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Football is a sport that is known for bringing many people together as many people tend to put on their favorite team’s jersey and sit in front of a television with friends and family to watch the game. However, in today’s time, people can do this with millions of people across the globe at the same time thanks to online betting site’s like M88 that allows its customers to not only watch the game live but also play M88 football betting with ease by providing accurate betting odds to win huge payouts. So, here is a quick tutorial of how you can join in on the fun of sports betting online.

What is M88 Football in the Betting World Online?

M88 is one of Asia’s top online betting site which offers you with up to 7 amazing products to place bets with. This site also has exciting bonus offers which you can claim upon making a minimum deposit of only RM30 and completing the rollover requirements.

  • One such product that M88 offers you with is Sports Betting and that to from 3 eminent sportsbook providers in the betting world.
  • Since, Soccer is a sports most popular in Malaysia, the M88 bookies provide its customers with an enhanced M88 football betting experience which you definitely should go for as Football betting at M88 takes place in the most fun and exciting way you can find in the betting world online.

Why Play M88 Football Betting Online?

The first thing that you should know to play M88 football betting is the reason behind why you should choose M88 as your online betting guide. Well, the reason behind this is simple, M88 is one of Asia’s top online betting sites that provides its customers with quality services on all products.

M88 football betting sportsbook saba sports

  • Besides since the legality of sports betting online is blur in Malaysia, M88 is one of the few online betting sites in the country that operates legally and thus it is completely secure to use for sports betting online.
  • To add to this, M88 is an online betting site trusted by many pro gamblers as it provides you with accurate betting odds to place bets.
  • Additionally, at M88 you can find three M88 sportsbook providers, namely MSports, Saba Sports, and Pinnacle Sports, who are considered to be top sportsbook providers in the betting world online.

M88 is, thus, an online casino website that has a high reputation in the online betting world and is appreciated by both beginners and pros alike for sports betting online. As we go further down the article, you will see how you can use the betting odds provided by M88 to play M88 judi bola and place accurate bets and win.

3 Step Guide to Play M88 Football Betting Online

Now let us get to the main part of the article and look into how you can access the M88 football sportsbook and also how to play football betting online. Following these 3 simple steps would help you access the sportsbook easily and it will take less than 5 minutes to do so.

Step 1: Join M88 and Select Your Preferred Sportsbook

  • The first thing you must do to play M88 football betting is create an account in the M88 register by clicking on ‘Join‘.
  • Here, you must fill out the registration form precisely and then go on to create a unique username and strong password for your M88 login.

M88 football betting online

  • To successfully log into your newly created M88 account, you must click on ‘Login‘ and enter the newly created login credential. Once you have successfully logged in, you must click on or hover your mouse over ‘Sports‘ on the homepage
  •  Doing so would introduce you to 3 amazing sportsbook M88 offers, from these three you can click on your preferred sportsbook. We decided to use Saba Sports as it is a widely used sportsbook in the betting world online.

Step 2: Filter Soccer Matches and Pick One to Place Bets

  • Once you have entered the sportsbook of your choice, you will notice all kinds of matches and their odds for different sports in the sportsbook.
  • Here, you have to then filter out your sports by selecting ‘Soccer‘, this will give you a page full of results on the soccer matches which you can bet on.

M88 football betting m88 sportsbook

  • It is important to note that all the matches given in the sportsbook comes under certain events list, so, to select a match you must scroll down and select your preferred event, and find a sports match to bet on.
  • For example, in the image above, we have decide to select the Australia A-League event and place a bet on the match between Adelaide United and Macarthur FC.
  • When you find the match, you will see all the available betting options available for the game, and to access all of them you must click on the tiny arrow as shown in the image above.

Step 3: Using the Highest Betting Odds, Place Bets to Win

  • When you reach the final part of the article, you will find all the amazing betting options available in football betting at one place.
  • Additionally, using sportsbooks provided by M88 makes football betting easy to carry out. All you must do is pick your preferred betting option, and then you must click on the betting odds of the team you want to bet on.

M88 football betting online sports betting

  • This will open up a bet slip where you must enter your betting stake and then click on ‘Bet‘ to confirm the bet.
  • In the image example above, Adelaide United is 1, a draw between them would be X, and Macarthur FC is 2. So,  we have placed a 1X2 bet with the betting stake of RM2 on the Macarthur FC (2) team since the 7.60 odds given here would result in higher payouts.

How Do Odds Help? M88 Football Bet Winning Scenarios

You may have noticed above that although the score of the game is 1-0 with Adelaide United scoring 1 and Macarthur FC scoring 0, we still went ahead and placed a bet on the team with a lower score, why is that? Well, the answer to this question lies in the betting odds given to each other the betting options in the 1X2 bet, so lets break it down.

M88 football betting example1

Betting Odds: 1.34

Betting Stake: RM2

Payout Received: RM2.68

If you place bet on the Adelaide United team with the betting odds of 1.34, then you will receive a payout of RM2.68.

M88 football betting example2

Betting Odds: 4.90

Betting Stake: RM2

Payout Received: RM9.80

If you place a bet on the Draw betting option with the betting odds of 4.90, then you will receive a payout of RM9.80.

M88 football betting example3

Betting Odds: 7.60

Betting Stake: RM2

Payout Received: RM15.20

If you place a bet on the Macarthur FC team with the betting odds of 7.60, then you will receive a payout of RM15.20.

As you can see, although the betting stake for all the teams and their respective betting option is the same, you see that the higher the odds the more payout you can receive. To calculate the payout you will receive on the given betting odds, we use the formula:

Betting Odds x Betting Stake = Total Payout

So, since odds are basically telling you which team has a betting chance of winning, you can place your bets on the highest odds to win higher payouts than your betting stake.

5 Most Popular M88 Football Betting Options

Let us take a quick glance at all of the M88 football betting options you will come across in the M88 sportsbook. So here, we will be looking at a detailed description of 5 of the popular M88 football bet options you will find along with how much you can receive based on their odds using the formula Betting Stake x Betting Odds = Total Payout.


The 1X2 betting option is the most popular betting option in the betting world online as it is a betting option found in most sports match betting. Here, you can bet on the home team (1), Away Team (2) or predict whether the match will end in a Tie (X).


The 1X2 betting option is sometimes also referred to as H2H or Home-Draw-Away betting options and the betting odds for this option is not always the same but keeps changing since the odds are predicted by the results of the ongoing game.

Case 1: Home (1) Team Wins with Odds of 2.85 then your betting stake will be multiplied by the odds and will be given to you. For instance, if the betting stake is RM2 is on Lazio, then you will receive RM5.7.

Case 2: Draw (X) Bet Wins with Odds of 3.40 then your betting stake on the draw bet will be multiplied with the  betting odds of the draw bet, which is RM2 x 3.40 giving you the payout of RM6.8.

Case 3: Away (2) Team Wins with Odds of 2.53 for the AC Milan team, then the betting stake of RM2 placed on the 2 bet then you will receive the payout of RM5.06.


The over and under betting option is another popular sports betting option in sportsbooks online. Here, you place bets to predict whether the overall score is over a certain number or under a certain number. This number is derived from the statistics of the team and previous matches.


The over/under betting option can be considered as one of the most popular advanced betting options as the odds here are provided heavily based on statistical analysis of the past games that both the teams have played before. The odds for this betting option are usually the same as the payout is in the 1:1 ratio.

Case 1: Over (O) Wins by odds of 1.93 if the total score of the football match goes above 2.0 goals. Here the payout for a bet placed for RM2 will be RM3.86.

Case 2: Under (U) Wins by odds of 1.93 only if the end score of the game will be under 2.0, which means less than 2 goals. Here, the payout received for RM2 under bets winning is the same as above which is RM2.

Total Score

Here, you must place bets to predict the total score of any of the teams whose results are declared towards the end of the match. Here, you can place bets on Half time total score as well where you predict the total score of a team for either half of the match.


The total score bet is an interesting bet to place as you are not predicting who will win but predicting the sum of the goals that both the teams score during the game. Although the total score is an integral part of the over/under betting option, you can predict the total score of the match without a given number.

Case 1: Total Goals between 0-1 win with the betting odds of 4.20. This scenario is the most likely to happen as most football games usually end with goals that are 0 or no goals or at least 1 goal scored by any of the teams. The odds here is 4.20 and thus, the payout received will be RM8.4.

Case 2: Total Goals between 2-3 win with the betting odds of 1.93. Another case scenario which is most likely to happen is that the match ends with a 2 to 3 goals scored totally. Here, the odds are 1.93 and for bets placed with RM2 on this option, you will receive the payout of RM3.86.

Case 3: Total Goals between 4-6 win with the betting odds of 2.78. These matches are always fun because the total goals go up 4, 5, or 6! Here, the betting odds is usually slightly higher for instance here the betting odds is 2.78 which can give you a payout of RM5.56.

Case 4: Total Goals 7 or more with the betting odds of 28.00. This betting option under the total score main bet has the highest odds because any match whose goals go up to 7 or more than 7 has to not only be exciting but also a rare match! The payout for placing an RM2 bet on this option is RM56.


A betting option which is fun to predict is the odd and even betting option where you have to predict whether the total score of the game will be an odd or even number. Like many main betting option, there are half time odd/even betting options available too.


The odd/even betting option can be considered to be one of the most easiest betting options to learn because here you only have to predict whether the total score of the match will come under odd numbers or even numbers.

Case 1: Odd Bets Win with the odds of 1.93, which means that the total score of the match is an odd number like 1 goal, 3, goals, 5 goals, etc. Here, the payout received would be RM2 multiplied by 1.93 which is RM3.86.

Case 2: Even Bets Win with the odds of 1.93 since the payout ratio is 1:1, which means that the total score of the match falls under an even number like 2 goals, 4 goals, 6 goals, etc. The payout ratio here is RM3.86 for the betting stake of RM2.

Asian Handicap

This betting option doesn’t appear on all football matches, but sometimes appears on those matches where the end result is obvious as one of the teams is strong while the other is an underdog. This is because predictable results can be very boring at times.


So, Asian Handicap bets are those bets that only approve of the bets placed on stronger teams after they manage to complete certain requirements. Thus, giving the underdog team an advantage and a handicap to the strong team.

Case 1: Team 1 Bets Win with odds 1.97 of only if the team manage to score more than 2 goals since the handicap provided to them is 1.5/2. Here, the payout received will be the betting stake multiplied by the betting odds which will result in an RM3.94 payout.

Case 2: Team 2 Bets Win with the odds of 1.83 with an advantage of 1.5/2 goals. This team is the underdog team and so they are given an advantage where their goals do not have any handicap. Here, the payouts received will amount to RM3.66.

3 Mistakes to Avoid as a Beginner when Playing M88 Football

AS a beginner in football betting online, it is given that you will experience quite a few losses until you finally get the grasps of placing bets on M88 football matches like a pro. However, to minimize these initial losses, here are 3 mistakes that you should avoid when placing M88 football bets online.

  1. Not applying for sportsbook bonus: Firstly, it is important to note that the best way to save money when playing football betting is by not spending it from your own pockets. Thus, instead, after registering an account at the online site, you should immediately opt for the sportsbook bonus which you can claim upon making a minimum first deposit.
  2. Making more bets in one go: Next, the thing you should avoid is placing more than one bets in a go. Although it is something that is fun, placing bets on more than one betting option can results in more loss than you know, so to be safe, you should first observe the game, and only then place your bets, one betting option at a time. But keep in mind, some bets can be placed as backup bets to win and earn more.
  3. Not maintaining a betting limit: Before pros sit to gamble the one thing they do is set a betting limit for the day with which they place bets. This is the best way of being a responsible gambler online as setting betting limits would help you not only save as much as you can by leaving the table once this limit is over, but can also help you in predicating which betting options you will be placing bets on for the day.


The fun you can have when playing M88 football betting is endless and the sportsbooks provided by this top online betting site always offer you with the best betting odds in the betting world on ongoing as well as upcoming football matches. All you must do is create an account in the M88 register and make a successful login and then deposit of RM30, all of which takes place in less than 15 minutes. To add to this, you can also go ahead and apply for an M88 promotion bonus on new account to get up to RM588 + 88 free spins on MSports sportsbook products.

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