How to play M88 Live Casino games – Claim 175% bonus RM688

m88 live casino online

Play M88 Live Casino Games: Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Sic Bo, etc. with just RM01. Register at M88 & Win a 175% Bonus up to RM688 with Extra 88 Free Spins!

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Playing online casino games is the best way to spend time in the online betting world, and for this finding a good online betting site is important, and there is no other better site than M88 which you can use to play some of the best online casino games. This is because M88 is one of the best online betting site in Asia that provides not only quality services but also quality products. So, buckle up as we introduce you to all the amazing aspects of the M88 live casino so that you can decide for yourself.

Is M88 Live Casino Online Legal in Malaysia?

The legality of casinos in countries like Malaysia is very blurred yet they still persist as people tend to enjoy playing casino games as a way to spend free time. However, most offline casinos can take a toll on your wallet and is thus, looked down upon by many people. But today, thanks to online casinos like live casino, you do not have to worry about wasting too much money because of the promotional offers they offer you.

m88 live casino license

But still, the question of the legality of online casinos remains and this is why it is important to choose a casino online with foreign legal documents to avoid any fraudulent activities. This is why we insist that you join M88 Live Casino because this site is not only legal but also provides you with many benefits which are wallet-friendly.

Live M88 is a legal online casino site in Malaysia that functions under an Interactive Gaming License by the Republic of Vanuatu and is provided by the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development of the country.

Thus, if any online casino owns a license provided by an online casino license provider, then it can legally operate the site online and provide its services to its customers. But it is also important that the foreign license provider functions legally as well.

3 Reasons to Choose at M88 Online Casino Over Others

As mentioned above, the M88 live casino, as well as the mansion88 sports, is legal to function but there are also other benefits you can claim when you join this amazing site. This can be clearly seen as you continue scroll down on this page but for now, here are 3 main reasons you should pick M88 com live casino as your go-to online casino.

3 Reasons to Choose at M88 Online Casino Over Others

  1. Making deposits on online casinos can be scary, but at M88 you do not have to worry about making deposits because with just the minimum deposit limit of RM30, you can make easy deposits using different and secure banking options online without any third party link.
  2. Winning is every gamblers goal, and with M88 this goal is possible to achieve easily. But what is even easier is that you can receive payouts in the fastest way possible as the withdrawal time takes up to only 5-6 hours, which is faster compared to other online casinos.
  3. Welcome bonuses on any online casino sites is essential as it helps you ease your online casino wallet. At M88, you can find such welcome bonuses for almost all the products online which you can opt for with only RM30. Here, you can claim a bonus up to RM688 + 88 free spins!

Get to Know Top 6 Best Game Rooms Providers at M88

Although selecting a good online betting site is important, it is necessary that you find an online betting site which provides good game rooms to play but if you join live casino, you can get only find the best game rooms in the betting world online!

Get to Know Top 6 Best Game Rooms Providers at M88

Joining M88 would give you the opportunity to find games provided by top game room providers like Club M88, WM Online Casino, Sexy Gaming, Asia Gaming Live Dealer, and even rooms provided at M88 by Pragmatic Play and MG Live, all of which are the best game room providers in the betting world online.

Using these live M88 game rooms you can get to play some of the best online casino games which are known to be classics and most loved by the people in Malaysia. These games include, baccarat, sic bo, roulette, dragon tiger, blackjack, and some entertaining spin-the-wheel game shows!

Access the M88 Live Casino Games in 3 Simple Steps!

Now that we have introduced you to some of the best online casino game providers, here is a simple 3-step tutorial on how you can go ahead and play some of the best classic casino games at any of the game rooms here.

Step 1: Log in at M88 and Select a Game Room Provider

  • The first step that you must take to access these cool game rooms and the games they provide is to create an account in the M88 Register. For this, you must click on ‘Register‘, and then fill out the registration form online.
  • Once you have completed your registration, you must go ahead and sign in at M88 by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button.

m88 live casino register

  • Once you have completed the registration process and successfully logged into your M88 account, you can click or hover your mouse over ‘Live Casino‘ which will give you a drop-down menu with the  names of all the game rooms providers.
  • From this drop-down menu, you must select your preferred game room provider by clicking on them and then you can move on to the next step.

NOTE: It is important to make an M88 Deposit of at least the minimum amount of RM30 in your casino wallet to play for real-money at M88 or claim the M88 promotion for live casino.

Step 2: Pick the game of your choice to play

  • Once you have picked which live M88 game room provider appeals to you the most, you will be taken to their domain to access all the games they provide.
  • In the picture, we picked the M88 Studio Europe by Pragmatic Play, as you can see, we are given many options to choose from.

m88 live casino gamerooms

  • Additionally, you can filter out your options to select any of the game rooms from the available options.
  • To enter a game room, all you must do is click on the game room window. Here, we have selected the Dragon Tiger game room.

Step 3: Place bets easily and enjoy the gameplay

  • When you enter the game room, you will be thrilled to notice the vibrant vibes it offers, with a theme playing in the background, you will notice a trained live dealer sitting face front, dealing the cards.
  • Another thing to take notice of is the live chat options where you can talk and interact with other players playing the game from across the globe at live casino & mansion88 sports.

m88 live casino gameplay steps

  • So, to be a part of the game, you must select the your betting stake from the casino chips given below and then click on the betting option you want to place your bets on.
  • This way, once the timer goes off, the live dealer will deal the cards skillfully to reveal the winner of the game. Whoever wins will be rewarded instantly with the payouts.

Claim 175% up to RM688 M88 Promotion on Live Casino!

Although there are many online casino bonuses that offer you with casino welcome bonuses on creating new accounts on their sites, there are only a few of them that give you the best of the best! You guessed it, mansion88 sports M88 is one of them as well. Here, with the M88 Promotion, you will get one of the best casino bonuses you can claim which also includes free rewards!

m88 live casino promotion

Claim 175% Bonus up to RM688!

  • With a newly registered M88 account, you can claim a 175% bonus up to RM688!
  • You can use this to access the Live Casino games available in the M88 game rooms.
  • You can claim this bonus instantly after making a new account in the M88 com live casino site and when you deposit a minimum amount of RM30.
  • Complete the rollover requirements mentioned in the terms and conditions section, and you will then be granted 88 free spins.
  • Once all this is done, you can make a successful M88 withdrawal where you can get the bonus as well as winning money all for yourself!

Terms and Conditions

  • Making a minimum deposit of RM30 in your M88 account as your first deposit is necessary to be able to opt for this M88 promotion.
  • The rollover requirement for this promotion is 28 times, and this must be done within the next 14 days of opting for the promotion in the M88 Live Dealer section.
  • Once this rollover requirement is completed successfully, you must go ahead, 88 free spins on SWEET M88 products will be rewarded to you which you can apply for.
  • These free spins must be rolled over 18 times within 7 days. If you make a withdrawal before applying for the free spins, you will not get the free spins.

Top 6 Must-Play M88 Online Casino Games

Since M88 offers you with the best by giving you many game rooms to choose from, it is given that you may be wondering where to start, especially as a beginner. So, here are 6 most famous games in Malaysia, that you can play.

#1. Baccarat

m88 live casino baccarat game

Minimum Betting Stake: RM5

Baccarat is one of the most enjoyable casino games to play online because here you can get the chance to play against the betting options itself. To play baccarat, you must place bets on the banker, dealer, or tie side on the table. Whichever side has their cards summed up to the 9 or a number closer to 9 wins the round.

#2. Sic Bo

m88 live casino game sic bo

Minimum Betting Stake: RM5

Sic Bo is one of the oldest dice games you can find in the betting world online. Playing Sic Bo is not only easy but also fun because of the many betting options you can place bets with. This is the best to do because placing multiple bets here to predict the outcome of the three dice game becomes challenging.

#3. Roulette

m88 live casino game roulette

Minimum Betting Stake: RM1

You can access many entertaining roulette game rooms at M88. Here you can place bets on any number from 0 or 00 to 36 to predict the outcome which is decided by a ball spinning on the roulette wheel. What makes this even more interesting is that there are many side betting options in Roulette which makes the game fun.

#4. Dragon Tiger

m88 live casino game dragon tiger

Minimum Betting Stake: RM5

Dragon Tiger is another famous online casino game played in Malaysia where you must place bets on the dragon side, the tiger side, or a tie bet which makes the gameplay similar to Baccarat. However, here the winner of the bet is determined by which side has the highest ranking card.

#5. Blackjack

m88 live casino blackjack game

Minimum Betting Stake: RM25

Playing the slightly advanced Blackjack casino game in the M88 game rooms does not require to place bets on a particular betting option but instead you will have to place bets on the hand that you will be dealt. Here the aim is to beat the dealer by getting your hand to sum up to the number 21 or a number closer to it.

#6. Game Shows

m88 live casino game shows online

Minimum Betting Stake: RM0.5

If casino games does not appeal to your tastes and you wish for more excitement, then we recommend that you play the spinning wheel games available under any game show section. Here, you get to bet on any option mentioned in a huge wheel and before the timer ends, the host will spin the wheel to reveal the outcome.

3 Casino Tips to Help You Win More!

Now that you are at the end of the page, you have been introduced to most of the amazing things that the M88 live casino can bring to your table. But to get even more, you will need some casino tips that you can use to play and win!

  1. Make Use of Bonus: The first casino tip that you must follow doesn’t directly relate to playing the games but instead it is the easiest way to get a boost for your online casino wallet. It is important that you claim the casino bonus offered by M88 because they offer wallet-friendly bonuses that can prevent you from spending money from your own pockets.
  2. Play with Low Stakes: Placing bets can be rewarding if you win, but can be something heavy on your wallet if you lose. So, it is important that you learn to place bets in the M88 live casino game rooms with precision by using the minimum betting stakes available. This will help you win in small amounts as a beginner but also will prevent you from losing a lot of money if you lose.
  3. Keep Betting Limits: Lastly, playing casino games especially at M88 com live casino is always fun and entertaining so there is a chance that you may go overboard with spending. To prevent this, you must set daily betting limits for yourself before joining any of the game rooms. Once this limit is over, you can leave for the day and win again the next day.


This was all about the M88 Live Casino, one of the best places you can find online to gamble at! Using this online casino would give you many benefits which includes, high security, easy deposits, quick payouts, and one of the best online casino bonus of up to RM688 with additional 88 free spins. So go ahead and register an M88 account today to experience endless entertainment, and never ever get bored!