M88 Affiliate Program – Join, Promote M88 & Get 50% Commission

m88 affiliate program get 50% commission referral playersJoin M88 Affiliate Program & Earn Commissions up to 50% by Promoting an established brand, M88 Betting. Bring Loyal Customers to M88 & Get high Revenue shares.

M88 Official Malaysia  M88 Affiliate Program  M88 Commission 50%

About M88 Affiliate Program

M88 betting site offers a top-notch betting experience with multiple products, sports betting, live casino games, slots online, P2P games, fishing, trading, lottery, keno, etc. in 6 different languages. M88 is a renowned brand and it initiated the program where people outside of M88 get the chance to promote M88 and earn real money via the M88 Affiliate Program with a 30-50% commission.

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m88 affiliate dedicated teamDedicated team to help you understand M88 Affiliate

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Join M88 Affiliate Program to earn real money via online gambling indirectly, promote M88 and attract new players to the M88 betting site. Bring active players to the M88 betting site and get a 50% commission for 40 active players. Earn via the M88 betting site and M88 Affiliate Program, all you need is a marketing platform for promoting M88 in Malaysia’s online gambling market.

How to become M88 Affiliate Member – 3 Steps Guide

Earning via the M88 Betting site is more difficult than earning via the M88 Official Affiliate Program site. Follow the 3 steps guide to register yourself as a member of the M88 Affiliate Program. Bring active players and get a 50% commission of what M88 earns through them.

Step 1: Visit M88 Affiliate Program & Click on Register

  • There’s a simple and safest way to visit the M88 Affiliate Partners site and the first step to visit the M88 Affiliate Partners site is to access the M88 Official website. After that, scroll until you reach the almost end of the page. Locate M88 Affiliate in the horizontal list & click on it.

m88 affiliate register signup account

  • Once you reach the M88 Affiliate Partners site, you can explore the website, read the terms and conditions, know the commission evaluation process, and even contact M88 Affiliate Partners’ customer care services. Click on ‘Register‘ to become an M88 Affiliate Member.
  • If you already have an M88 Affiliate account, click on Login & enter your login credentials to access the features and facilities, and withdraw your commission from the M88 Affiliate Partners site.

Note: You must have an account at the M88 Official betting site to become a member of the M88 Affiliate Partners website. You must know everything about M88 before going into the market to promote it, even claim a 188% M88 Promotion welcome bonus up to RM888 on the first deposit. That’s why M88 Affiliate Program insists the M88 Affiliate Partners join M88 first.

As soon as you click on ‘Register’ given in the top right corner of the M88 Affiliate Partners site. A registration form will appear on the screen for you to fill out & become a member.

m88 affiliate register signup form

  • Language: Select the language in which you want to fill out the form. There are 8 available languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai & traditional Chinese.
  • Login Username: You must explore the M88 betting site before becoming an M88 Affiliate member. Here, enter the M88 Betting site username you added while making M88 Register.
  • Login Password: Enter the password of your M88 Betting profile in this column to prove that you have used M88 betting before submitting an application for M88 Affiliate Program.
  • Confirm Password: Re-enter the same password as entered above to ensure that you are entering the correct password. This password belongs to your M88 betting profile.
  • Email Address: Enter the correct, active, and working email address to receive notifications from M88 Affiliate Program. This email must be the same as that registered in your M88.
  • Email Mailout Subscription: Your email address is asked for your identity verification, but if you want to receive newsletters and promotional news, check the Subscribe button.
  • Country: Select the country you live in, doesn’t matter if you have a domicile in that country or not. You can belong to the USA and live in Malaysia, you will select Malaysia if you run your business from Malaysia. Hence, select the country you want to use to promote the M88 site.
  • Currency: In which currency do you want to receive a commission? This will be similar to the currency you used in the M88 betting profile. Hence, Malaysian Affiliates will select MYR.

Step 2: Fill out the M88 Affiliate Registration form Accurately

M88 Affiliate Registration form is a bit longer than the M88 Betting Site registration form. Hence, continue to fill in the details as asked by the M88 Affiliate Partners site accurately.

m88 affiliate register signup form 01

  • First Name: Enter your first legal name under this column, the exact name you entered in your bank account, and written on your birth certificate. Follow the same for the Last name.
  • Last Name: Enter your accurate last name as per your legal documents, like your identity card, birth certificate, bank account details, etc. Make sure you enter the correct name in both the registration forms: M88 betting site register and M88 Affiliate site register.
  • Company: Enter the name of your company, and the company you are using to represent the M88 betting site. This information will be used to check your credibility and work.
  • Phone Number: Enter your working phone number to get instant notifications via text messages by M88 Affiliate Program because you need to be updated to promote M88.
  • Skype/QQ: Enter the Skype ID so that M88 Affiliate can contact you on the Skype Platform.
  • Flygram: Enter the Flygram account if you have an account on the Flygram network platform.
  • Telegram Username: Enter your Telegram account username, so that M88 can contact you on Telegram if they want to. It is also not mandatory to enter the Telegram account username.
  • KakaoTalk: Enter your KakaoTalk account if you have it, otherwise it’s not mandatory.
  • Marketing Channels: Select the platforms you are going to use to promote the M88 betting site. Popular choices are websites, social media, mobile apps, advertisements, offline, etc.

Note: It is mandatory to fill the column with a ‘*‘ mark on them. If there’s no * mark on the column, you can skip that column and there will be no issue at the time of the M88 Affiliate Registration.

Step 3: Click on ‘Sign Up’ to complete the Registration Process

You are not very far, 3-4 more columns to fill in order to complete the registration process, and click on the last button, that is, Sign Up. After that, your application will be reviewed by M88 team members to ensure that all the information given is accurate and can benefit the M88 betting site.

m88 affiliate register signup form 02

  • Marketing Channels Details: You will need a particular or all marketing platforms to promote M88 and you must list them under this column. If you don’t have a marketing platform for M88, write the strategic plan you have created to promote the M88 betting site.
  • Confirmation Code: Re-enter the code given in the image, and capture the captcha accurately to submit your application successfully. Entering the correct confirmation code is mandatory because it stops the automated signups in M88 Affiliate Program.
  • Terms & Conditions: Tick the box given next to ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’ and it will turn blue, implying that you agree with the terms and conditions of the M88 Affiliate Program. But, we advise you to read the conditions given below first before clicking on the button.
  • Payment Instructions: Select the mode of payment, in simple and interesting words, select the payment methods which you would like to use in order to withdraw your earnings from M88. The two options are selecting the Wire Transfer or Giving the Payment information later.

Once you are done filling all the mandatory columns of the M88 Affiliate registration form, click on ‘Sign up‘ to submit the details you just filled out to M88 Affiliate Program. Your M88 Affiliate Partners application will be reviewed and an M88 Affiliate Manager will contact you with further details.

Note: You must have either a Marketing platform for promoting the M88 Betting site or a structured plan to promote the M88 Betting site. Any one of the above is mandatory in order to become a member of the M88 Affiliate Program because your request will be reviewed by a dedicated team.

5 Terms & Conditions of M88 Affiliate Program

You must read the terms and conditions of the M88 Affiliate Program before becoming a member of the M88 Affiliate Program. Know the terms and conditions to understand what you are getting into. Join M88, explore the M88 products, join an M88 Affiliate program, and promote & earn real money.

Highest Revenue Share Bring 40 active players to the M88 betting site and get a commission of up to 50% of what they spend on M88.
Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) NGR helps in determining the Affiliate’s commission. It is the sum of Gross Gaming Revenue deducted by a 12% fee.
Minimum Active Players You need to bring 5 active players to the M88 website to start earning via an M88 Affiliate program with a 30% Commission.
Minimum Commission Amount You must earn $100 via M88 Affiliate Program to make a withdrawal from the M88 Affiliate wallet to your bank account.
Payment Fee of Commission No fee for the local currency, a 4% fee for USD, a $52 fee for <$1000 USDT & a  4% fee for >$1000 USDT transactions.

Note: If you ever face any problem regarding M88 Affiliate Program, you can contact customer care services via Email Address:- [email protected] that’s the only way to contact the M88 help Affiliate Partners helping Centre. Drop a mail to customer care services & get an answer.


There are many ways to earn via M88 and one way to do so is by becoming a member of the M88 Affiliate club. You have to register your account at M88 Affiliate Program to promote the products and earn commission on every active player you give to M88. Join the M88 betting site, and explore every feature of M88, sports betting, live casino games, lottery, trading, P2P, Keno, etc. And don’t forget to claim a 188% welcome bonus up to RM888 on your first deposit yourself.

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