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M88 Review: Learn the truth behind the top Online Betting Site in Asia with Honest reviews from customers. Join M88 today to claim a 188% Bonus of up to RM888!

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There is no better way to play online betting other than using the M88 online betting site, which is considered to be one of the best all over Asia! However, we acknowledge that finding the correct online betting site for yourself, requires you to do a lot of in-depth research about not all the products it offers but also additional things like safety and security online. So, here is an honest M88 review which you can use to make the decision of whether M88 is worth the time or not.

The Legality of M88 in the Betting World Online

m88 review m88 licenseWhen you are indulging in any form of entertainment it is important that you do so legally and when it comes to the legality of gambling, then you definitely should take all the precautions you can to abide by the laws of your country.

In Malaysia, the legality of gambling is blur because although some forms of it like casino betting and lottery are allowed, others like sports betting is shunned.

This is why it is important to pick an online betting site which is legal and safe to play, whether it is casino games or sports betting online.

When thinking of legal and safe in one sentence, the online betting site M88 comes to mind because this no.1 gambling site in Asia let’s you indulge in gambling online legally as it holds an Interactive Gaming License issued by the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development department of the Republic of Vanuatu.

As you go further down the article, you will know that the online betting site is one of the best gambling sites you can play at legally because here, you can get access top 7 amazing products, including stock market betting, to place bets on and slip down the never-ending route of entertainment online!

What is M88: Is M88 a Good Online Betting Site?

Although the legality of online betting sites is very important, and there are a few legal online betting sites online, there are other factors that you should consider when selecting a good online betting site for yourself. One way to do this is list out a few important things that you would like your online betting site to contain.

m88 review homepage

  • For instance, you online betting site should have a security certificate that ensures safe transactions and should also offer you with many banking options which show quick results.
  • When it comes to M88 bet Asia, you can get secure banking options that support quick transfer, as well as not one but 4 online betting new account welcome bonuses that you can choose from.
  • To add to this amazing deal, you also get free spins if you manage to claim the bonuses completely by completing some of the easiest rollover requirements you can find in the betting world online.

Additionally, these products come with their own game room or sportsbook providers who are considered to be the best in the betting world online. So, no, M88 is not a good online betting site because it is the best one you can find online!

What Makes M88 Stand Out from Other Betting Sites?

There are only a few online betting sites these days that has it all and M88 is definitely one of these few gems. Not only this but to satisfy its customers, you will find M88 always updating and upgrading itself to make it even more accessible to many people worldwide. By now you should get the idea that M88 is the best for all it offers, but these 3 features are the most attractive aspect of the online betting site.

m88 review m88 homepage

  1. User Interface: M88 products cater to pros as well as beginners. Here, you will find it not only easy to navigate through the site but also simple to place bets on casino and sportsbook products. Additionally, conducting transactions here is as simple as claiming the bonus products on the site.
  2. Promotional Bonuses: Most online betting sites will provide you with a bonus offer that you can claim for registering a new account but at M88 you can choose from 4 amazing bonuses. You can claim them for a minimum deposit of only RM30. However, since M88 bet Asia keeps updating its bonuses, you can expect to find more exciting ones as a member.
  3. 7 Amazing Products: Here, you can get access to 7 amazing products to place bets on. They are sports betting, live dealer casino, Slot games, P2P games, Lottery betting, Fishing, and even Trading bets online. So, if you get bored by playing at one product then you can choose another one!
  4. Safe Online Transactions: When it comes to online transactions to make deposits and withdrawals for playing games online, then it is important that you select an online betting site which makes you feel safe enough to trust them with your money. And M88 is definitely that site as it helps you make safe as well as fast online transactions.
  5. Offers Mobile App: Lastly, if you are a gambler on the go or just prefer apps over sites, then you still can be an M88 member as you can make an M88 mobile app download in less than 5 minutes to gain the same benefits as you would when using the online betting site.

Impressive M88 Sponsor History

M88 is hailed as one of the best online betting sites by not only gamblers but also top organizations in the sports world online. And since the time M88 has come into existence, has been target to many amazing sponsorship deals and thus, has one of the most impressive sponsorship history.

m88 review m88 sponsor talon esportsm88 review m88 sponsor laligam88 review m88 sponsor bwfm88 review m88 sponsor ac milan

Currently, there are 4 top partners in the M88 Sponsor list that they are extremely proud of. These sponsorship deals tied to M88 resulted in many bonus offers and products which M88 has introduced to its fans.

  1. Global Title Sponsor: M88’s global title sponsor for the year 2022 is the organization Talon Esports which homes top players specialized in Dota 2. There are currently 8 ESports teams under Talon ESports. The teams under Talon ESports also specialize in playing games like Valorant, League of Legends. Arena of Valor, etc.
  2. Official Regional Partner: M88’s Official Regional Partner is one of Spain’s major football leagues and that is La Liga. This deal is set from 2020 to 2024. La Liga is one of the biggest Spanish leagues in football that holds tournaments where top teams in the football sports compete to win major titles.
  3. Official Betting Partner: The Official Betting Partner of M88 is another top organization and that is the Badminton World Federation, or BWF. This deal started in the year 2022 and will go on till 2024. Previously known as the International Badminton Federation, this organization is the official governing body for Badminton and related tournaments, internationally.
  4. Official Casino Partner: M88’s Official Casino Partner AC Milan is one of the top teams in the football world. This sponsor deal has brought live casino products at M88 from 2022 to 2024. AC Milan is one of the most successful football teams of England competing in some of the top leagues in the football world.

Not only this, but previously, M88 has had many successful M88 sponsor deals and they came from some of the best teams in the football world. Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, and AFC Bournemouth are some of the previous football sponsors at M88.

Play at M88 Using Any of these 7 Classy Products

Let us now take a look at the M88 review for the 7 amazing products which makes the online betting site one of the best ones in Asia! With this, you should get a clear idea of which products is the one you should go for but note that no matter which one you choose, fun is always guaranteed!

1. M88 Sportsbook

Having not one but three of the best sportsbooks in the betting world under its sports section, M88 sportsbook has been widely regarded as one of the best sites beginners can use for sports betting online. These sportsbook offers you with instantly updated odds on some of the best sports matches you can find online.

m88 review m88 sportsbook

  • At M88 bet Asia, you will find the best online sportsbook providers who are MSports, SABA Sports, and Pinnacle Sports.
  • Here, you can find many ongoing as well as upcoming sports matches for Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, Snooker, Rugby, Motorsports, M88 Football, etc.
  • The minimum betting limit for using all of these sportsbook to place bets on is RM2 only.

2. M88 Esports

ESports is one of the most entertaining form of sports you can watch as well as place bets on. In fact, it is also the most accessible sports as you can play the games yourself from the comfort of your house. Additionally, M88 ESports betting online is fun because watching the live games feels like watching some action movie!

m88 review m88 esports

  • M88 offers you with 4 amazing sportsbook you can use to play ESports betting online. They are TFGaming, Pinnacle Sports, SABA Sports and MSports eSoccer.
  • Placing bets on these sportsbook is fun as you can wager on popular teams playing the games like League of Legends, Dota 2, PUBG, Arena of Valor, CS:GO, Valorant, etc.
  • Here you can place bets on the top teams starting between RM2 to RM10 to win wholesome payouts.

3. M88 Live Casino

Playing casino games is one of the widely known forms of gambling but thanks to online betting sites like M88, now you can access these classic casino games to place bets on with only a few taps on your device. With M88, you can access classic casino games from top providers online.

m88 review m88 live casino

  • At M88 Live Casino, you can find many live casino game room providers, including AC Milan and La Liga game rooms, as the football team is one of M88’s official casino sponsor. Besides them, you can find game rooms from ClubM88, Pragmatic Play, Sexy Gaming, WM Casino, CQ9, AG Live Dealer, and MG Live.
  • Here, you can find many game rooms for the games Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, and even game shows.

4. Casino/Fishing

If sports betting or live casino gaming is not your thing but you prefer going for a chill online game then you should definitely check out the games and fishing section at M88. Here, you can find many amazing yet relaxing games you can play which also includes some cool slot games.

m88 review m88 games and fishing

  • At M88 you can find many vibrant game rooms for casino games, M88 slots online games, and even fishing games as they are provided by the providers Pragmatic Play, Skywind, Microgaming, PlayTech, Play’NGO, Spribe, Fa Chai, CQ9, and many more!
  • From these providers you can access many game rooms for slot games like Sugar Rush, 888 Dragons, Sweet Bonanza; Casino games like Sweet M88, M88 Football, Super M88; and Fishing games like Fierce Fishing, Star Hunter, Bao Chuan Fishing, Monkey King Fishing, etc.
  • All these games are accessible starting from RM0.1 only! However at M88, you can also get access to free game rooms to play these games via the demo mode.

5. Keno/Lotto Games

Most gambling games were created to test one’s luck but today, there are many tricks and tips used to win with ease, which is often more strategy based and so, sometimes you end up not having fun playing these games. But at M88, you can play classic Keno and Lotto games where you get instant results!

m88 review m88 keno lotto

  • Most of the Keno and Lotto game rooms are provided by M88 Mansion, with man variations for playing lottery online.
  • Although the main focus is on Keno or Lottery games, here, you can select different types of lottery games to play like 1 Million Now, Keno 24/7, Mini Lotto, La Liga Keno, RNG Rapid, etc.
  • All lotto and keno games can be played starting from RM1.5 only where you can place bets on multiple tables at once!

6. P2P Games

The site also has M88 games which you can play with your friends or other live players from across the globe. And you can access all the amazing games to play from the P2P games section, which is short for peer-to-peer games.

m88 review m88 p2p games

  • Most of the amazing P2P games at M88 is provided by the top game room provider in the betting world and that is KingMaker.
  • Here, you can find many games to play including 7 Up 7 Down, Teen Patti, Coin Toss, Sic Bo, Bola Golek, Tai Xiu, Pok Deng, etc.
  • All of these amazing P2P games provided by KingMaker can be accessed at the expense of RM1 only, but there all of them are available for a free demo play too.

7. Trading at M88!

M88 offers amazing products which you can play at after making a small amount deposit in the cashier. This deposit is often used as investments by many pro gamblers as they end up doubling by playing games and more. Speaking of investments, M88 offers you to place bets on trading too!

m88 review m88 trading

  • Trading is a fun way of doubling up your cash online, but to make things more interesting, you can play trading bets at M88 with a link brought to you by BinanceBet, a worldwide-used trading platform.
  • Here, you can place bets on whether the real-time chart of the crypto-currency to predict whether the next update will be higher than the previous value or lower.
  •  To place bets on the trading chart, all you will need is RM1, with this you can have fun not only investing but also predicting the investment values.

How Easy is it to Join M88? Takes Only 2 Steps!

Now that you have been introduced to all the amazing products you can find at M88, let us take a quick glance at how you can join M88 to access all these amazing products!

#1 Visit M88 Official#2 Fill Registration Form
m88 promotion m88 registerm88 review m88 registration form
  • The first thing that you must do is create an account in the M88 register.
  • To do this, you must first visit the M88 official website via a safe link which you can find on our website.
  • Then you must click on the ‘Join‘ button that is available on the top-right corner of the M88 home page.
  • Once this is done, you will have to fill the M88 registration form with precision.
  • Here, you must enter a legal name, a unique username, strong password, valid email and number, and your preferred currency.
  • When all the information is marked green, then you must click on ‘Register‘ to complete the process.

When you have completed filing the registration form, you will be automatically logged into your new M88 account from which you can make a deposit and access all products on this awesome betting site!

m88 review m88 sportsbook betting


As you can see, the products at M88 are very vibrant which can guarantee that you will have a good time playing. To access any of the gaming products at M88 you can select any of the available options in the ribbon menu on the homepage and play at any of the products of your choice!

4 New Member M88 Promotions You Should Claim

Any online betting site that cares about its customers would offer them with extravagant new member bonuses that they can claim with the minimum deposit amount and by completing easy rollover requirements. The M88 promotion offers its new customers with 4 amazing bonus deals you definitely should check out!

m88 review m88 new year bonus

1. Get New Year Welcome Bonus of up to RM888!

  • An offer which comes only once a year, the M88 promotion for the new year welcome bonus is something you definitely should go for as a new member as it lasts only for the month of January.
  • With this new year welcome bonus at M88, you can get a a 188% bonus up to RM888 on your newly registered M88 account upon making the minimum M88 deposit of RM30 for the first time.
  • To make this promotion completely yours, you must complete the 28 times rollover requirement within the next 14 days by playing casino slot games at M88.

2. M88 Live Casino Gives Bonus up to RM688

  • For those people interested in playing live casino games at M88 and indulging in the best entertaining classic casino games you can find online, M88 promotion offers a bonus for you too!
  • Here, you can get a 175% welcome bonus up to RM688 on live casino products upon making an RM30 first M88 deposit in your new account.
  • When you complete the rollover requirement of 28 times within the next 14 days, you will be qualified for 88 free spins on SWEET M88 products.

3. Claim Sportsbook Casino Bonus of RM588

  • Sports betting has been increasing in popularity lately and thus, it is important that you are fully loaded with cash in your online betting wallet.
  • With a M88 new account, you can claim a bonus of 150% up to RM588 on the MSports products on a minimum deposit of RM30.
  • The rollover requirement for this promotion is 18 times and if it is completed within 14 days, you can claim 88 free spins on SWEET M88 products.

4. Get Bonus up to RM588 on ESports

  •  The sportsbook bonus offers at M88 doesn’t end here because in recent times, ESports has been regarded as one of the most entertaining form of sports to place bets on.
  • So, with a new member account at M88, you can get a 188% bonus of up to RM588 on a minimum deposit of RM30.
  • The rollover requirement for this M88 promotion is 18 times which must be completed within the next 14 days.

Make M88 Deposits and Withdrawals Easily!

Yes, the products at M88 are very flashy and they indeed look fun to play but what about the deposit and withdrawal methods? Online transaction methods at any online betting site should be looked into with careful attention, so let us analyze the M88 deposit and M88 withdrawal methods as well.

M88 Deposits

The M88 deposit option is hands down one of the best ones you can find in the betting world online because here, all you must do is enter your banking details carefully and your deposit will take place within a few minutes!


  • In fact, here you can get access to some of the best deposit methods you can find online and these are Bank Transfer, Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Crypto Currency.
  • The minimum deposit rate with all the banking methods is RM30. This amount can go up to RM100,000.
  • M88 deposits usually take place instantly or within 10 minutes via the bank transfer option.
  • All deposit methods have a form that you have to fill out as shown above, where you have to enter your bank details, deposit amount and date and time. Additionally, you can choose to opt in for a M88 promotion bonus. Once done, you can click on ‘Next‘ to submit the deposit request.

M88 Withdrawals

The withdrawal method is perhaps something that many gamblers tend to look for before joining an online betting site, because this is how you will get to receive all the payouts you win by playing games at all the M88 online products.


  • The bank transfer method is considered to be one of the best ways to receive your payouts because it is regarded as a safe method.
  • Here, you can go ahead and make your online M88 withdrawals by just entering the amount you want to withdraw which is minimum RM30 and can go up to RM25,000.
  • Once you have entered the amount, you can click on ‘Submit‘ and within the next 2 to 6 hours, you will receive your payouts as real cash.

Top 3 FAQs M88 New Joiners Should Know

With this, you now know most of the things that you need to know about the online betting site. However, there are still some questions that you should know the answers to and here are 3 of them:

1. Is there a registration fee to join and play at M88?

The answer to this question is already given above and that is no, there is no registration fees to join M88. However, to access the products and place bets on them, it is important that you make a deposit of at least RM30 in the cashier once you have successfully joined M88 with a new account.

2. Why to make minimum M88 deposit?

Although M88 offers you with the best products online, they are not free to play. Yes, you can log into your account and enter a game room or sportsbook and watch all that is going on, but to place bets and also win, you will have to make a minimum deposit. RM30 is enough to let you access most of the products at M88 as it will eventually double up thanks to the instant payouts you will receive at M88.

3. When can I withdraw the payouts?

The payouts at M88 can be received instantly in your online M88 wallets, however to make a withdrawal, you must visit the cashier and fill out a small withdrawal form and select a withdrawal method. The withdrawal of the payout you received will then reach you within the next 2 to 6 hours.

Have More Questions? Contact M88 Live Chat Agents

With the above 3 questions and review of all the products, you have now learnt how M88 is one of the best online betting sites you can find to play gambling online regardless of whether you are a pro or a beginner.

m88 review m88 live chat

  • But if you still have questions then you can access the M88 live chat customer service agents who are one of the best customer service providers on the internet!
  • At M88, you can access customer service via their live chat services with only a few clicks as the option to contact the agents is available on all M88 pages.
  • These agents are very helpful and will answer your questions with precision and in-depth detail.

Other Ways to get M88 Help

This is not it, at M88, you can also find other ways to contact the M88 customer service agents via their email, whatsapp number, and social media handles.

  • Email: If you have to send M88 an elaborated message or important document details, then you can contact customer service using the email address [email protected]
  • WhatsApp: The best way to communicate your thoughts is verbally and so, if you have any queries that you need answers to immediately, then you can contact M88 via the WhatsApp number +63 9369178192

To add to this, you can also catch M88 on Social Media by getting the links to their account from the M88 homepage. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Twitter.

Top 3 Honest M88 review by long time customers

Although we have given you a thorough analysis of M88, we recommend that you go ahead and test the site out for yourself because, here, you can get access to some of the coolest products which you definitely should try to pick the ones you like best. So, to make this decision, here are the top 3 reviews of the M88 online betting site.

m88 review m88 reviewer 1Best online customer service in the betting world. The live chat service is very good as I had difficulty with claiming a bonus but they guide me well in claiming it and also keeping me updated on rollover requirement deadline.
m88 review m88 reviewer 2Got to this site through Binance and although I was skeptical at first I now truly enjoy predicting the outcomes of the markets I have invested in. Anyway, with tips from the stock market world, betting on trade is kinda easy to make extra cash.
m88 review m88 reviewer 3Sometimes I don’t even place bets but just made an account to watch live stream matches haha but since odds are pretty accurate I am now placing bets slowly. Still worries about depositing money online but so far it is good.

The top three reviews of M88 covers the fact that betting is fun, the customer service is amazing, the deposit method has no issues, and also how easy and fun it is to place bets in the trading section of the site. But since there are many customers at M88, there are also many reviews. Thus, below is a summary of those reviews via the advantages and disadvantages M88 has.

Advantages of M88Disadvantages of M88
  • Amazing Bonus Deals
  • Top-Notch Customer Service
  • Low Prices on Game Rooms
  • Free Gameplay Available on Casino, P2P, and Fishing games
  • Accurate odds and easy betting system in sportsbook
  • Instant Payouts given in cashier
  • Deposit and Withdrawal takes less time compared to other casinos.
  • Claiming Bonus can be confusing
  • Less Rollover Time, only 14 days
  • Sometimes MSportsbook lags.

Summing it up!

This was an elaborated M88 review, written after we tested the website ourselves, however, in the end, it all depends on what you think, whether M88 is worthy of being your go-to online betting platform or not. Joining M88 would give you many offers which is certain that you can find at other online betting sites too, but when picking an online betting site, you should see the one that has better things you can go for and M88 is certainly that site in the betting world online!

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