Top 4 M88 Promotions in Malaysia 2024 – Win 188% up to RM888

Discover 4 Best M88 Promotions & claim bonuses up to RM888 on your 1st deposit. Join M88 & Win a 188% welcome bonus of up to RM888 + Free Spins on the Casino.

Playing online games is something that brings us instant entertainment as with the right betting site as your partner, you can access some of the best sportsbooks or game rooms online. But it is also essential to select a site that is friendly to your wallet, and this is when M88 comes into the picture. With the M88 promotion bonus deals you can get access to some of the best online sportsbooks and game rooms to play gambling online!

1. M88 Casino Slots - 188% Bonus up to RM888

The first promotion on the list will give you a pass to experience endless entertainment for a long time and no other place can provide you with such entertainment than the casino slots section at M88. Here, you will get a 188% welcome bonus for the M88 casino slots products.

  • The M88 Casino Slots bonus offered as a part of the M88 promotion would give you a 188% bonus of up to RM888 on all the casino slot products.
  • All you must do to claim this bonus is make a minimum deposit of RM30, and once this amount is verified the bonus amount will be locked into your account.
  • This deposit must be made within 30 days of creating a new account at M88. It would be helpful to get the bonus locked in your account as early as possible since you have to complete the rollover requirement. 
  • This bonus is subjected to a 28 times rollover requirement which must be completed within the next 14 days of claiming the promotion.
  • This promotion is only applicable for the M88 Slot games and so the rollover requirement must be carried out in this section. 
  • Once the rollover is completed with succession, you will get 18 free spins on SWEET M88 game, with a rollover requirement of 8 times that must be completed within 7 days.

2. M88 Live Casino - 175% Bonus up to RM688

Playing online casino games are always fun but can also be addicting because of how entertaining they are. But you do not have to worry about this at M88 Live Casino because with your new account you can get up to RM688 bonus.

  • With your newly registered account, you can get a 175% bonus deal of up to RM688 on M88 Live Dealer products online.
  • To claim this promotion, you must make a minimum deposit of RM30 in your M88 wallet.
  • This promotion but be rolled over about 28 times by playing at the live dealer section at M88 within 14 days.
  • When you have successfully completed the rollover requirement then you can get 88 free spins on SWEET M88 products.
  • The free spins bonus is valid for 7 days and within this time frame you have to complete the rollover 18 times as required.

3. M88 E-Sports betting - 188% Bonus up to RM588

Esports betting is something that is becoming more and more trendy with each year and so M88 had to keep up with this exciting trend for its beloved customers. So, joining M88 would give you the benefit of claiming one of the best Esports promotions you will find in the betting world online.

  • M88 promotion offers you with a 188% welcome bonus up to RM588 which you can claim with a new M88 account.
  • For this, you must make a minimum deposit of RM30 as your very first M88 deposit and this must be done within the next 30 days of creating an account.
  • This promotion amount of up to RM588 will be locked in your M88 account where you will have to rollover the promotion bonus with the deposited money in the Esports section at M88.
  • The rollover requirements for this M88 promotion is 18 times which must be done within 14 days under the Esports section for products offers by Pinnacle Esports, SABA Esports, and TF Gaming.
  • If the rollover requirements for this promotion is not completed within the deadline then the bonus and winning amount will be forfeited.

4. M88 Sportsbook - 150% Bonus up to RM588

Those who love sports betting would be amazed to hear about the M88 Sportsbook promotion that you can claim at M88 and this is not about the La Liga sportsbook promotion because here you will be getting free spins too!

  • The M88 promotion for sportsbook gives its customers an 150% bonus which can go up to RM588 on all MSPORTS products.
  • Additionally, once you complete the rollover requirements for this promotion and claim the bonus successfully, you will be granted 88 free spins on SWEET M88 products.
  • To claim this bonus, you must make a first M88 deposit of RM30 and then opt for this promotion from the M88 promotions section.
  • Next, you should complete the rollover requirement of 18 times within the next 14 days on MSPORTS products to claim the bonus successfully and be eligible for the free spins.
  • It is important to note that if you make a withdrawal after claiming the bonus but before claiming the free spins, then you won’t be given any free spins.

Claim the 4 Amazing M88 Promotion in 3 Simple Steps

Now, getting to the best part of the article, let us look into how you can claim any of the aforementioned 5 amazing M88 promotional deals to play some of the best games at one of the top gambling sites you can find in the betting world online.

Step 1: Register at M88 and Visit the Cashier

  • The first thing that you must do to claim these extravagant bonuses is go ahead create an account in the M88 Register. To do this, you must first click on ‘Register’ which is available on the top right side of the homepage.
  • Then you must fill out the form precisely and enter all the relevant details including a unique username and strong password. Once done you must click on ‘Login’ to successfully log into your M88 new account.
  • The next thing that you will require to do is make the required minimum deposit in the M88 account by clicking on ‘Deposit’ which is also available in the homepage once you successfully log into your M88 account online.
  • Then, you will have to select your preferred payment option and so here we have selected Bank Transfer as it is the most recommended payment method at M88.

Step 2: Make an M88 Deposit Successfully

  • Once you have selected the preferred banking option then you will be taken to the deposit form where you must enter the relevant details precisely as you fill out the deposit form.

*Note: For new accounts in the M88 register, when you click on the M88 Deposit button in a homepage, a pop-up box will show up where you can opt for any one of the M88 promotions directly. Once you click on the M88 promotion you want from here, all you will have to do is fill out the deposit form and submit the request to claim the M88 promotion.

  • Firstly, you must enter the M88 bank you will be using to make the deposit. Your banking details must be filled up when completing your account registration.
  • After this, you must enter the deposit amount of RM30 in the bonus wallet you want to opt for and enter your reference ID which can be found on any detailed bank statement like the passbook. After this, you must enter the M88 deposit date and time accurately.
  • If you managed to opt for a bonus in the pop-up box as mentioned in the note section, then the bonus name will be directly added, and go on to click ‘Next’ to complete the M88 deposit process. 

Step 3: Opt In for a New Member M88 Promotion!

  • By now your deposit must be already processed and you will be able to see RM30 in your account. This is when you must click on ‘Promotions’ to access all the new member promotions.
  • When you enter here you will find many amazing offers you can choose form but since the best ones for new M88 account are the welcome bonus offers, you must filter out your options by clicking on ‘New Member’.
  • Here, you will be able to see the top 5 best bonus deals in the online betting world and to know more about them you should click on ‘More Info’ to read and understand the terms and conditions well.
  • Lastly, when you agree with the terms and conditions and figure out which M88 promotion bonus is the best one for your gaming style, you can go ahead and click on ‘Opt In’. The moment you do this, the rollover requirement count down will begin and the bonus amount will be locked in your M88 wallet.

6 General Terms and Condition to Claim the M88 Promotion

Now let us understand the general terms and conditions that you must adhere to in order to claim any of the above-mentioned extravagant promotion offers. Although the important terms are mentioned above for their respective promotion, it is important that you claim these promotions only and only if you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned here.

  1. All the promotions mentioned above is applicable to only one person and their registered account at M88 with one address, email ID, telephone number, bank account, etc.
  2. This promotion is meant for entertainment purposes only and the limit of how many people can apply for this promotion is something M88 can control.
  3. All members at M88 can claim only 1 bonus M88 promotion on their registered account.
  4. Once the bonus credit is sent to your M88 wallet, you cannot decline the cash but if you failed to complete the rollover requirement within the given time frame, which is 30 days, then the bonus will be forfeited from your account.
  5. When making the M88 withdrawal, you may need to verify your identification for it to be processed successfully. Additionally, you must complete this verification process within the next 72 hours of withdrawal application.
  6. If M88 notices any sort of fraudulent activities from your end related to account or the promotions, then they are hold the right to forfeit the M88 promotions, and also suspend/ban your account. Thus, M88 has access to all the previously made transactions to prevent any promotion abuse.

3 M88 Promotion FAQs and their answers you should know

We have almost reached the end where you have learnt most of the things you need to know regarding the M88 promotions. So now, let us leave you with 3 additional yet important pieces of information related to the M88 promotions. Knowing the answers to these three frequently asked questions would hopefully clear all doubts related to the M88 promotions.

1. Why should I make a minimum deposit to claim the bonuses?

The first question on the list is related to the minimum deposit amount that you are required to add to your M88 account in order to claim the promotions. This is something many people refuse to do so and thus, end up not claiming the M88 promotion. However, regardless of whether you go for the promotion or not, you will be needed to make the required minimum deposit to access M88 products. In short, the M88 deposit that you are needed to make when you claim the promotion is basically so that you can access the game rooms and other M88 products to complete the rollover requirements.

2. Can I claim more than one M88 bonus offer with different accounts?

It is mentioned above that to apply for any of the M88 promotion offers, you will need to make an account in the M88 register which is subjected to only one bonus deal. So, no, you cannot create a new account just to claim another bonus as it is a fraudulent activity. Additionally, since you will need to verify your bank details and more for only one account, verifying the same details for another account would result in M88 banning your account. That being said, if you want to change your bonus deal that you applied for then you can contact M88’s customer service or delete your old account to create a new one.

3. How long does it take to withdraw the bonus amount?

What is more exciting than winning the bonus amount completely after finishing the rollover requirements is withdrawing the money you won so many people are curious about the question of when exactly can they receive the wholesome bonus amount by M88. This highly depends on the time you take to complete the rollover requirement, which must be done within the next 30 days of claiming the promotion, the sooner the better. Additionally, once you have completed the necessary verification to make a withdrawal from the M88 account, you will receive the bonus amount within only 60 minutes!


This was all about the M88 Promotion bonus deals which you can claim with a new M88 account online. However, this is not the only benefit of being an M88 member as you will get access to some of the amazing products in the betting world online which you can use to play. That being said, if you want to keep getting promotional updates from M88 then you must remember to adhere to the terms and conditions for the promotion deals.