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Adopt these 12 how to win Baccarat online tips and tricks by 88MYR experts today to earn up to RM1,000 daily in live casinos and boost your winning rate by 98%!

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Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the ease of access to amazing game rooms that sites like M88 offer. However, what makes online gaming more fun is if you play for real money online but to earn this real money, you need to start somewhere and win consistently. Luckily, Baccarat is one such online game that can help you win consistently using these 12 how to win baccarat online strategies to boost your winnings effectively.

how to win baccarat casino game online consistently

1. Decide how much you want to spend playing

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that knowing how to win means knowing how to earn more, and that requires you to pick up some good and useful budgeting skills. So the first how to win baccarat online consistently strategy requires you to decide beforehand how much you would like to spend for a day by playing the Online Baccarat Malaysia game.

  • This is crucial because using this bankroll that you have set for yourself, you will also get a goal amount of what you must acquire by the end of the game for the day.
  • Setting a bankroll is also a great way to help you understand your budget and pick out the best strategy to increase the amount you own by the end of the day.
  • Using budgeting systems like the 50-30-20 systems is also a great way to determine how much you can use for entertainment purposes from your own income so that it does not affect your daily needs.

2. Pick a game room catering to your budget

Now that you know what your daily budget is it is time for you to pick the game room in which you will be playing Baccarat online. It is important to remember that there are many online casino sites that offer many baccarat game rooms. So, the best way to choose your game room is to select one that won’t be heavy on your pockets.

  • This is when having an idea of what your budget is comes in handy as you can easily select a game room with lower minimum betting rates.
  • However, to find such game rooms it is important for you to look for a site that offers baccarat game rooms with lower betting rates, and if they offer no commission game rooms, then even better.
  • Joining online betting sites like the M88 Register would provide you with the ideal baccarat game rooms from top game room providers in the betting world online.

how to win baccarat online every time consistently

3. Watch pro players play their game

Another way to easily know how to win baccarat online consistently is to watch gameplay before placing bets in live casinos online. This way you can study their techniques and understand what betting options they choose to wager on most of the time.

  • In fact, some pro players also offer tutorials on how you can play the game to win baccarat online consistently and teach you techniques like the card counting method that can help you predict the next card with accuracy.
  • Moreover, watching pro players play the baccarat game online on sites like YouTube would help you understand what kind of game room you must pick and the ideal budget you should have to play efficiently.
  • Doing this simple homework as a beginner would end up being extremely useful for you when it comes to placing bets online, however, the next how to win baccarat online strategy could also be effective.

4. Observe the live casino game

Above we mentioned that observing the game plays of pro players can help you understand some cool techniques you can apply to win baccarat online consistently every time, but observing the game at the live casino is equally important as you can come up with your own unique strategy.

  • Observing the live casino game means that you must skip some betting rounds to see how the game flows in the game room you selected. This one little act can help you understand which betting options win the most.
  • What makes baccarat a fun game that beginners can learn easily is its betting options thus, observing them is easy as you only must look at which of the sides win the most rounds.
  • What is more important to notice is after how many intervals the sides are winning and as time passes by, you immediately can place bets on the most winning betting option to win consistently like a pro. Downloading the M88 Mobile app to carry out this strategy is something you should consider as it becomes much easier.

how to win baccarat online consistently every time

5. Make good use of the side betting options

Another thing that can help you win consistently at online baccarat games is the side betting options which are often ignored by many players in the game room. This is understandable as the side bets do not pay out as much as the main bets do but using the side betting options most of the time can help you win more in small amounts.

  • Side bets are sometimes much more fun to predict in game like baccarat as the winning chances of these bets winning is somehow rare but thanks to this, the payout for most baccarat side bets is slightly higher than other casino games.
  • But if you are looking to win something consistently and in an easier way, then using the Big/Small side betting options would help you win easily online.
  • Big/Small side bet pays less however, it is easier to win than the other side betting option as all you must do is predict whether the total number of both sides is a big number or small number. Use M88 Live Casino to access game rooms with the Big/Small betting option.

6. Start betting with low betting stakes

Above we emphasized that keeping a limited betting amount is important for the day and so, maintaining this daily budget is equally important. Using this bankroll you would have to win more and the best way to do this is by starting small.

  • Using low betting stakes is an ideal how to win baccarat online strategy that you must learn to apply as a beginner because this way you can bet on a main and side betting option to win more in a single betting round.
  • For this, you can maintain a set wager which could be the lowest available wagering limit in the game room you select which is usually RM5 or a value slightly above it. Using this same amount as the starting point, you can wager on the observed most winning betting options.
  • For instance, if you observed that the Banker side wins more rounds from the main bets and the Small side wins more rounds from the side bets, then using the lowest betting stake, you can place bets on both these options to win every round in Baccarat consistently.

how to win baccarat online casino game

7. Increase the stakes using betting systems

It is a fact about online casino games that the more you wager, the higher payouts you will receive, however, here we emphasize that maintaining your budget is the best way to win more at Baccarat in small amounts, and for that betting systems come in handy.

  • Betting systems are something used by pro gamblers as they too understand the importance of maintaining a betting limit for their gameplay. In the gambling world, there are two kinds of betting systems, non-progressive and progressive.
  • Non-Progressive betting systems require you to maintain the same betting stake throughout your gameplay so that you keep betting on the most winning betting option and win the same amount of payout every time you win a round.
  • However, Progressive betting systems are considered to be more effective in leaving the table with more money as you must increase the betting stakes every time you experience a loss so that when you eventually win rounds, you’d receive the money back as the payout.

8. Try the D’Alembert betting system 

Although the 88MYR experts recommend using the Progressive betting system more as one of your Baccarat Winning Strategies, it is important that you select a sub-system carefully as these were meant for high rollers. So, for beginners, we recommend starting with the simple yet effective D’Alembert betting system.

  • In the D’Alembert betting system, you must increase your betting stake by one unit every time you experience a loss, so that when you win, you will get back the lost money as the payout.
  • But when you win, you must decrease the betting stake back down by one unit to maintain the bankroll you set for yourself.
  • This way, you can keep betting on one of the sides in Baccarat and by the end of the day, you’d be left with more money than what you entered with.

how to win baccarat every time online

9. Use the 1324 Baccarat strategy

Another useful and beginner-friendly baccarat strategy is the 1324 baccarat system. This system tells you when to bet and how much to bet as well as will help you play with your bankroll in the most fun way possible.

  • In the 1324 baccarat strategy, you must increase your wager in the 1-3-2-4 pattern order every time you experience a win. So, if you win a round then you must increase the wager by 3 units, and win again and increase it by 2 units, and so on.
  • However, when you lose a round, you should maintain the same betting stake as the previous round and once the pattern is over, you must start again by placing a 1 unit stake.
  • This is one of the most fun ways to place your bets while playing baccarat online as well as maintain your betting stake while earning more every time you win.

10. Apply for your online casino bonuses

One way to help you win and maintain a good amount in your online casino wallet is by making use of the best features your online casino can provide you besides cool baccarat game rooms, and that is the online casino bonuses.

  • Online casino bonuses are something that is avoided by many players and they end up missing a great opportunity to spend as little as they can from their own pockets.
  • If you do not want to be such a player, then you should turn to your online casino’s promotion section and opt-in for their welcome or first deposit bonus promotions on live casino games.
  • For instance, M88 Promotion gives its customers a bonus of up to RM428 for online casino products just for creating a new account successfully. To claim this bonus you must spend RM30 from your own pockets and complete the fun requirements using the bonus amount to make this offer completely yours.

how to win baccarat casino game online

11. Skip some game rounds to place mental bets

To play Baccarat online sometimes you do not have to use real money, instead, you can just play by placing mental bets in the game rooms online. Placing mental bets in casino game rooms is something that can also help enhance your observation skills as a budding gambler.

  • Above we mentioned that observing gameplay by skipping some rounds is the best thing you can do to see which betting option wins the most, however, testing your observations is equally important.
  • This can be done by placing mental bets in the game rooms online before you switch to playing with real money so that you can test your observations.
  • Placing mental bets can also help you predict the time taken for the outcome of the winning side to change, which is something you should be aware of right from the start.

12. Be aware of the Monte Carlo fallacy

Last but not least, it is important that you keep away from the Monte Carlo or Gambler’s fallacy. As the name suggests, this is something that many gamblers have fallen prey to, including top gamblers. So, when playing Baccarat or any online casino game, it is important that you trust your own eyes and observations

  • The Monte Carlo or Gambler’s fallacy happens when a gambler thinks that just because a betting option or side won more rounds, it is unlikely to win another round again.
  • This can be called when gut instincts go wrong and so, with strong feelings, such gamblers end up betting on the wrong betting option and end up losing a lost of cash from their bankroll in one go.
  • In short, it is important to play Baccarat online with a rational mindset and througrough observations and not simply by placing blind bets.

how to win baccarat casino game online every time


This was all about How to Win Baccarat Online casino game consistently every time you decide to play. Join online betting sites like M88 and earn exciting bonus offers that can boost your casino wallet instantly with wholesome cash. If you want to increase your winning rate with a boost, you can check out 88MYR and their detailed tips, tricks, strategies, and tutorials, on almost all casino games that has help turn beginners to pros!

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