introduced to the homepage.
  • On the top-right corner of the M88 homepage, you will find a ‘Deposit‘ button, which you must click to start the M88 deposit process.

NOTE: It is also important that you enter a registered bank account during the time of registration, keeping in mind that the bank account name cannot be changed once the information is saved.

Step 2: Select your preferred payment option and Bank

  • Once you have clicked the deposit at M88’s website, you will be introduced to the cashier where you will find many M88 deposit methods.
  • So, you must click on ‘Bank Transfer‘ and as you do this a pop-up box will open where you must click on ‘Create New Deposit Form‘.

m88 deposit online bank transfer

  • This will give you further options like Internet, Mobile, Counter, ATM, and CDM. Here, we will go with ‘Internet‘ to make the transaction process easy and quick!

m88 deposit online bank selection

  • Once this is done, you will be asked to select your preferred bank from the drop-down menu. When you click on a bank, you must click on ‘Next‘ where your M88 deposit submission request will be in process.

Step 3: Fill out the deposit form to submit

  • Once you have selected all your payment preferences efficiently, you will be introduced to the M88 deposit form based on your preference. So now, you must fill in the Deposit details accurately.

m88 deposit online bank form

  • Deposit Amount: In this slot, you have to enter the deposit amount you want to add to your online M88 wallet. It is important to note that the minimum M88 deposit rate is a minimum of RM30.
  • Reference ID: Here, you must enter your Reference ID number which can be found on any of the detailed bank statements like your bank passbook, etc.
  • Deposit Date and Time: Then you must move on to enter your deposit date and time, which means that you have to enter the date and time as it is the moment you are making the deposit.
  • Bonus: Lastly, depending on the M88 Promotion you are applying for, you will have this slot already filled out automatically. This happens when you first log in to your new M88 account and make a deposit where you are given a pop-up box to directly select a welcome bonus.

m88 deposit online bank transfer progress

When you click on ‘Next‘ after you are done filling out the form, you will be introduced to a pop-up on the screen claiming that the submit request is in progress. This means that your appeal for the deposit has been sent successfully and that you will receive the amount deposited in your online M88 account as soon as possible.

3 Important FAQs to remember when making an M88 Deposit

Now that you have learned how to make the quickest deposit you can find in the betting world online, you can go ahead and make one yourself at M88, one of Asia’s best online casinos to gamble! But before you do so, take a look at 3 important FAQs you should know the answers to.

  1. Why is there a minimum betting limit to make deposits?
    To play online games at any betting site, you will have to make a minimum deposit. Similarly, at M88, the minimum deposit rate, RM30, is enough to let you access game rooms on the site.
  2. How can I get the bonus code to make the first deposit?
    Claiming the bonuses is very simple because when you click on deposit, you will be provided with a pop-up box to claim a code, or can just visit the promotions section to opt in for one!
  3. Will the deposited amount be immediately added to my M88 account?
    M88 supports quick transfer, and so depending on your preferred payment option, you can make M88 deposits instantly. With Bank Transfer, the minimum waiting time is only 10 minutes!


This was all about how you can make an M88 Deposit using easy banking options like Bank Transfer, Internet Deposit, Mobile Deposit, and even Crypto Currency! What makes M88 different from other online betting sites is that it does not require any third-party link to make a deposit or other transaction processes which definitely makes it one of the few secure betting sites online. Additionally, at M88 you will find that most of the deposit processes take place instantly and smoothly, and even if you face a problem, their top-notch customer service is always happy to help!