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Master online Roulette strategy to win up to RM1,000 daily in Roulette games. Apply these 12 Roulette winning tips strategies from 88MYR for a 99% winning rate!

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Roulette is one fun casino game that you definitely must try on online betting sites like M88 as a beginner as it will help you turn into a pro in no time thanks to the betting options. But what is even more helpful when it comes to online roulette games is the usual top-notch online Roulette strategy to win every time. In this article, we have 12 roulette winning tips strategies that can help you ace wins in almost every round.

online roulette strategy to win every time in online casino

1. Set a limited bankroll to play per day

  • Firstly, it is important that you set a limited bankroll to play per day as roulette games are quick-paced and you could lose track of how much you are wagering in the game room.
  • The betting limit can be set for the day or based on how much time you wish to spend on the gaming platform playing roulette.
  • Additionally, this bankroll should be different from your usual daily necessities and should be meant for entertainment purposes only.

2. Play the European roulette variant more

  • Another best online roulette strategy to win is to play more on the European roulette variant than the American or French one.
  • European roulette wheels have 0-36 numbers with easy outside bets whereas American Roulette numbers have 0,00,1-36 numbers and French Roulette has different side bets.
  • This makes European roulette easier to win thanks to there being fewer numbers and easy side bets, especially for beginners. Make an M88 Register to play European roulette games online.

online roulette strategy to win every time in online betting sites

3. Use a betting system that is easy on your bankroll

  • Another way to go ahead with an online Roulette Strategy to Win is by using betting systems on your bankroll. There are two kinds of betting systems in the betting world.
  • The first one is progressive systems where you must increase your wager for every loss or win throughout your gameplay.
  • The second one is the non-progressive system where you must maintain the same wager throughout your gameplay whether you win or lose.

4. Learn to observe the roulette wheel to know the hot numbers

  • Observation is an important online roulette strategy to win that can be applied in other online casino games as well.
  • Moreover, observing the roulette wheel and keeping track of the winning numbers can help you identify which numbers win more.
  • These numbers are called the hot numbers on the roulette wheel that you must wager on or include in the side bets keeping in mind that hot numbers tend to change after intervals when learning How to Play Live Roulette Online.

online roulette strategy to win every time in live casino

5. Avoid cold numbers on the previous winning charts

  • Another way to identify the hot numbers on the roulette wheel is by looking at the given winning numbers chart for the previous rounds in the game room.
  • Here, you can also see the cold numbers that you definitely must avoid when betting as these are the numbers that do not occur many times.
  • Using the M88 Live Casino game rooms can help you get tables of the previous winning charts where the hot and cold roulette numbers are displayed in the game rooms.

6. Apply progressive betting systems more to your game

  • Above we mentioned that using online betting systems is helpful, but from the two we recommend going with progressive betting systems as these help in increasing your bankroll amount by the end of the gaming session.
  • But it is important to keep in mind that these betting systems are risky as you will have to win more rounds than lose them in order to make it work efficiently.
  • So, using low-risk progressive betting systems is extremely helpful as one of the Roulette Tips to Win Big in not only helping you increase your bankroll amount but also maintaining it while keeping the thrills of gambling going.

online roulette strategy to win every time in live casino by 88myr

7. Make use of the D’Alembert method strategy

  • In continuation with the aforementioned How to Win Roulette Every time tip, the D’Alembert method is one of the best strategies you can use as it is the best low-risk progressive betting system.
  • Here you must increase your wager by one unit whenever you lose a round so that the lost stake will be returned as a part of the payout when you eventually win a round.
  • But when you win a round, you must decrease the stake back by one unit to maintain the amount in the bankroll while also increasing the amount.

8. Always start with the minimum betting stake

  • As mentioned above, progressive systems are a great way to increase your bankroll amount by the end of your gaming session but another cool feature of these systems is that you get to set the initial betting stake amount.
  • Thus, to tackle the risky side of progressive systems, the next online roulette strategy to win suggests using the minimum betting stake amount in the game room as your initial wagering amount.
  • The payout will not be huge when you win, but by the end of the session, you will notice that you have won in small amounts. To boost your bankroll further, you can apply for welcome bonus offers like the M88 Promotion on live casino games.

online roulette strategy to win every time in casino online

9. Use the outside bets on the table to win

  • It is stated above that one of the things that make roulette a fun game to play is the betting options it has and this is why we also recommended the European versions of it.
  • European versions have outside bets that are easy to win as well as apply the progressive betting systems. Examples of simple outside bets could be the 1-18/19-36 option, Red/Black, or Odd/Even option.
  • So here you can wager on any one of the two options using the D’Alembert method to win more money by the end of the day in small amounts.

10. Bet in patterns on the inside bets

  • With what is said above, it is important to note that you should also bet on the numbers but thinking about it, wagering on a single number is risky as the odds of winning are high.
  • So instead, you should try betting in patterns on the table to cover most of the hot numbers in a single betting round.
  • What makes this different from wagering on the outside bets is that you will have to place more than one wager on the table, but considering that this is not very beneficial, you can wager on outside bets with numbered bets that are not covered in the outside bets instead.

online roulette strategy to win every time by 88myr

11. Bet on all 36 roulette numbers once or twice

  • You may have at least once wondered if you could win roulette by wagering on the numbers 1-36 in a single betting round, and the answer to this is yes.
  • You can do so by wagering on outside and numbered bets at the same time. For instance, if you wager on the first dozen outside bets you will be covering the numbers 1-12, the 19-36 outside bet covers the other half of the table.
  • This leaves you with a row bet covering the remaining 6 numbers in between. This way, you can wager more money on the bet that covers hot numbers, to end up winning regardless.

12. Know when to stop playing roulette online

  • Last but not least, the best online roulette strategy to win is knowing when to stop playing for the day, or even week, when you notice that you have been playing a lot.
  • Roulette is also known as the Devil’s Wheel game and one of the reasons behind this is how people went crazy because of its fast-paced nature.
  • This fast-paced nature can result in you betting more than you intend to especially if you get the thrills of winning. Thus, to avoid recklessly betting, you must wager by keeping a limit in mind, for your bankroll and gaming session.

online roulette strategy to win every time in casino by 88myr


This was all about the Online Roulette Strategy to Win big in online casinos. Remember to use M88 live casino or other top-quality sites to help you play efficiently and win more. To add to this, the online betting site you select should also offer you fun casino bonuses that help you boost the money in your account wallet right from the start as a new member. For more betting tips, tricks, strategies, and pro insights, keep visiting 88MYR.

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