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Learn 10 casino tricks on how to win Dragon Tiger game online from 88MYR betting experts. Boost your win rate by 98% and grab an opportunity to earn RM800 daily.

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Dragon Tiger is one of the most fun betting games to play at online casinos like M88 however, winning this easy online casino game is only easy if you know some of the best how to win Dragon Tiger game tricks and tips. Because although it is not guaranteed that you’d win every round of the dragon tiger game but instead using Dragon Tiger winning strategies could help you boost your winning rate by 98%. So, here are the 10 pro Dragon Tiger winning formulas that you must apply to your gameplay today.

m88 how to win dragon tiger online game

1. Select a suitable budget-friendly game room

  • Firstly, it is important for you to select suitable and budget-friendly dragon tiger game rooms to play the game online because Dragon Tiger is a fun game that may get you carried away.
  • This game room should be easy to bet on but most importantly it should have betting rates that cater to your betting budget.
  • Making an account in the M88 Register would grant you access to some of the best dragon tiger gaming rooms starting at RM5 only. Such game rooms are ideal as you can play more rounds to win more!

2. Keep a betting limit to play every day

  • Above we stated that Dragon Tiger is a game that can get you carried away, which means that playing this game could make you lose track of time because of its fun nature.
  • But losing track of time when playing would also mean that you would lose a significant amount of money which would lead to overspending, which is considered an unhealthy gambling act.
  • Thus, to maintain a healthy relationship with gambling online, select budget-friendly game rooms but also maintain your own daily betting limits so that you know when to stop playing for the day to avoid overspending.

how to win dragon tiger game online casino

3. Observe the game to see which side wins more

  • The best part about learning How to Play Dragon Tiger Online is its easy betting options where you must predict which of the two sides would get a higher ranking card by wagering on any one side.
  • This exact rule makes up the next how to win dragon tiger game strategy, and that is to just observe the game to see which side wins the most.
  • Observing the game is one of the most powerful tools you should master as a beginner since observations can help you place accurate bets. Once you find the side that wins the most, you can keep betting on it using betting systems to leave the table with a huge bankroll at the end of your gaming session.

4. Make use of the side betting options

  • Besides the main betting options, Dragon Tiger is also a game known for having some easy and fun side bets that you can play to win extra cash.
  • These side bets are easy and you can definitely observe some rounds to see which side bets win the most along with the most winning main betting option.
  • The eight side bets in Dragon Tiger include Dragon Odd, Dragon Even, Tiger Odd, Tiger Even, Dragon Small, Dragon Big, Tiger Small, and Tiger Big.

88myr how to win dragon tiger game online casino

5. Do not wager more on Tie bets

  • Since there are two main betting options, there is a betting option called Tie and in some dragon tiger games, you will find Suited Tie bets like in the M88 Live Casino.
  • Although you may notice that Tie bets pay out more than the two main bets, it is important that you avoid wagering on these betting options and focus only on the dragon and tiger main bets.
  • This is because since the payout odds are high, the chances of the Tie bets winning is low. So, Tie bets win rarely and although you can wager on this betting option once or twice, it is advised that you avoid making huge wagers often on the Tie betting option.

6. Bet using betting strategies to make profits

  • Above we mentioned that once you know which side wins more rounds, you can apply betting systems on the most winning bet to increase your profit in the bankroll.
  • There are two kinds of betting systems, Progressive which requires you to increase or decrease your betting stake and Non-Progressive which requires you to maintain the same betting stake.
  • Using any of these on the most winning betting option could make you win the most rounds during your gaming session. However, it is important to keep track of the most winning bet as these tend to change after certain intervals.

m88 how to win dragon tiger game daily

7. Try the D’Alembert betting system

  • As you might have guessed, it is more profitable to use the Progressive betting system, but it is also important to remember that these systems are riskier to play with unless you have a huge bankroll.
  • This is why we recommend you to start with the low-risk D’Alembert method. In this method, you must wager on a betting option and increase your betting stake by one unit whenever you experience a loss so that when you win a round again, you get back the lost money as a payout.
  • However, when you eventually win, you must decrease your betting stake by one unit so that you keep playing more games with the same bankroll while increasing your earnings more.

8. Be aware of the gambler’s fallacy

  • So, once you got the observed most winning side and by using the D’Alembert betting system, you can keep wagering on only one side in a dragon tiger game to increase your profits as one of your Casino Tips for betting.
  • However, it is important that you be aware of the Gambler’s Fallacy, which is also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy. In this fallacy, gamblers believe that just because a betting option won most of the rounds, it is unlikely to win again.
  • This thinking is not always true but because of this, many pro gamblers have lost a huge amount of money in one go. So, stick to what you observed in the dragon tiger game and gamble using betting systems that could help you increase your bankroll by winning most of the rounds.

how to win dragon tiger game online casino 88myr

9. Make use of online casino bonuses

  • It is important to note that so far whatever how to win dragon tiger game online strategies we have introduced would help you win most of the rounds and not all the rounds.
  • This means that it would help you boost your winning rate but if you want to boost the amount in your online casino wallet instantly, then you can claim your online casino bonuses that are given to new member accounts.
  • For instance, the M88 Promotion offers you a 125% bonus up to RM428 on live casino games which is a good price to claim on joining the site and making your first deposit to play dragon tiger online.

10. Slow down when you are not winning

  • Finally, this last how to win dragon tiger game trick will help you save the money you already have rather than winning more. It is often thought that if you do not win a round, you definitely would win the next round and this cycle goes on and on till you have nothing left in your bankroll.
  • Yes, these betting tips for how to win the dragon tiger game would help you win more rounds online but sometimes luck may not be on your side and you may not win more rounds than expected.
  • So, when you notice that you are not winning for the day or after winning for a while, you must slow down and observe the game or just leave the Dragon Tiger game room for the day. This would help you save a huge amount of money in your bankroll.

how to win dragon tiger game daily


This was all about How to Win Dragon Tiger Game online using 10 dragon tiger winning strategies. Using these 10 tricks would help you boost your winning rate to 98% which would help you win most dragon tiger gaming rounds. Try these out today and notice a significant shift in your gaming style and winnings. If you like what this article brought to you, then visit 88MYR for more interesting pro insights on how to boost your winning rate on live casino games efficiently.

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