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What does Asian handicap betting mean? Learn & place bets at HDP odds at M88 Sportsbook. Join M88 Malaysia and win a 150% welcome bonus of up to RM588 on Sports.

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What is Asian Handicap betting?

The favored team is given a head start in Asian Handicap betting, and the equivalent number of goals scored by the favorite team is deducted to equalize the rivalry between the stronger and weaker teams. Certain numbers are predefined in Asian handicap betting and are added to the underdog’s score and removed from the favorite’s score.

Predetermined numbers are modified into genuine results to create new outcomes, and then the team with the greater score wins the game by virtual goals. Players must guess the outcome of a sports competition that has been rigged with an Asian handicap.

handicap asian meaning in betting

Giving one team a goal advantage and then taking advantage of it is an Asian handicap. The outcome of the sporting event has no bearing on the Asian Handicap betting option. The sportsbook generates its own outcomes in Asian handicap betting options, and the teams in sports contests are split into two categories: underdogs and favorites.

Team A (underdog) wins the game with 1 goal scored + 0.25 goals forward = 1.25 goals.

Team B (favourite) = 1 goal scored + 0.25 goal conceded = 0.75 goal > lost the game

The lesser team A is referred to as the underdog, whereas the stronger team B is referred to as the favorite. To equalize the competition, the stated value, 0.25 for the 0/0.5 Asian Handicap, is added to the weaker team and subtracted from the stronger team. In the Asian Handicap betting option, the team with the most virtual goals wins the game, and whoever correctly guesses the winner wins real money. In this manner, the underdog team’s chances of victory over the strong team grow; all you have to do is determine the game’s underdog in Asian handicap betting.

The W88 example explains Asian handicap betting

See an example of three different situations of the 0.25 Asian Handicap betting choice before making a bet at M88 Sportsbook; this will help you understand the betting alternatives better. Assume you’ve opted to stake RM100 on each side at varying odds. The following are three scenarios that can occur based on the team you bet on.

m88 sports betting asian handicap 0.25 bet type place bet see cases

Case 1: If FC Septemvri Sofia (+0.25) wins: If you put RM100 on FC Septemvri Sofia (+0.25) with 1.83 odds on Sportsbook M88, you will win RM283 and lose the RM100 bet.

Case 2: If the game is a tie: You can bet on any team in M88 Sportsbook, but if the game is a tie, your wager will be refunded.

Case 3: If Arda Kardjali FC (-0.25) actually wins: If you place an RM100 bet on Arda Kardjali FC (-0.25) with 2.01 odds, you will gain RM 301, and you will lose the RM 100 wager.

How to Place Asian Handicap Bets at W88 Malaysia

Learn how to wager on the Asian Handicap bet choice at M88 Malaysia in three simple steps with an RM2 minimum bet limit. Join M88 today and receive a 150% Welcome Bonus of up to RM588 on your first deposit. To place a bet on the Asian Handicap betting option, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Access M88 and SABA Sports

  • The first step in playing online sports betting and placing an Asian Handicap 0.25 bet, also known as an Asian Handicap 0-0.5 bet, is to visit M88 Malaysia’s official website.
  • Click ‘Enter’ to put a 0.25 Asian Handicap bet with an RM02 minimum bet limit on the M88 betting site. If you do not already have an M88 account, click ‘Register’ to M88 to create one and begin playing on Asian Handicap 0.25 on the M88 betting platform.
    possibilities for sports betting Asian handicap 0.25 m88

m88 sports betting asian handicap option

  • To wager on the 0.25 Asian Handicap, go to the official M88 website and select ‘Sport’ from the main menu bar. All M88 goods are available for play and earning extra money on the main menu bar.
  • On the betting site M88, there are three sportsbooks: M Sports, SABA Sports, and Pinnacle Sportsbook. To put a 0.25 Asian Handicap bet, select one of the choices. We recommend betting on the Asian handicap of 0.25 in the M88 Malaysia football match with SABA Sports.

Step 2: Choose the game on which you want to wager.

  • Football is the most popular 0.25 Asian Handicap bet. To put a 0.25 Asian Handicap bet on SABA Sports, select Football/Soccer on the left side of the screen.
  • All of these are the default settings, and they cannot be modified. You can test the default settings and place bets on M88 football matches. Before you place a bet, make sure you have made an M88 deposit.

m88 sports asian handicap 0.25 betting

  • To put a 0-0.5 Asian Handicap bet, choose a current or upcoming football match. We noticed a contest in progress and chose it to place a bet on the Asian Handicap 0-0.5 Italian Soccer Serie A match between Lecce and Roma with an RM02 minimum bet limit.
  • Examine the teams’ mid-panel odds and pick the one you believe will win the 0-0.5 Asian Handicap bet. Higher odds give larger wins, but your bet selection should not be based on chance but on match prediction analysis. To place a bet on the Lecce football team, click on the Lecce football team odds.

Please keep in mind that live match odds fluctuate and are updated every 15 seconds, so the odds you see now may not be the same as the odds you see in 15 seconds. As a result, the Lecce odds shown on the bet slip differ from those shown in the Step 2 graphic.

Step 3: Put your money on Asian handicap betting.

  • When you click on the team’s betting odds, a bet slip will appear on the right side of the screen. Malaysian gamers can place a minimum stake of RM2 on the betting site M88. Before depositing to the M88 wallet, make sure you claim the M88 promotion.

m88 sports betting asian handicap slip 2

  • After you’ve entered your bet amount, click ‘Process Bet‘ to confirm the bet, and your wager will be placed. All that remains is to wait for the finished game in real life and calculate the mathematical advantages and drawbacks of the underdogs and relative favorites.
  • We chose to place an RM02 bet on the Lecce football team at 1.87 odds. If Lecce wins the game with the 0-0.5 Asian Handicap wager, you will receive RM3.74 in return. If you don’t, you lose RM02. Learn how to use the basic math technique below to determine your possible reward in bonus points.

Expected Payout – Bonus Points = Bet Odds X Bet + Bet

If you want to wager on any team with an RM100 stake and varied odds, you have two possibilities, which are both stated below. Keep in mind that if the game ends in a tie, you will receive the whole amount of your wager on the team.

Case 1: Bet on Lecce > HDP +0.25Case 2: Bet on AS Roma > HDP -0.25
m88 sports betting asian handicap slip 1m88 sports betting asian handicap slip 3
Odds: 1.85Odds: 2.08
Wager: RM100Wager: RM100
Pay-out: RM185Pay-out: RM208
If Lecce wins: you get RM185If AS Roma wins: you get RM208
If Lecce loses: you lose RM100If AS Roma loses: you lose RM100


We hope that our explanation of Asian Handicap betting has cleared up any confusion concerning the Asian Handicap bet. Asian Handicap 0.25 is the best and most popular betting choice at M88 Sportsbook, often known as the Asian Handicap 0-0.5 betting option. Join M88 Malaysia today and enjoy a 150% welcome bonus of up to RM588 on your first deposit to your sports wallet, exclusively for new Malaysian members.

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