M88 Sponsors 2023 – LaLiga, BWF, AC Milan & TALON E-Sports!

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Who are M88 Sponsors in 2023? LaLiga, BWF, AC Milan & TALON E-Sports signed a Sponsorship deal with M88 till 2024! Know the history of M88 Sponsors with 88MYR.

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M88 is one of the most widely used online betting site in Malaysia because of all the cool products and bonuses it offers its customers. However, this is not the only impressive thing about the online betting site as the M88 sponsor deal is something you definitely should  check out. So, in this article we will introduce you the all the M88 sponsor deals, from their very first partner to their current ones!

Know the 4 M88 Sponsor Partners for 2023

Sponsor deals is something important especially for sports teams and online betting sites to not only grow an audience but to also bring fans closer to enjoying their favorite sports. Thus, today M88 is doing a great job with this as it has partnered up with some of the greatest teams and leagues in the betting world.

1. La Liga – Official Regional Partner

Most online betting sites sign partnership deals with prominent sports teams but M88 has signed a partnership deal with La Liga, one of the most famous football leagues in Spain. Being one of the top professional football leagues, many football teams tend to compete here seasonally.

m88 sponsors malaysia betting site laliga

  • In 2020, La Liga and M88 partnered up together to create one of the coolest sponsorship deals M88 has gotten. Thus, the La Liga league is M88’s official regional partner.
  • Because of this M88 LaLiga sponsorship deal, M88 promotes matches going on in the league with banners on their homepage and together they release a weekly video documentary featuring La Liga ambassadors.
  • This sponsorship deal is signed to go on till 2024 and throughout it fans can access La Liga game rooms, official La Liga merchandize and even VIP tickets. So, create an account in the M88 register today to access these amazing deals on their official website!

2. BWF – Official Betting Partner

Another one of M88 sponsor which is not a team but an entire organization is the Badminton World Federation, BWF in short. BWF, previously known as the International Badminton Federation, is the official international governing body for Badminton across the globe. The M88 and BWF partnership will be carried out for 5 badminton tournaments!

m88 sponsors malaysia betting site bwf

  • M88 and BWF signed a partnership deal in 2022 where the Badminton World Federation made M88 their official betting partner. With this you can access the M88 sportsbook to get live updates on the hottest ongoing badminton matches.
  • This sponsorship deal will cover 5 tournaments which are Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2022, BWF World Championships 2022, BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2022, BWF World Championships 2023, and Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2024.
  • Thus, this M88 sponsor deal with BWF is bound to go on till the year 2024.

3. AC Milan – Official Casino Partner

AC Milan is one of the football sponsors M88 has signed a long-term bonus deal with in the betting world online. AC Milan is one of England’s most successful football team and has a large fanbase who are happy with the M88 sponsor deal as they can access products as well as merchandise by AC Milan in a way like never before.

m88 sponsors malaysia betting site ac milan

  • AC Milan, commonly known as Milan, partnered up with M88 in the year 2022 as their official casino partner. This partnership deal is bound to go on till the year 2024.
  • During this partnership deal, M88 Live Casino has opened up AC Milan casino game rooms in their online betting live dealer section which you can access and play games like Baccarat, Sic Bo, and Roulette.
  • Because of this sponsorship deal, M88 is able to expand its reach world wide whereas AC Milan has been above to expand their fanbase all over southeast Asia.

4. Talon ESports – Global Title Sponsor

ESports is a genre in sports that is growing in fame rapidly as there are many talented teams signing up to play the game. And so, M88 has partnered up with Talon ESports organization as a Global Title Sponsor. Talon ESports has about 8 professional teams under their organization that take on the games like League of Legends (LoL), Valorant, Arena of Valor, DotA 2, Rainbow 6 Siege, Overwatch, Street Fighter V, and Tekken 7.

m88 sponsors malaysia betting site tolan esports

  • Talon ESports shook hands with M88 as their Global Title Sponsor earlier in 2022. The tenure of this sponsorship deal as of now is unknown.
  • This partnership began when the Dota 2 team under Talon Sports participated in the DotA 2 Pro Circuit (SEA) competition under Div. II and they moved on to Div. I, eventually reaching the finals.
  • Thus, M88 is officially a title sponsor for the Dota 2 team under Talon ESports, and with this fans can get access to many M88 promotion bonus deals on Dota 2 betting at M88.

The Impressive Deals in M88 Sponsor History

Now that you have been introduced to all of the current M88 sponsor, let us take a look at some of the most successful sponsors M88 has partnered up with in the past years. Here, you will get an overview idea of the way M88 has build its way to the top by partnering up with top teams and organizations in the sports world since the time it first stepped into the online betting domain in 2004.

AFC Bournemouth

2016 – 2020
Official Shirt Sponsor

m88 sponsors malaysia betting site afc

This successful partnership expanded the football club’s fanbase throughout Asia and allowed M88 to expands its products and services all over Europe. During this sponsorship tenure, AFC Bournemouth was seen wearing the M88 logo on all of their kit.

Leicester City

2018 – 2019
Official Betting Partner

m88 sponsors malaysia betting site leicester city

This team is known to be one of the most successful football teams in England that have been persistent in their gameplay for many years. Recently, Leicester City have been making their back-to-back comeback by winning many league titles, and more!

Crystal Palace

2015 – 2017
Official Shirt Sponsor

m88 sponsors malaysia betting site crystal palace

Crystal Palace is also one of the oldest football clubs of England and are also a part of the founders of the English Premier League (EPL). As the official shirt sponsor, Crystal Palace was seen wearing the logo of M88 on all of their kit.

Manchester City

2011 – 2012
Official Betting Partner

m88 sponsors malaysia betting site manchester city

Manchester City is one of the most dominant teams in major leagues. They have competed in many leagues and have won the EPL alone 7 times in total! Manchester City is one of the oldest teams of England that has managed to gain success by winning major trophies throughout their career.

Tottenham Hotspur

2006 – 2010
Official Shirt Sponsor

m88 sponsors malaysia betting tottenham

Being one of the first sponsors of M88, the Tottenham sponsorship deal was a major one to M88 when it came to publicity as the Tottenham Hotspur team flaunted the M88 Mansion logo on the front of their jersey kits whenever they played the League matches which they eventually won.


The M88 sponsor list is one of the most impressive one seen for an online betting site and all of them were indeed satisfying to both parties as well as to fans online who could access and bet on their favorite sponsor teams with ease! So, since M88 will continue to partner up with top sponsors, we urge you to join the fun to not only indulge in sports betting online but also the casino games provided by the sponsors.

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