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Connect with M88 Live Chat to Contact Live Agent 24×7. Get help via M88 Customer Care within Seconds: Drop an Email at [email protected] or Text at +63 9369178192.

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About M88 Customer Care Services

M88 betting company provides an M88 live help team of dedicated and polite workers to clear your every doubt via 3 ways to contact you: Live Chat, Email Address & WhatsApp. Clear your every doubt within 30 seconds with M88 Live Chat and WhatsApp messages. If you want a descriptive answer to your question, write a mail to the M88 team and you will get to know everything there is to know about.

3 Ways to Contact M88 Customer Care Services

M88 Official betting site likes to keep it simple and that’s why, they have three simple, traditional, and conventional ways to reach M88 customer care services. Live M88 Chat, Email Address, and WhatsApp number are three ways to contact M88 help, which one is your favorite? Our is M88 Live Chat.

3 Ways to Contact M88 Customer Care Services

  1. M88 Live Chat: Reaching out to the Live agent for an instant & quick doubt clear section can be considered as M88 Live Chat, it is available 24×7 for the customers, whether you are a member of the M88 betting site or not. Access M88 Live Chat 24X7.
  2. M88 Email ID: Dropping a mail to the M88 team may seem like a waste of time, but it’s the most effective way to catch your attention and get your problem solved. Players with withdrawal issues find it the most effective method to solve the issue.
  3. M88 WhatsApp: WhatsApp is one of the most popular Social Media in Malaysia for chatting and hence, M88 has brought a WhatsApp Account for customers to reach in case of need and assistance. Save the Contact and Chat through.

4 More ways to be updated with M88 Info every second

Get constant M88 info and be updated with M88 news via 4 social media networks, where every piece of information is posted within seconds with M88 live help. But you can also connect with any of the four or all the social media accounts of M88 and become part of a huge network. Read M88 Review to get more M88 info.

4 More ways to be updated with M88 Info every second

Some questions that you can be updated about via M88 Social Media, such as Promotion Updates, New tournaments, New Games, New features, etc. Connect with M88’s Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts to be up to date with all the updates, news, and M88 information.

How to Connect with M88 Live Chat 24X7

Live chat is preferable to connect with M88 customer care services because it is easily accessible, quickly hooked, and even fast replies from live human agents. Know how to connect with the M88 live chat agent within 2 seconds and clear your doubts with the M88 chat live human agent in less than a minute.

Step 1: Access M88 Official Site & Select ‘Live Help’

  • The foremost step in connecting with the live agent is to access the M88 official betting site. Visit the official betting site via the 88MYR homepage, and click on the buttons given above.
  • You will reach the 88MYR homepage, and click on the buttons provided on the homepage under the M88 Alternatif link section to go to the M88 Official website.

m88 live chat help customer care live chat

  • You can make an M88 Register or log in to your already existing M88 betting site. However there’s no need to have an M88 account or New Register to visit the M88 live chat connection.
  • Click on the ‘Live Help‘ given under the main menu of M88 in a horizontal line where other facilities offered by M88 are given, mobile app, customer care, refer a friend, etc.

Step 2: Chat with the M88 Live Chat Agent 24X7

  • As soon as you click on ‘Live Help’ a chat box will appear on the right bottom side of your screen. Type in your queries in the M88 chat box and get an answer from a live agent as shown in the image.

m88 live chat help customer care live chat message

  • You will also be asked for your username to provide better answers in return. We asked two questions in the image given above and got satisfactory answers in less than 2 minutes.
  • Hence, opt for M88 Live Chat customer care services when you want quick answers in less than a minute without making any human contact over a phone or video call, just chat.

How to contact M88 Customer Services – Email & WhatsApp

Other two ways to contact M88 customer care services instead of M88 live help are via Email address and WhatsApp chat. Mentioned below are the steps to help you reach the Email address and WhatsApp phone number easily. It’s just a 2 step guide to reaching the M88 help via Email or Phone Number.

Step 1: Visit the M88 Official Betting Site & Select ‘Contact Us’

  • Go to the official M88 betting site via 88MYR official homepage and Register your account. Make a Login if you have an M88 account already by entering your username and password.
  • You don’t have to make a Register to contact M88 help customer care, you can contact customer care services without having an account, in case you have queries about Register.

m88 live chat help customer care contact us

  • Scroll down to the bottom part of the M88 official betting and gambling website and locate the ‘Contact Us‘ given between Responsible Gaming and Help Center in a horizontal line.

Step 2: See the Contact details of Your Country – Malaysia

  • When you reach the ‘Contact Us’ page, you will see that contact details of all the countries are given in the columns. Locate your country’s contact details and select the one you prefer.

m88 live chat help customer care contact us email whatsapp

  • Malaysian players will see the contact details of ‘Malaysian Customers‘. See the details and work accordingly, select the one way you like and reach M88 help customer care services.

Step 3: Drop an Email at M88 or Chat on WhatsApp

  • There are other two ways to contact M88 customer care services, one is sending a mail to the M88 email address, and the second one is to talk with an agent on WhatsApp over chat or call.
  • Given below are the ways to reach each one of them individually, click on ‘Drop an EMAIL to M88 Customer Care’ to see the steps to send a mail to the M88 team, and click on ‘Chat with M88 Agent on WHATSAPP’ to send the Whatsapp message to live agent or call them.

Drop an EMAIL to M88 Customer Care

  • Select the ‘[email protected]‘ alongside the side of the text message icon to send a mail to the M88 team. Once clicked, you will be redirected to the emails you usually use, yahoo, Gmail, etc.

m88 live chat help customer care contact us via email

  • A composed email will appear on your screen, where from and to mail is already filled. All you need to do is ask the question and you will receive a brief email explaining your answer. Hence, if you have a bigger query and want brief answers, drop a mail to M88.

m88 live chat help customer care contact us via email address

Chat with M88 Agent on WHATSAPP

  • To visit the WhatsApp account of M88, click on the number given alongside the WhatsApp icon +63 9369178192, and a QR code will pop-up on the screen.

m88 live chat help customer care contact us via whatsapp

  • This is the point where you should bring out your phone and open WhatsApp camera to scan the QR code and you will be redirected to the WhatsApp number.
  • You will receive a message saying to save the contact, from there you can save the contact and start chatting with a live agent, you can also make a call on WhatsApp.

m88 live chat help customer care contact us via whatsapp save contact


M88 Live Chat is available 24X7, provides instant live agents to ask questions, and never delays the replies, that’s why it is the most preferred way to contact M88 help customer care services. Another way to contact customer service besides M88 live help is to Email [email protected] and WhatsApp +63 9369178192. Players can also connect with M88 on their Social Media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Ask away your questions without hesitation, we recommend M88 Live Chat.