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M88 Sportsbook offers top 3 Providers: M Sports, SABA & Pinnacle Sports. Place bets on popular sports matches at RM02. Join M88 & win a 150% bonus up to RM588.

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About M88 Sportsbook – Win 150% Bonus up to RM588

Digitalization has brought everything to online platforms, how can sportsbooks leave behind then? Millions of bettors convert their style of betting on sports matches from offline to online each year. Hence, it’s a huge responsibility of online sportsbook providers to make the best sports betting platform for online players, so that they can come to their site and stay their for lifetime.

m88 sportsbook betting website malaysia sports betting dashboard

One such website is M88 Betting Site, which provides the best platform to bet on every sports event in the world for Malaysian players. Place your bets on any sports match with a minimum betting stake of RM02 and win as per the odds on the team. Bet on a variety of exciting betting options, 1X2, over/under, handicap, winner, etc. Join the M88 betting site now & claim a 150% welcome bonus of up to RM588 on your first deposit at the M88 betting site. Know more about M88 Sportsbook!

Benefits of Playing at M88 Sportsbook Online

There are numerous benefits of using online sportsbooks over offline and there are numerous benefits of using M88 Sportsbook over any other, some of these are mentioned below to help you know why you need to join M88 for a better sports betting experience and earn more real money.

  1. Extensive range of Sports: M88 Sportsbook offers two different sections for sports betting lovers, one deal with real-life sports matches, and the other deals with e-sports matches. Each section has 3-4 betting providers to conduct online sports betting for Malaysian players. Hence, M88 Sportsbook provide variety of sports matches, events, and tournaments.
  2. Affordable betting limit: Minimum betting limit at every M88 Sportsbook provider is RM02, except for TF Gaming, the minimum betting stake for TF Gaming is RM10. Hence, have an affordable, money-saving, and money-earning experience at the M88 Sports betting site.
  3. Multiple betting Options: Each and every popular betting option is available to bet on the M88 Sports betting site, 1X2 betting option, Over/Under, Handicap betting, Asian Handicap, etc.
  4. M88 Welcome Bonus: Claim M88 Promotion of a 150% welcome bonus up to RM588 on the first deposit in the M88 Sports wallet. You can also claim an extra 88 free spins with welcome bonuses at m88asia m sport. Join today & claim the M88 Promotion up to RM588 with simple terms.
  5. Place bets with Mobile: The best thing that M88 Sports offer to online players is that they can place bets using their mobile phones nowadays. Be it Android or iOS mobile, you can download M88 mobile app and place your bets on any sport no matter where you are.

SPORTS – 3 M88 Sportsbook Providers for betting with RM02

There are two sections of mansion88 com main sports betting at M88, one (SPORTS) is dedicated to real-life sports matches and the other one (E-SPORTS) is devoted to E-Sports, that is, virtual video games played by other players to bet. SPORTS section of M88 have 3 sportsbook providers to conduct legal sports betting of every tournament in the world for Malaysian players with just RM02.

#1. M-Sports

m88 sports m sportsbook

Minimum bet stake: Least amount of money you need in your M-Sports wallet to place a bet on Sports matches is RM02 only.
Sports Available: Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, Football, Table Tennis, Snooker, Rugby, Golf, Cricket, Ice Hockey, Handball, Motor Sports, E-Sports, etc.
Live Streaming: M-Sports provide a Live streaming facility for online bettors, you can watch the match and place your bets.

#2. SABA Sports

m88 sports saba sportsbook

Minimum bet stake: The minimum betting amount is RM02 in SABA Sportsbook. Hence, you need only RM02 in your M88 Profile to place a bet.
Sports Available: Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Snooker, Ise Hockey, Rugby, Golf, Motor Sports, Virtual Sports, E-Sports, Mix Parlay, Outright, etc.
Live Streaming: SABA Sportsbook provides a Live score at M88 Malaysia, it doesn’t provide a whole match to watch for online players.

#3. Pinnacle Sports

m88 sports pinnacle sportsbook

Minimum bet stake: RM02 is the minimum betting stake you can wager on any Sports match in Pinnacle Sportsbook online.
Sports Available: Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Biathlon, Boxing, Futsal, Golf, Politics, MMA, Water Polo, Snooker, Handball, Cross Country, Badminton, Football, etc.
Live Streaming: Pinnacle Sportsbook doesn’t offer Live streaming services for matches. You can see the Live Scores at Pinnacle Sports.

E-SPORTS – 4 M88 Sports Providers for betting on E-Sports

It’s time to know a bit about the mansion88 com main sports betting for the E-SPORTS section. There are 4 sportsbook providers under the E-SPORTS section of M88. Place your bets on different virtual video games with a minimum betting limit ranging from RM02 to RM10. Know more & understand them better, select the one you prefer.

#1. TF Gaming

m88 sports tfgaming esportsbook

Minimum betting limit: TF Gaming is a bit expensive E-Sports online betting provider, minimum betting limit at TF Gaming is RM10.
E-Sports Available: Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, Valorant, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Mobile Legend, Starcraft 2, Cricket, Age of Empires, Rocket League, PUBG, etc.
Live Streaming: TF Gaming shows live scores of the match, but doesn’t provide Live streaming for all the E-Sports games.

#2. Pinnacle E-Sports

m88 sports pinnacle esportsbook

Minimum betting limit: Least betting amount to place bets on Pinnacle E-Sports is RM02.
E-Sports Available: Dota 2, League of Legends, Call Of Duty, Free Fire, Rocket League, Starcraft 2, Valorant, Warcraft 3, Age of Empires, and Rainbow Six are the E-Sports available to bet on Pinnacle E-Sports betting website.
Live Streaming: Pinnacle Sportsbook provides live streaming of E-Sports for online players. You get a facility of Live score and streaming.

#3. SABA E-Sports

m88 sports saba esportsbook

Minimum betting limit: Alike Pinnacle, SABA E-Sports’ minimum betting limit is RM02. Hence, all you need in your M88 wallet to place a bet on SABA E-Sports online is RM02.
E-Sports Available: Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Rainbow Six, Outright, and Mix Parlay are the most popular E-Sports games at SABA.
Live Streaming: Some E-Sports at SABA Sports betting Provider offers Live streaming and some E-Sports offer Live scoring of matches.

#4. E-Soccer by M-Sports

m88 sports soccer esportsbook

Minimum betting limit: Minimum betting stake at E-Soccer by M Sports is RM02. Hence, you need only RM02 in your M88 M Sports wallet to place a bet on E-Soccer.
E-Sports Available: E-Soccer by M Sports provides only one virtual video sport to bet on, that is, Soccer. Bet on E-Soccer at M88.
Live Streaming: E-Soccer by M Sports doesn’t provide a facility for Live streaming to online players at the M88 Betting website in Malaysia.

How to place bets on M88 Sports – 3 Steps Guide

How to place bets on the M88 Sports betting site? Here’s the 3-step guide to place a bet on any sports match in any sports tournament by any sportsbook provider at m88asia m sport. All you need to do is follow these three steps to reach the M88 Sportsbook for placing a bet on Sports match.

Step 1: Register M88 & Select M Sports to bet

  • Visit the official website of the M88 betting site via the three buttons given on the 88MYR homepage, which are the alternate links of the M88 official website tested.
  • Click on ‘Register‘ to create an M88 new account with 3 simple steps given in the M88 Register article. If you already have an account, click on ‘Login‘ and enter your username and password to access the M88 Sportsbook to place a bet on sports matches with RM02 only.

m88 sports register select msports

  • Select ‘Sports‘ from the main menu bar of the M88 betting site given under the M88 logo. Sports buttons are given next to the Home in the M88 official website main menu bar.
  • Once you select ‘Sports’ you will be redirected to a page where all the Sportsbook Providers are available. Select any M88 Sports betting provider you prefer, depending on the description you wrote above. We are selecting M Sports to present an example for you.

Step 2: Select Sports, Match & Predict the team to Win

  • There are hundreds of sports matches and tournaments to bet on, select the sport and respective tournament you would like to place a bet on and select the betting option.
  • We are selecting ‘Soccer‘ to place a bet on as an example and we are choosing the most popular betting option, that is, 1X2 & Double Chance to place a bet on a Soccer match.

m88 sports m sports place bets

  • You must already know that the highest tier of Soccer is English Premier League. Hence, at m88asia m sport book we are selecting English Premier League to bet on a Soccer match with a minimum betting limit of RM02. Select the ongoing or upcoming match to place a bet on a Soccer match online.
  • We are selecting an ongoing match to place a bet on a soccer match, Crystal Palace vs Manchester United. Observe the odds and click on the odds of the team you want to bet on.
  • We selected Full-time 1 winning with 5.10 odds to place a bet on a soccer match online. Make an M88 Deposit of a minimum of RM30 before placing a bet on M88 Sportsbook.

Step 3: Enter the Betting stake & Confirm the bets

m88 sports m sports place bets betting slip

  • As soon as you click on the betting odd, a betting slip will appear on the right corner of the screen. There you will be asked to fill in only one thing, that is, the betting stake. Enter the amount you want to wager on Crystal Palace with 5.10
  • The minimum betting limit to place a bet on any sport at M Sports is RM02.
  • We are choosing to place a bet of RM02 on Crystal Palace with 5.10 odds. Great odd gives greater payouts. The potential payout for your bet is RM10.20, meaning if you win the bet, you will get RM10.20 in return, Otherwise, you will lose RM02.
  • Click on ‘Place Bet‘ to confirm the bet.

There are three possibilities in the 1X2 betting option and the possible outcome of each betting option is listed in the table below. Read the table to understand the 1X2 betting option.

Case 1: Bet on Crystal Palace

Case 2: Bet on Draw match

Case 3: Bet on Manchester

m88 sports m sports other one wins in footballm88 sports m sports draw in footballm88 sports m sports manchester united football
Odds: 5.10Odds: 3.85Odds: 1.72
Wager: RM100Wager: RM100Wager: RM100
Pay-out: RM510Pay-out: RM385Pay-out: RM172
If Crystal Palace wins:
you get RM510
If match draw:
you get RM385
If Manchester wins:
you get RM172
If Crystal Palace loses:
you lose RM100
If match doesn’t draw:
you lose RM100
If Manchester loses:
you lose RM100


M88 Sportsbook is immensely popular in Malaysia due to its affordable betting limit, multiple betting options, extensive range of sports events to bet on, live scoring, live streaming, and so much more. And it doesn’t stop at this, you can join M88 today and claim a 150% welcome bonus of up to RM588 on your first deposit on the M88 Sports betting site. Begin your journey at the M88 betting site with a minimum betting limit of RM02 and make the most out of this opportunity to earn more money.