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Know what does Over/Under 1.5 mean in betting with examples at 88MYR. Get 3 steps guide to betting on Over/Under 1.5 goals on sports matches using M88 Malaysia.

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Playing sports betting is fun and if you want to join in on this entertaining way of placing bets online then you definitely should start by placing bets on the football matches offered by the M88 sportsbooks because here, you can get accurate betting odds for the matches as well as most of the popular online betting options. However, to place accurate bets, it is important for you to understand the easy betting options in football well and this article will mainly focus on what does  Over/Under 1.5 mean in betting where we explain the meaning of over 1.5 in bet and what is under 1.5 meaning in betting separately as it is one of the most beginner-friendly football betting option you should know about.

Introduction to Over/Under Betting Option

Before we dive into what does Over Under 1.5 mean in betting, let us help you understand that the Over/Under 1.5 goal betting option is a sub-betting option of the Over/Under betting option, which is one of the main betting options in sports like Football or Soccer. So, in order to understand what does Over/Under 1.5 mean in betting, let us give you a quick overview of what the Over/Under betting option means.


  • The M88 Football Over/Under betting option, also known as O/U, is considered to be one of the best and beginner friendly football betting options as the outcome of this bet depends on the total score of both the teams.
  • Here, you predict whether the total score will be over a given number or under a given number, the number here is the marginal number derived based on the previous match statistics of both the teams.
  • There are two sub-betting options under Over/Under betting option which is the Over bet and the Under bet.
  • For example, if the number given is 1, then you have to place bets to predict whether the total score will be Over which is More than 1, or Under which is Less than 1.
  • The Over/Under betting option comes in many variations where the most commonly one is known as the Total Goals Over/Under and Full-Time Over/Under bet (FT O/U). The other types include Half Time Over/Under bets as well as Total Team Goals Over/Under bets. This was the over 1.5 meaning in betting and under 1.5 meaning in betting.

What does Over Under 1.5 mean in betting?

Now that we have looked at what Over/Under means in football betting, let us dive deeper and take a look at its sub-betting options which is what does 1.5 mean in betting or what does 1.5 goals mean in betting. It is important to keep in mind that these Over/Under betting options must be played with consideration to the betting odds to receive higher payouts. It is also important to note that the 1.5 betting option is sometimes given as 1.50 in the betting slips. So, in Over/Under 1.5, what does 1.5 goals mean in betting in betting in sportsbooks?

Over 1.5 Goals MeaningUnder 1.5 Goals Meaning
over under 1.5 goals meaning overover under 1.5 goals meaning under
The meaning of Over 1.5 in bet is the first sub-betting option where you must place bets to predict that the total score of both the teams will be more than or Over 1.5 (2 or More Goals).What is Under 1.5 in betting option means, you must place bets to predict that the total score of both the teams will be less than or Under 1.5 (0 or 1 Goals).

So, in short, the answer to what does + 1.5 mean in betting is basically the Over 1.5 and Under 1.5 goals meaning is that you are placing bets to predict whether the total score will have more than 1.5 goals or less than 1.5 goals respectively, but what does this mean?

It means, that you are placing bets to predict whether the total score will be 2 or more goals using the Over 1.5 sub-betting option, or whether the total score will be less than 2 goals using the Under 2.5 sub-betting option, which is 0 or 1 goals. So, this was the meaning of Over 1.5 in bet and what is Under 1.5 in betting with examples from M88.

Play Over/Under 1.5 real money betting at M88 in 3 Quick Steps!

Now that you have a detailed explanation to what does Over Under 1.5 mean in betting, let us use the help of the M88 sportsbook to play the Over/Under 1.5 goal betting as you can get a bonus of RM588 on Sportsbook under the M88 Promotion section. All you must do is follow these 3 simple steps and you can eventually learn how to use the Over/Under 1.5 betting option to your benefit.

Step 1: Join M88 and Select any one Sportsbook

  • The first thing that you must do is join M88, one of Asia’s top online betting site by clicking on ‘Register‘.
  • This will take you to the registration form which you have to fill accurately to create an account at M88.


  • Once you have created a account in the M88 Register, you must click on ‘Login‘ to complete a successful sign in and access all the products offered by M88 on their homepage.
  • Here, you must hover your mouse or click on ‘Sports‘ to access all the sportsbooks offered by M88 and then click on your preferred sportsbook. Here, we have selected SABA Sports as it offers live match streaming as well as easy bet slips to place bets on.

Step 2: Select a match with Over/Under 1.5 betting option

  • Now that you have entered the sportsbook, you will find many matches you can place bets on from many sports and their respective events. But since, Soccer or Football is mostly known for its Over/Under betting option we will filter the sportsbook to provide us with Soccer matches only.
  • As you can see on the left side of the screen, you can filter out the matches by Early, Upcoming for Today or Live matches, depending on which day you want to place bets on you must click on it and then click on ‘Soccer‘.


  • Then, scroll down to find a match with the FT O/U 1.5 betting option under the soccer section in the M88 Sportsbook. You can select Half-Time (1H) Over/Under betting option as well, but the Full-Time (FT) ones are more fun as you will get the results at the end of the match plus, you can observe the First Half match and then place the FT O/U bets as a Football betting strategy.
  • Here, we have managed to find a match of Alebrijes de Oaxaca II V/S Mazorqueros F.C. with the 1.5 Over/Under betting option. Click on the Match to proceed with step 3. To place bets more accurately, we recommend going back to properly glace through what does over 1.5 mean in betting along with what is under 1.5 in sportsbook.

Step 3: Place your bets on over or under 1.5 using the betting odds

  • When you click on the match, you should find yourself on a refreshed sportsbook page with all the betting options available under the match you selected.
  • Here, you must find the Over/Under betting option and it’s betting odds which will be available at the top as it is considered to be one of the main betting options in football. This is also when you can glance through the explanation of what does 1.5 mean in betting above to make the correct wagering move.


  • Since the Over/Under bet depends on the total score, you can select the higher betting odds from the two to place bets and earn more payouts. Here, the Under 1.5 sub-betting option has the odds of 1.98 which is high, so you can select the under betting option.

Note: You will notice from the previous two images that the betting odds have changed for the under betting option from 2.00 to 1.98. This is because the match is live and so, it will affect the betting odds depending on how the real-time game is going on. But once you place bets on the under 1.5 sub-betting option, even if the odds change, you bets will still be on the Under 1.5 bet.

  • When you click on Under , a bet slip will open up to the left hand side, here you must see how much payout you will receive after entering the minimum betting stake RM2 in the slot, in this case you will receive a payout of RM3.96.
  • To lock this bet for the match and get the results towards the end of it, you must click on ‘Process Bet‘ and sit back or at the edge of your seat to enjoy the football match using the live streaming option available at the M88 SABA Sports sportsbook.

Understand Over 1.5/Under 1.5 goals meaning with examples

By now, you have learnt most of the things beginners need to know about what does Over 1.5 mean in betting and what is Under 1.5 with examples and so, you can go on to place bets online using some of our Betting Tips. But before you leave, let us take a look at the last example of the Over/Under 1.5 goals meaning in this article where we show you how betting odds affect the payouts in this betting options the most.

Over 1.5 Bets (Total Goals Needed = 2 or More Goals)

Under 1.5 Bets (Total Goals Needed = 0 or 1 Goals)

over under 1.5 goals meaning in football overover under 1.5 goals meaning in football under
Condition: The Over 1.5 Bets require the total goals to be 2 or more than 2 goals to win. Here, the betting odds are 1.93 and the payouts for the betting stake RM2 is RM3.86.Condition: The Under 1.5 bets require the total goals to be 0 or 1, which is basically less than 2 goals. Here, your betting stake for RM2 will give you the payout of RM3.66 for the betting odds of 1.83
Betting Stake: RM2Betting Stake: RM2
Betting Odds: 1.93Betting Odds: 1.83
Payout Returns: RM3.86Payout Returns: RM3.66

Thus, although there is a .10 difference in the betting odds, you can clearly see how it affects the payout you will receive for the same betting stake. That being said, if you lose the betting option, then you obviously have lost the bet, so it is important to first observe how the match is being played using the live streaming option in the sportsbook and then place bets as the odds for the Over/Under bets changes with the ongoing match.


We hope with this you have understood What Does Over/Under 1.5 Mean in Betting. Using this as your guide, you can slowly begin placing your bets on easy sportsbooks and beginner friendly sites like M88 to eventually become a pro in predicting the outcome of the Over/Under 1.5 betting option. However, like this Over/Under betting option there are many other margins derived for different teams based on their sports matches and so, to learn them all use 88MYR as your friendly betting guide.

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