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Know the 12 Winning Dragon Tiger online casino tips and tricks to boost win rate up to 98%! Apply these Dragon vs Tiger tips and tricks to win upto RM900 daily!

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Betting games like Dragon Tiger is one of the best online games you can play on sites like M88. These games come with fun betting options that you can wager on to predict which side of the table will get the better ranking card from the deck. Additionally, there are amazing side betting options that you can wager on to win more in the betting rounds. But to boost your winning rate every time you play the game, you will need these 12 winning Dragon Tiger online casino tips and tricks.

winning dragon tiger online casino tips and tricks to win everyday

1. Before placing a wager, observe a few betting rounds

  • The first Dragon Tiger online casino tips and tricks strategy is to pick an online game room and observe the gameplay before placing a wager on any of the betting options.
  • This is something that can help you not only understand the gameplay of the room but also will help you notice the most winning betting option in the game room.
  • This way, you can get an idea of which betting option you can wager on and apply these Dragon Tiger online casino tips and tricks in the game room.

2. Make use of the previous winning chart in the game rooms

  • An alternative to the aforementioned Dragon Tiger casino tricks strategy is to make use of the previous winning charts which are available in dragon tiger game rooms online.
  • This way you can easily point out which option wins more in the previous rounds, and also confirm your observations of the winning side before you join the game room.
  • That is something that can come in handy throughout your gameplay. Create an account in the M88 Register and you will be able to observe the previous winning bets as shown in the picture below.

winning dragon tiger online casino tips and tricks to boost win rate

3. Use betting systems catering to your bankroll and game style

  • Betting systems is one of the most important dragon tiger winning tricks that you can apply in your online gameplay as these help boost your bankroll significantly by the end of your gameplay.
  • There are progressive betting systems that you can use as these systems require you to increase your wagering amount based on your wins or losses throughout your gameplay.
  • On the other hand, there are nonprogressive betting systems that require you to maintain the same betting stake throughout your gaming sessions when playing Dragon Tiger Online Casino Game.

4. Learn to bet with Progressive betting systems more

  • Although nonprogressive systems seem nice, Progressive betting systems help boost your earnings daily and thus are the most preferred betting system.
  • However, progressive betting systems require you to maintain a huge bankroll as these are meant for high rollers, so you must make use of low-risk progressive systems like the D’Alembert method.
  • The D’Alembert method requires you to increase your wager by one unit when you lose a round so that when you win the round you receive some of the lost stake as part of the payout. But when you win the round, you must decrease the stake by one unit again or go back to the initial wager to play with the same bankroll.

5. Apply the card counting trick to your gameplay

  • If you wish to observe the betting rounds and make your predictions as one of your dragon vs tiger tips and tricks, you must make use of the card counting trick which is originally used for blackjack games to predict the rank of the next card in the deck.
  • You must do this by assigning the cards 2 to 6 with the value of +1, the cards 7 to 9 with the value of 0, and the 10 cards with the face cards with the value of -1. So, when the dealer pulls out cards you must keep counting them by adding and substracting their ranks based on the assigned values.
  • This way, you will eventually be able to predict the next card pulled out to be a higher rank or lower-ranking card in the deck. This dragon tiger casino tricks strategy, however, can be tricky and time-consuming as there are many decks of cards used to play games like Dragon Tiger in online casinos like M88 Live Casino since they provide authentic and cheat-free game rooms.

dragon tiger online casino tips and tricks to win daily earnings

6. Bet on one betting option using progressive systems

  • Now that you learn which side wins more in the dragon tiger game room during your gaming session, you can apply the progressive betting system on that side alone throughout your gameplay as one of your Casino Tips.
  • It is important to note that you cannot win all the dragon tiger betting rounds in the game rooms, but what you can do is win most of the rounds especially if you use these dragon tiger tips and tricks during your gameplay.
  • Thus, using progressive betting systems like the D’Alembert method would let you win back the lost stakes as payouts and also give you the chance to boost your bankroll by making profits and maintaining it well.

7. Wager on the Tie betting options once or twice

  • When it comes to the Dragon and Tiger Winning Strategy and gameplay online, many people tend to avoid the tie bet simply because the odds of the Tie betting winning are high and so, it rarely happens.
  • But because the payout of the Tie betting option is high which is 8:1, we recommend that you wager on the Tie betting option once or twice so that you get a boost in your bankroll thanks to the high payout it offers.
  • It is important to acknowledge that the Tie bet is one of the main betting options and that part of the previous winning chart also contains tie wins. Thus, when you feel that the tie bet could win in a round, you can test your luck in the game room once or twice.

8. Make good use of side betting options for additional wins

  • To get the best gaming experience in the Dragon Tiger game rooms online, it is important that you wager on the side betting options as well. This is important as it helps you get additional wins in the game rooms along with the main bet wins.
  • Dragon Odd, Dragon Even, Tiger Odd, Tiger Even, Dragon Black, Dragon Red, Tiger Black, and Tiger Red are the side-betting options in the Dragon Tiger game. However, some other online casinos offer additional betting possibilities to enhance the game.
  • To wager on the side betting options for sure wins, you must apply some dragon vs tiger tips and tricks mentioned above. In fact, using the dragon tiger casino tricks strategy of observing the most winning side bet could help with this.

dragon tiger online casino tips and tricks to win everyday

9. Wager using the minimum betting limit in the game room

  • If you plan to use a progressive betting system in your gameplay, then you will have to set an initial wager, you must go back to to maintain the bankroll you set aside for playing online dragon tiger games.
  • Thus, it is important that the initial wager you set for your gameplay be the minimum betting limit in the game room so that you increase and decrease the stakes by not spending a lot of cash.
  • This way you can continue playing with a set bankroll for a longer time, and also win most of the game rounds in small amounts when learning How to Win Dragon Tiger Game online.

10. Apply for casino bonuses and other promotion deals

  • In continuation with the above point, if winning in small amounts does not satisfy your gaming needs, and you want instant results, then you can apply for casino bonuses and other promotion deals your online betting site provides you with.
  • These deals are usually provided as new member bonuses which they can claim to boost their online betting account wallet on their very first deposit or as rebates existing players can claim.
  • For instance, on the online betting site M88, you can get the M88 Promotion bonus for new members on their first deposit of 125% up to RM428 on M88 Live Casino gaming products.

winning dragon tiger online casino tips and tricks to win daily earnings

11. Learn to use a fixed bankroll when playing Dragon Tiger

  • Another important trick you can use as one of the simple dragon tiger tips and tricks is to keep a fixed bankroll for playing online casino games like Dragon Tiger.
  • You can do this by setting fixed daily betting limits, or using budgeting systems like the 50-30-20 system where you get to use 30% of your income for wants like entertainment and gaming, and the other remaining percent as needs and savings.
  • This way you will learn how to play responsibly online while managing your gaming needs from your daily necessities, and also avoid spending more than you should on online casino games.

12. Set a losing limit to your bankroll for the gaming session

  • Another way to game online responsibly is to set a losing limit to your bankroll for daily gaming sessions of dragon tiger games online.
  • As mentioned, you are bound to lose some gaming rounds when it comes to playing online because luck definitely plays a role for betting games, and these dragon vs tiger tips and tricks are bound to help you win most of the rounds, not all rounds.
  • So, deciding how much you are willing to lose in a day and maintaining that boundary would help you take the loss as somethign expected and also would give you a sign to when it is time to stop gaming for the day to save up on your existing bankroll.

dragon tiger online casino tips and tricks to boost win rate


These were the 12 winning Dragon Tiger Online Casino Tips and Tricks that you can use in your online gameplays. be sure to use online betting sites like M88 Live Casino to get the most out of gaming with these dragon vs tiger tips and tricks strategies and gain additional bonus offers that will boost your online betting account wallet. That being said, for more winning tips, tricks, strategies, pro insights, as well as simple betting tutorials, keep visiting 88MYR, Asia’s no.1 online betting guide for top betting sites.

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