Handicap 1.75 meaning & M88 betting guide on Handicap 1.5/2

Learn Handicap 1.75 meaning in betting & get 3 steps guide to wager on Handicap 1.5/2 at M88 Sports. Join & claim 100% welcome bonus up to RM588 on 1st deposit.

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Placing football betting is fun, however, what is not fun is not being able to understand some betting options that has a lot of potential of making you win huge payouts and the Handicap 1.75 betting option is definitely one of them. But do not worry, our experts at 88MYR and easy examples from M88, can help you understand this complicated betting option with simple explanations so without further ado, let’s get into it!

What does Asian Handicap Mean in betting?

In order for you to understand the Handicap 1.5/2 or 1.75 betting option, it is first important for you to understand what the Asian Handicap betting option is and why does it exists because our main topic, which is the Handicap 1.75 betting option is a sub-betting option under the Asian Handicap main betting option. Although this may sound confusing and a betting option you would wish to avoid, you will be surprised to know that the Asian Handicap betting option is one of the best ones to use for accurate predictions.

asian handicap 2 1.5 meaning football 1.75 1

  • What makes sports betting fun is that the outcome of the matches are unpredictable, so the joy of predicting the correct winner via betting options before the end of the match is one of the most thrilling experience a gambler can get.
  • However, sometimes in sports there are matches where the outcome is very predictable from the start as one of the teams playing is strong while the other team is an underdog. Such matches are boring to place bets on and so to make it thrilling the handicap betting option was introduced.
  • The Handicap Betting option, or HDP, gives the underdog team goal advantages while the stronger team goal disadvantages, and this advantages and disadvantages is given besides the betting odds as shown in the image above.
  • The advantage given to the underdog team is marked with a + sign while the disadvantage given to the stronger team is marked with a – sign, so, if there is a +1 and -1 sign besides the betting odds, it would mean that a +1 goal would be added to the underdog team and a -1 goal would be reduced from the stronger team’s overall score by the end of the match or half-time, depending on the HDP betting option selected.

Asian Handicap 1.5/2 meaning in betting

Although the handicap goal advantage and disadvantage of 1 goal is easy to understand, sometimes the handicap goals given to the teams are in decimals. In this article, we will mainly be focusing on what the 1.5/2 handicap betting option is in football.

asian handicap 2 1.5 meaning 1.75 goals

  • The Handicap 1.5/2 betting option given to the underdog team with a +1.5/2 goal advantage while it is given to the stronger team with a -1.5/2 goal disadvantage.
  • This means that the virtual goals added under this handicap betting option is 1.5/2 goals, so, to win the match both the teams must fulfil some conditions, that is of scoring certain number of goals in the real match, for bets on them to win.
  • This handicap betting option is created by combining the HDP 1.5 goal and HDP 2 goal betting option thus, the 1.5/2 handicap betting option is often taken as the 1.75 goal difference in sportsbook since the average of the 1.5 and 2 is 1.75: (1.5 + 2)/2 = 1.75.

What does Asian Handicap 1.75 mean?

To understand these conditions, let us take a look at the image example above: In this Turkey vs Colombia match, 1.5/2 handicap disadvantage is given to Turkey and thus it is highlighted in red, whereas, Colombia has a goal advantage of 1.5/2. Let us elaborate further with the following Handicap 1.75 example:

For Bets on Turkey to Win: Turkey needs to score and win with at least 3 or more goals for bets placed on the team to win. If they score 2 goals and win the match, then half of the betting stake will be returned to the bettors. However, if Turkey loses the match, wins the match by 1 goal, or if the match is draw, then the bets on Turkey will lose. For example: If Turkey scores 1 goal and wins the match, then 1 – 1.75 = 0.75 goals in the sportsbook.

For Bets on Colombia to Win: Colombia needs to score and win, or draw the match by 1 goal for the bets on Colombia to win. If they lose the match by 1 goal, then the bets on this team wins as well. However, if the opponent scores 2 goals and Colombia loses by 2 goals, then half of the betting stake will be returned to the bettors. That being said, if the opponents manage to complete the handicap condition and score 3 or more goals and Colombia loses, then the bets placed on Colombia will lose. For example: Colombia loses the match by 1 goal: 1+1.75 = 2.75 goals in the sportsbook.

Use 3 steps to place Handicap 1.5/2 bets at M88 Malaysia

Now that you know what the Asian Handicap 1.5/2 or Handicap 1.75 bet means in betting, let us now use M88, one of Asia’s top online betting site to show you how you can place handicap 1.75 bets in its sportsbooks. Using only 3 steps you can get access to fun and entertainment in the M88 Sportsbook.

Step 1: Login at M88 and select a sportsbook

  • In the first step, you must visit the official website for M88 and click on ‘Login‘ to successfully log into your M88 accounts to access the sportsbook products.
  • If you do not have an M88 account, then you must click on ‘Join‘ and this will take you to M88’s registration form where you must enter your details precisely.

asian handicap 2 1.5 meaning in betting

  • Once you have completely signed up for an account in the M88 Register, you must go ahead and click on or hover your mouse over ‘Sports‘ which is available on the homepage.
  • Then you will see the top 3 sportsbooks you can choose from at M88, select your preferred sportsbook and move on to step 2. Here, we have selected SABA Sports as it is one of the most trusted and famous sportsbook in the betting world online.

Step 2: Find a Handicap 1.5/2 match under soccer

  • When you enter the sportsbook at M88, you will be taken to a page where all the matches are available from all sports domains. Here, you will see a filtering option on the left hand side, where you can choose from Early, Today, or Live matches to place bets on.

asian handicap 2 1.5 meaning in football

  • To filter out only football matches, you must click on ‘Soccer‘, and this will refresh your page with all the soccer matches with the main betting option and betting odds.
  • Then, you must scroll down to find a match with HDP 1.5/2 betting option. Here we found a match between Benfica and Boavista where Benfica is given the handicap disadvantage of 1.75 goals and Boavista the advantage of 1.75 goals.

Step 3: Place bets with the help of the odds

  • In step number 3, it is time for you to place your bets on any one of the two Handicap 1.75 betting option with the help of the betting odds. Another thing you can use to get help for placing bets is the M88 Promotion offers on sportsbook which will give you bonus up to RM588.
  • To place your bets, you must click on your preferred betting option and upon doing so, a Bet Slip will open up to the left side of your screen. For example, here we have clicked on the +1.75 option for Boavista with the odds of 2.13.

asian handicap 2 1.5 meaning betting

  • In the bet slip, you will see the odds as well as the payout you will receive depending on your betting stakes. So in the image above, you can see that for a minimum betting stake of RM2 and the betting odds of 2.13, the Boavista Handicap +1.75 betting option will receive a payout of RM4.26!
  • To lock this bet, you must click on ‘Process Bet‘ and then wait for the results by watching the live match in the sportsbook itself. The last section of this article, will cover up the possible case scenarios for this match using image examples.

Example and case scenarios for Handicap 1.5/2

Above we placed bets on Boavista in the M88 Football sportsbook however, since this is the handicap betting option, relying only on the betting odds can be risky, thus, it is important to consider the possible case scenario outcomes before placing bets.

Benefic Handicap Disadvantage -1.75 Boavista Handicap Advantage +1.75
asian handicap 2 1.5 meaning in football disadvantage 1 asian handicap 2 1.5 meaning in football advantage
Betting Odds: 1.80 Betting Odds: 2.13
Betting Stake: RM2 Betting Stake: RM2
Payout if won with 3 or more: RM3.60 Payout if won, lost, or draw with 1 goal: RM4.26
Payout if won with 2 goals: RM1 Payout if lost by 2 goals: RM1

As you can see, the betting odds matter when it comes to receiving more payouts as higher betting odds often give you more payouts even though the betting stake is the same. However, in handicap betting option, the conditions matter. In this case, the handicap advantage as well as higher odds is given to Boavista which means that this team is more likely to win the bet, even if they lose the real match, making it the better betting option.


This was all about the Handicap 1.75 or 1.5/2 betting option that you can play at M88. Although it may sound complicated, this betting option is very easy to use once you get a hang of it. However, since this is one of the many handicap betting option, it is important that you stick around 88MYR for more easy explanations on all the handicap goal advantages and disadvantages in the sportsbook.

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