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Know Asian handicap 2.25 meaning in betting with examples from M88 Malaysia & place bets on HDP 2/2.5 with a minimum wager stake of RM02 at M88 sports betting!

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You must have heard about easy betting options like over 2.25 goals meaning, in this article we will explore something similar. Asian handicap 2.25 betting in football is something many people tend to avoid because the conditions given for this betting option may seem extremely confusing. However, with M88 and 88MYR, you do not have to worry about this issue because here is one of the best and easy Asian Handicap 2.25 meaning explanation and examples you can find in the betting world online which will help you understand all about this betting option in sports.

What is Asian Handicap goals in betting?

Before we get into the Asian Handicap 2.25 meaning let us first understand in simple words what the Asian Handicap goal means in betting and why does it exist. This handicap betting option is not found in all sports teams, so let us use football as an example to elaborate further. In football when there is a strong and weak team, sports betting can become boring as the outcome is predictable, so to even things out, the Asian handicap betting option was introduced.

handicap asian 2 2.5 meaning in sports betting

  • Asian handicap betting alter the real results of the match in the sportsbook by providing the stronger team with a handicap disadvantage while the weaker team gets a head-start advantage.
  • This disadvantage and advantage comes in number of goals. So, if a match hand a Handicap 1 goal difference then the stronger team’s score gets a -1 goal and the weaker team’s score get a +1 goal.
  • These goal differences is based on the strength difference or gap between both the teams.

Asian Handicap 2.25 explained with examples

The meaning of Asian Handicap 2.25 is very different from Over 2.25 goals meaning. To understand the Asian handicap betting option in a deeper sense y, let us use the Inter Milan vs Porto match with the handicap 2.25 goal difference given to the teams. Here, Inter Milan has a handicap of -2.25 goals and Porta and a head-start of 2.25 goals. But before we jump in, it is important to note that the handicap 2.25 is created by taking the average of the 2 and 2.5 handicap betting option with the formula (2 + 2.5)/2 = 2.25.

handicap 2 2.5 goal disadvantage and advantage

Inter Milan: Handicap -2.25 Goals: Here, Inter Milan is give a goal handicap of -2.25 goals, this means that since they are a strong team, 2.25 goals will be removed from their overall score in the real match. So, to win they have to score 3 or more goals for the bets on them to win. However, if they win with 2 goals, then you get half of your M88 Football betting stake back but if they score 1 or lose or draw the match, then the bets on them is lost. For instance, if Inter Milan wins by 1 goals, then 1-2.25 = 1.25 goals in the sportsbook.

Porto: Head-Start +2.25 Goals: Being the underdog team, Porto gets a head-start of +2.25 goals, this means that +2.25 goals will be added to their overall score at the end of the match. So, for the bets on them to win, the team needs to win the match, draw or lose by 1 goal. But if the team loses by 2 goals, then your betting stake is refunded but if the team loses by 3 or more goals then the bet is lost. For instance, if Porto loses the match with 0 goals, then 0+2.25 = 2.25 goals in the sportsbook.

Play Handicap 2.25 betting with M88 Malaysia in 3 steps

Now that you know what the Asian handicap 2.25 meaning is with the help of the examples given above, we will use M88, Asia’s top online betting site to give you a quick 3-step tutorial on how to play the handicap 2.25 bet in sportsbooks online. It is important to remember that unlike the explanations for over under 3.5 goals meaning, the handicap betting meaning are slightly complicated and thus, you should keep this article as a go-to guide before wagering on handicap bets.

Step 1: Login at M88 and select a sportsbook

  • The first thing that you must do to play the Handicap 2.25 betting in football is log into the M88 online betting site by clicking on ‘Login‘ and entering your log in credentials.
  • If you do not have an M88 account on the betting site then you must click on ‘Register‘ and fill out the registration form by entering the accurate details.

play asian handicap 2 2.5 betting in m88 sports

  • Once  you have completed making an account in the M88 Register you can go ahead and click on ‘Sports‘ from the homepage to access all the sportsbooks on the site.
  • Then click on you preferred sportsbook and move on to step number 2, here we have selected the SABA Sports sportsbook.

Step 2: Find a Handicap Soccer match with 2.25 goal difference

  • When you enter the sportsbook on a new M88 page, you will be introduced to all the ongoing matches from different sports domains. You will also see that you can filter out your options to select any early, upcoming, or live match in the sportsbook.
  • Since you want the HDP 2.25 betting option, you must click on ‘Soccer‘, here you will instantly get all the available soccer matches you can bet on.

m88 sportsbook asian handicap 2 2.5 football betting

  • Then, you must scroll down to find an HDP 2.25 match to place bets on in the M88 Sportsbook. Here we have found a match between RB Leipzig and Manchester City.
  • It is also important to note that most sportsbooks offer the HDP 2.25 betting option by using the valued 2/2.5 since the HDP 2.25 is the average of the 2 and 2.5 HDP betting options. Once you have found the desired match, you must click on it to move on to step 3.

Step 3: Place bets for RM2 on your preferred option

  • Now that you are on the last step of these easy handicap 2.25 betting tutorial you must place bets in the betting slip and confirm them to sit back and enjoy the rest of the match.
  • Here, you must click on your preferred sub-betting option under the HDP betting option. In the image, we have clicked on the RB Leipzig team with betting odds of 1.95 and handicap advantage of 2.25 goals head-start.

handicap 2 2.5 goal difference betting m88 sportsbook

  • Upon doing so, a betting slip will open up on the left side of your screen where you must enter your betting stakes after looking at the odds and payout. You can claim an M88 Promotion bonus on sportsbook to play sports betting on football too.
  • Here for minimum stake of RM2, you can receive a payout of RM3.90 for odds of 1.95.
  • Once this is done, you can click on ‘Process Bet‘ to lock your betting stake for the match and sit back and enjoy the match in anticipation of the outcome.

Does the betting odds affect handicap condition?

Above we have spoken about the Asian Handicap 2.25 meaning and its conditions but another important thing in sports betting online is the odds given under each betting option and there are odds given for the handicap 2.25 betting option as well. So, the odds of the betting option does not affect the handicap condition but it does have a huge impact on the payout you will receive if your bets win.

Team 2: Handicap -2.25 goals Team 1: Head-Start +2.25 goals
handicap asian 2 2.5 advantage m88 sports handicap asian 2 2.5 disadvantage m88 sports
Condition: Team needs to lose by 1 goal, draw, or win the match for bets on them to win. If lost by 2 goals then betting stake is returned. If lost by 3 or more goals, then bet is lost. Condition: Team needs to score 3 or more than 3 goals for bets on them to win. If won by 2 goals, betting stake is returned. If won by 1 goal, draw, or lost, then bet is lost.
Betting Odds: 1.89 Betting Odds: 1.95
Betting Stake: RM2 Betting Stake: RM2
Payout Returned: RM3.78 Payout Returned: RM3.90

As you can see, the higher betting odds, the more payout you can receive, but since the handicap condition is in play here as well, analyzing both the handicap condition and the betting odds is important here. For instance, we decided to bet on RB Leipzig, because it has higher odds and since it is an underdog team, there is still a good chance of winning the bet even if the team loses the real match.


This was the Asian Handicap 2.25 Meaning explained with examples along with an easy betting tutorial at the M88 sportsbook so that you can go ahead and place a handicap 2.25 bet all on your own! Remember to analyze the conditions well with the betting odds and you will be able to sit back and enjoy the live match in the sportsbook itself. That being said, 88MYR offers you with such simple explanations for many betting options such as the under 3.5 goals meaning, etc. in sports, so stick around to learn more!

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