How to win Roulette online every spin – 10 Master Strategies

Learn how to win Roulette online every spin with 88myr experts. Play at M88 Live Casino, follow 10 tested and proven strategies, and boost your winning by 98%.

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#1. Select the best Roulette Variant

There are two popular variants of roulette games available in the online gambling market: American and European roulette and both are distinguished by an extra number 00. European roulette has 36 numbers on its wheel, from 0 to 36 and American roulette has an extra number 00 on it’s table. 00 provides more betting options but it affects the outside bets adversely.

how to win roulette strategy online for real money

Having an extra number on the wheel increases the betting options but it decreases the number of outside betting options. Hence, if you want to bet on multiple numbers with fewer betting options then we recommend playing European roulette, it also offers great payouts, better odds, and less house edge as compared to the American Roulette. Play European roulette at M88 with a minimum betting stake of RM1.

#2. Place small bets initially as a beginner

If you are starting your journey in the online gambling world, we recommend you be mindful and disciplined when it comes to playing online casino games with real money. There are many players who lose track of time and money and end up losing a lot of money in the beginning. That’s why we recommend getting acquainted with the game, and rules, learning tactics and strategies, and starting with a small amount of money, it is the best thing to do while starting your journey in the online gambling world. Learn how to play roulette online with the simple 3-step guide at 88myr.

Since you are a beginner, we recommend playing online roulette at the M88 betting site, it offers the best betting odds and payout with a minimum betting amount of RM1 only. This means you can begin your journey of playing online roulette with just RM1. Once you have learned the art of making more real money through gambling strategies, you can increase your amount gradually and on even more real money.

#3. Analyse & place bets after observation

If you play a roulette game in a land-based casino, you will not get to see the previous results of the game. But if you choose to play a roulette online game at an online casino, you will get a small table in the corner of the screen sharing all the previous winning numbers of the game.

how to win roulette online every spin to win real money

You can use this information to analyze the winning numbers and depict the pattern of winning. Even though it is nearly impossible to depict a pattern of winning numbers in Roulette online, there are still particular numbers that are more bound to occur in roulette. Here are some more roulette-winning strategies for you by 88MYR betting experts to win more real money with the least effort.

#4. Fix the Bankroll limit to play Roulette

The key to earning the most from online gambling is not the strategies, it is discipline, consistency, and limitations. You can learn as many strategies as you want, and you can use as many tactics as you want in your online gambling games, but you cannot save money from extreme risk without discipline. Hence, we recommend creating a limit for yourself before starting online gambling.

Begin by creating a limit for yourself according to your needs and wants with your bankroll. Keep in mind your expenses like rent, electricity, food, etc. And then create a bankroll limit for yourself to spend on gambling online every month. We recommend spending less than 5% of your monthly bankroll and online gambling games to maintain a proper environment for your investments and savings. You can increase the amount gradually once you understand the game, winning patterns, strategies, and online gambling world. #5. Most Common roulette numbers online

As mentioned in strategy #2 of this article, there are some numbers that are more bound to occur in roulette online, they are identified by thousands of professional Roulette players, after decades of observation and analysis, The hot numbers in roulette online, which are most common in the game are 7, 17, 23, and to win roulette online casino for real money


We are not recommending these four numbers on the basis of luck, we are recommending these hot roulette numbers on the basis of research, accountability, observation, and analysis over a long period of time. Hence, if you ever want to place a bet on individual numbers in roulette online we strongly recommend placing a bet on hot roulette numbers to win frequently.

#6. Try the 36 roulette strategy, Only Once!

Have you wondered how much can you win if you place bets on all the number of roulette games online using outside bets? We bet you have, Even though this strategy sounds intriguing it can never be your on-the-go default strategy since it requires more money to wager and there are chances that you might not win back what you have wagered. Hence, use the 36 roulette strategy only once throughout your game.

  • With the 36 roulette strategy, you can place bets on all the numbers except for 0 or 0 and 00 depending on the roulette variant you are playing.
  • For instance, if you place bets on the 1-18, 3rd dozen, and six-line bet on 19-24, you would be able to place bets on all numbers in roulette online from 1 to 36 by placing bets on only 3 betting options.
  • This allows you to place a bet on maximum numbers with fewer betting options, resulting in increasing the chances of winning more real money.

#7. Prefer Outside bets over Inside bets

Outside bets allow online players to place bets on more numbers which eventually results in more winning chances. Hence, online players should prefer playing roulette online with outside betting options, like red/black and even/odd. Keep in mind that outside bets don’t offer the same payouts as individual numbers, they pay less as compared to inside bets but if you want a safer option, you must place bets on outside bets.

how to win roulette online every spin

We recommend beginners place bets on outside bets to get the hang of the game online and once you are familiar with the betting options, you can jump to others. It’s better to keep your money safe and not put it at risk at the beginning of your journey. Hence, place bets on outside betting options more as compared to the inside betting options. Get more roulette online tips & tricks to win more real money!

#8. Follow betting systems to win more money

Even though you cannot predict the number on which the ball might land, you can play with your betting stake in such a pattern to win the most out of a given situation and that’s exactly what betting systems do. Betting systems are game changers that allow you to alter your betting stakes as per the previous win and loss to regain the lost money and win more real money.

  • Let’s take an example for a better understanding: start by placing a bet of minimum betting stake, RM1 (base bet), and if you win the round, place a base bet on the second round again. But if you lose the bet, place double of base bet in round 2.
  • If you lose in round 2, place double the bet you placed in round 2 in the next round and keep doubling down until you win. Once you win a round, you can go back to the initial betting stake. This way you will earn back the lost amount and win even more real money. Below is a tabular example to help you understand the betting system better.
Round Betting Amount Win/Loss Profit/Loss
Round 1 RM10 WIN +RM20
Round 2 RM10 LOSE -RM10
Round 3 RM20 LOSE -RM20
Round 4 RM40 WIN +RM80
Round 5 RM10 WIN +RM20
Total Spend -RM90 Total Gain/Loss +RM90

The given example depicts the betting systems perfectly, it balances out the losses so that the player doesn’t lose any money. If you continue to follow the betting system in the same game, you will even end up winning more real money. Some popular betting systems are Martingale, Fibonacci, and D’Amblert.

#9. Select the best live casino & claim a bonus

Here are some things you must look for before selecting the best, reputable, and trustworthy live casino for yourself: make sure that the online live casino is legal under reputed authorities like CURACAO, PAGCOR, etc., and have a verified SSL certificate to keep your information safe and secure. The live casino must have less house edge, great odds, a greater pay-out ratio, high-quality video gaming, live dealer monitor, and no lagging in the video.

how to win roulette casino online game for real money

Apart from the things mentioned above, the most important points to keep in mind are the product quality, features, and benefits offered by online gambling sites. Some such benefits are 24/7 customer care services, welcome bonuses for new players, reload bonuses for existing players, VIP clubs, etc. One online gambling site offers all the following in Malaysia with the aim to provide the Best for online players: M88 Live Casino, Join & claim 175% welcome bonus of up to RM428 on 1st deposit.

#10. Maintain Time & Money: responsible gambling

The most crucial step of playing a responsible gambling is maintaining time and money, both play the most crucial role in life. Manage your money with the 50:30:20 rule: 50% of your monthly bankroll must be spent on needs, like rent, food, electricity, etc. 30% of your monthly salary must be invested or saved and 20% of your monthly bankroll can be used to fulfill your wants, like clubbing, trips, fancy restaurants, and this section includes gambling too.

In order to manage time, you have to be disciplined with yourself. Set a time limit to play online gambling games and stick to it, no matter what. Don’t lose track of time, the best way to stay on track is to fix the time of playing online gambling every day. It can be at noon, evening, night, or whenever you want. Take 20-30 minutes out of your schedule for online gambling, like 07:00 PM to 07:30 PM, and stick to this time limit every day.


Roulette online is a game of a small ball spinning in a wheel until it lands on a number, Even though it’s a game of luck you can win more real money with simple tips and tricks. You cannot predict the future of the ball, but you can master your moves to predict the nature of the number it can land on. You can play with your wagers and increase your winning amount, All of these tactics are mentioned above in How to Win Roulette Online every spin article by 88myr experts. Read and follow the 10 best and proven strategies on how to win roulette online at M88 live casino and win RM900 every day.

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