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Are you curious about the 10 Best numbers on Roulette to play? The list of roulette numbers to ensure winnings is provided here: place a wager on 17, 24, 23, 7.

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One of the most well-known online casino games is roulette, which you may play on websites like M88 online and is very entertaining because there are a lot of betting alternatives. But amid all of these betting choices, you would want to know which roulette wheel numbers are the best bets. To help with that, we have compiled this useful list of the top 10 online roulette numbers that you can play with a 100% winning guarantee.

10 best numbers on roulette to play for guaranteed wins

1. The 17 position on the wheel

  • The number 17, which is among the top ten numbers in roulette for beginners, is the first one you should attempt betting on.
  • This is because the number 17 is positioned in the ideal location on the roulette wheel. Consequently, the majority of the time when you spin the roulette wheel, the ball stops at the number 17.
  • You can try placing a single wager on the number 17 or using it as an addition to numerous bets on the outside betting alternatives listed below.

2. 24 makes up for yet another winning wager

  • The number 24, which is among the top 10 numbers on roulette ever recorded after trials, is the second-best number to cover in the game.
  • 24 is one of the top 4 magic numbers in roulette because it attracts a lot of bettors, making it one of the top 10 best numbers.
  • Create an account on the M88 registration now to start betting with just RM2 in order to bet on the number 24 and other recommended top numbers to bet on in roulette.

10 best numbers on roulette to play for guaranteed winning earnings

3. Additionally, the number 23 can help you win

  • It is a game of chance, therefore there is no definitive answer to the question of which number hits the most in roulette; nonetheless, you can increase your chances of winning by using these ten of the best numbers to play with.
  • Therefore, the number 23, which may be coupled with the number 24 as a double wager, is the third greatest number to gamble on in roulette.
  • The finest numbers to cover in roulette are 23 and 24, as they are the most visually pleasing numbers on the roulette table.

4. In roulette, the number 7 is considered lucky

  • The number 7 is regarded as particularly lucky in online casino gambling for a variety of reasons, thus betting on it in online roulette games is a must!
  • In addition to some winning casino tips, the number 7 is thought to be the last magic number that will help you win at roulette online for sure.
  • To place a wager on the aforementioned magic numbers that are among the top 10 online roulette numbers, simply register for an account on the M88 website and visit the M88 Live Casino.

10 best numbers on roulette to play for guaranteed payouts

5. Place a wager on the number 25 in roulette to win

  • When figuring out which number in roulette hits the most, it’s also crucial to keep in mind that you should place your bets after examining the hot and cold charts in the gaming rooms.
  • In addition, since number 25 on the roulette wheel is nearer the lucky number 17, you might consider placing a bet on it.
  • This means that while 17’s position on the wheel makes it one of the top 10 numbers for online roulette, 25 also has a decent chance of winning.

6. Invest in the second 12-bet to cover more magic numbers

  • You may gamble and win big on the outer bets because they combine multiple numbers into a single betting option when it comes to playing roulette online and finding the finest numbers to play.
  • That being said, because the 2nd Dozen or 2nd 12 bet has more magic numbers in its range, we advise placing a wager on it.
  • In this manner, you can raise your chances of winning by betting on more of the finest numbers to bet on in roulette for the minimal betting investment.

10 best numbers on roulette to play for guaranteed payout wins

7. Place a gamble on the magic numbers 17 and 23 using the 1-18 bet

  • In keeping with the previous ideas, being realistic in roulette involves realizing that there are certain optimal numbers to cover utilizing the side betting possibilities, but that there is no definitive answer to what number hits the most.
  • The 1-18, or small betting option, is one such side bet that covers the majority of the finest numbers to wager on in roulette.
  • The recurrent numbers 17 and 23 as well as a tonne of other great numbers to play roulette are covered by this side betting option. Try it out now in the entertaining and reasonably priced M88 Roulette game rooms!

8. Bet on 19–36 to place a wager on numbers 23, 24, and 25

  • Consistent with the previous statement, the next best range of numbers to cover in roulette is under 19–36, often known as the Big betting choice, which is an outside bet.
  • Here, you can place a bet on the recurrent numbers on the roulette wheel, which are 23, 24, and 25.
  • But, as previously mentioned, before covering the majority of the recurrent roulette numbers using the side betting possibilities, it is crucial to review the game room data.

10 best numbers on roulette to play for guaranteed payout earnings

9. To bet on every number, try the Roulette 36 wager

  • If you enjoy playing roulette games online, you’ve probably considered placing a bet on each of the 36 roulette numbers at least once.
  • This can be achieved by putting your money on one to thirty-six betting possibilities and mixing several outside bets to cover the entire table.
  • As an example, if you place a wager on the first dozen, you can cover numbers 1 through 12. Then, if you place a wager on options 19 through 36, you can cover the other half of the table, leaving us with six numbers that you can place a line bet on.

10. Try your luck by placing a bet on the number 3

  • Not to mention, it’s crucial to remember that while there are some ideal numbers to wager on in roulette, there are other numbers you should stay away from. For example, you should never bet on the number 3.
  • Although the number 3 is linked to bad luck, as the excitement of roulette depends on testing one’s luck, we advise you to place a bet on it because there’s a good possibility it will appear.
  • Of course, you are under no obligation to bet on the number 3, but if you have a gut feeling about it, it might rank among the top 10 numbers in roulette to bet on.

10 best numbers on roulette to play follow expert opinions


These were the Top 10 Roulette Numbers that You Had to Try Today to Place a Bet! You may play roulette games online with the M88 Live Casino for as little as RM2, the minimum bet amount. This allows you to take advantage of lavish M88 Promotion offers on casino games, which will increase the balances in your account wallets. When playing roulette, it’s important to trust your instincts. Based on the current circumstances, which may be forecast using statistical charts of prior successful bets, any number on the wheel may be the optimal number to play.

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