12 Dragon Tiger online casino tips & tricks to win more daily

Discover the 12 Dragon Tiger online casino tips & tricks that raise your winning ratio to 98%. With the help of these best 88MYR tactics, you win RM900 per day.

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Online betting games like Dragon Tiger are among the best games available on sites like M88 Malaysia. You can anticipate which side of the table will receive the higher-ranking card from the deck by placing a wager on these engaging games. To boost your earnings throughout betting rounds, you may also wager on thrilling side bets. To improve your winning % each time you play the game, you’ll need these 12 useful Dragon Tiger online casino strategies.

dragon tiger online casino tips and tricks - think about watching a few betting rounds

1. Before placing a wager, think about watching a few betting rounds

  • The first step in using Dragon Tiger online casino tips and tricks is to choose an online game room and observe the action before placing a wager on any of the betting options.
  • This can assist you in understanding how the room is played as well as help you choose which betting option in the gaming room is the most profitable.
  • Then, in the game room, you can utilize these Dragon Tiger online casino tips and tricks to get a notion of which betting option you can bet on.

2. Consult the previous winning chart that is located in the gaming rooms

  • An alternative to the previously described Dragon Tiger casino tricks method is to use the historical winning charts that are available in online Dragon Tiger game rooms.
  • This way, you can confirm your pre-game observations about the winning side and immediately determine which option has won more in previous games.
  • That will come in handy when you’re playing games. As seen in the figure below, you can view the previous successful wagers after creating an account on the M88 Register.

Dragon tiger online casino tips - Consult the previous winning chart that is located in the gaming rooms

3. Employ betting techniques that suit your money and style of play

  • Using betting systems is one of the most important dragon tiger winning tactics you can employ when playing online games because it can significantly boost your bankroll at the conclusion of the session.
  • Progressive betting methods are available for use, whereby your stake is increased in proportion to your wins or loses during the game.
  • Nevertheless, there are nonprogressive betting systems in Dragon Tiger Online Casino Game that require you to maintain your bets at the same level during your gaming sessions.

4. Learn more about using progressive betting systems to place bets

  • Although nonprogressive betting systems also seem enjoyable, progressive betting systems are the most widely used kind. They boost your everyday income.
  • But you have to keep a large bankroll because progressive betting systems are meant for high rollers. You must therefore use progressive systems with low risk, such as the D’Alembert approach.
  • In order to get some of your lost stakes back after you win a round when employing the D’Alembert strategy, you must increase your wager by one unit if you lose. If you do win the round, though, you will need to either utilize the same bankroll to play with the same amount or lower the bet by one more unit.

5. Apply the card-counting strategy to your gaming

  • If you wish to observe the betting rounds and use the card counting trick—which was originally used for blackjack games—to predict the rank of the next card in the deck, you must use it as one of your dragon vs. tiger tips and tricks.
  • This can only be done by assigning a value of +1 to the cards ranked 2 through 6, a value of 0 to the cards ranked 7 through 9, and a value of -1 to the 10 cards that contain the face cards. As a result, you have to keep counting the cards after the dealer hands them by deducting and adding their rankings based on the specified values.
  • Finally, you will be able to ascertain whether the card that is extracted next is a higher-ranking card or a lower-ranking card in the deck in this manner. However, this method for using Dragon Tiger casino tricks might be difficult and time-consuming because there are many decks of cards used to play games like Dragon Tiger in online casinos like M88 Live Casino, which offer authentic and cheat-free game rooms.

dragon tiger online casino tips - using progressive betting systems to place bets

6. Use progressive systems to place bets on just one kind of wager

  • Now that you know which side wins more in the Dragon Tiger gaming room, you may use the progressive betting approach on that side alone during your playtime as one of your casino tips.
  • It is important to keep in mind that while you can’t win every dragon tiger betting round in the gaming rooms, you can win the majority of them, especially if you apply some useful tips and tactics.
  • Because of this, you may boost your bankroll by using progressive betting techniques, such as the D’Alembert approach, by managing your money well and making a profit, and you can also get paid for losing bets.

7. Put down one or two bets on the tie betting options

  • When it comes to the Dragon and Tiger Winning Strategy and online games, many players attempt to avoid tie bets because of the high odds of a tie bet winning, which makes it uncommon.
  • But since the Tie betting option pays out at a high ratio of 8:1, we suggest you to wager on it once or twice to take advantage of the large payout and boost your bankroll.
  • It’s important to understand that ties also occur in that region of the previous winning chart, making the tie bet one of the main betting options. Therefore, if you believe there is a chance the tie bet will win in a round, you are welcome to try your luck once or twice in the gaming room.

8. Make sensible use of side-betting choices to boost your earnings

  • To have the best gaming experience possible in the Dragon Tiger online game rooms, you must place wagers on the side betting alternatives. This is important since, in addition to winning the first stake, it allows you to win additional money in the gaming rooms.
  • Dragon Odd, Dragon Even, Tiger Odd, Tiger Even, Dragon Black, Dragon Red, Tiger Black, and Tiger Red are the side-betting options available in the Dragon Tiger game. Some other online casinos do provide additional betting possibilities in an effort to enhance the game.
  • To wager on the side betting options for assured wins, you must apply the previously stated dragon vs. tiger tips and methods. To be honest, using the dragon tiger casino tricks method—which entails keeping track of the side bet that is most profitable—might help with this.

dragon tiger online casino tips and tricks - Put down one or two bets on the tie betting options

9. To make a bet, use the minimum betting limit specified in the game room

  • If you choose to use a progressive betting system, you will need to place an initial wager in order to maintain the bankroll you set up for playing online Dragon Tiger games.
  • The initial wager you select for your playtime must equal the minimum betting limit in the gaming room so that you can raise and lower the stakes without going broke.
  • You can play with a fixed bankroll for an extended period of time and win the majority of game rounds in tiny sums in addition to learning How to Win Dragon Tiger Game online.

10. Apply at casinos for bonuses and promotions

  • In keeping with the previous point, if you want quick results and winning small amounts of money does not satisfy your gaming demands, you can apply for casino bonuses and other promotion packages your online betting site offers you.
  • Usually, these deals come in the form of incentives for new members or refunds for recurring players, which clients may use to top off their online betting accounts with their first deposits.
  • For instance, new customers of the online bookmaker M88 Promotion can get a 125% bonus up to RM428 on their first deposit when they purchase M88 Live Casino games.

winning dragon tiger online casino tips - Apply at casinos for bonuses

11. Learn how to use a set bankroll when playing Dragon Tiger

  • One more essential strategy you may use as one of the fundamental Dragon Tiger tips and tricks is to stick to a specified bankroll when playing online casino games like Dragon Tiger.
  • There are two methods to do this: either you set daily betting limits or you use budgeting strategies like the 50-30-20 strategy, which lets you set aside 30% of your income for wants like gaming and leisure and the remaining 20% for savings and needs.
  • By keeping your gaming demands apart from your daily necessities, you’ll be able to avoid splurging on online casino games and also learn how to play responsibly.

12. Choose the portion of your bankroll that you are willing to lose while playing the game

  • Another responsible gaming strategy is to set a daily bankroll loss cap for your Dragon Tiger online gaming sessions.
  • As previously mentioned, since luck plays a major role in betting games, you will undoubtedly lose some gaming sessions when playing online. But if you follow these pointers and tactics, you ought to be able to win most, if not all, of your games.
  • As a result, establishing a daily cap on the amount of money you are ready to lose will both help you learn to accept the loss as a normal part of gaming and assist you know when to stop for the day.

dragon tiger online casino tips - Choose the portion of your bankroll


You can use these twelve Dragon Tiger Online Casino tips and tricks to enhance your online gaming experience. Use online betting sites like M88 Live Casino to get the most out of your gaming experience with these dragon vs. tiger tips and tricks approaches and to get additional bonus offers that will enhance the cash in your online betting account. Having said that, for more winning advice, techniques, strategies, expert insights, and simple betting lessons, keep checking out 88MYR, Asia’s #1 online betting guide for the top betting sites.

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