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Adopt these 10 how to win Keno online strategy tips by 88MYR to ace your Keno betting wins online. Notice a boost in win rate with these Keno strategies to win!

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No matter if you are a sports bettor or a casino gambler, hitting the keno games on gaming sites like M88 is something that you definitely must have done as the lottery is the ultimate way of testing your luck online. But what if we told you that you could apply some keno strategies to win alongside your luck? Well, below are the top 10 how to win Keno online strategic tips that you can use to ace your gameplay.

88myr how to win keno online with tricks

1. Set a reasonable bankroll aside for Keno betting

  • Firstly, knowing for how long you wish to game in the keno game rooms online is extremely important as this would help you set a reasonable bankroll that you can game with.
  • Setting aside a reasonable bankroll will be the most beneficial move you can use when it comes to playing Keno online as most of these how to win keno online strategies depend on it.
  • It is also a great way to separate the cash for entertainment purposes from your daily needs which further enforces responsible gambling.

2. Select a good Keno room provider online

  • The next strategy that you must apply is another one of the initial steps you should take before betting online, and that is to research and select a good online keno room provider.
  • This is important as the minimum betting stake in the keno room must be budget-friendly to game comfortably online.
  • We recommend giving the M88 Keno room a try by making an account in the M88 Register as here bets start from a minimum amount of RM2 only.

88myr how to win keno online with tips

3. Decide on a betting system for your wager

  • Betting systems are extremely helpful when it comes to wagering on fast-paced games. Unlike traditional offline keno, online keno provides quick results, so using a betting system when wagering is extremely beneficial.
  • You can use progressive betting systems that require you to change your wagering amount based on your wins and losses throughout your gaming session.
  • Another system is the non-progressive betting system that requires you to maintain the same betting stake regardless of your wins and losses throughout your gaming session on online betting sites like the M88 Live Casino.

4. For progressive betting use the D’Alembert strategy

  • Progressive betting systems are something that is more appealing as it leaves you with significant instant results at the end of your gaming session but these systems are often risky.
  • So, using low-risk systems like the D’Alembert method is something that you can use where you must increase your wager by one unit every time you lose a round so that you win back the money you lost as part of the payout when you win.
  • When you eventually win, you can decrease your wager by one unit again to maintain the bankroll you set for playing keno online.

88myr how to win keno online tricks

5. For non-progressive betting try the Flat betting method

  • If you decide to go ahead with the non-progressive betting system when learning How to Play Keno Online, as this helps in playing with the same wagering amount, then you should try the flat betting system.
  • Flat bets are placed by using one wagering amount which is usually 2-5% of your bankroll for a long time, like a month.
  • By the end of the month, you will notice an increase altogether in your bankroll and so, you can use another 2-5% from the new roll to set a wagering amount for another period of time.

6. Try free online Keno game rooms

  • Regardless of which betting system you decide to game with, you will be needed to test and try them out first before you finally get an understanding of what works for you and what does not.
  • Using online free Keno game rooms is something that can help you do this without having to use any money from your bankroll.
  • That being said, you can always opt-in for your online casino bonus on new member accounts. The M88 Promotion offers many promotion offers for new members that you can check out.

88myr how to win keno online with strategies

7. Start wagering on 10 numbers at a time

  • With the aforementioned how to win keno online strategic tips, you already will know how to win the rounds easily however, it is always important to start slow.
  • Since Keno requires you to bet on numbers ranging from 1-80, you can select around 10-20 numbers as the ideal range for winning rounds.
  • However, we recommend you start wagering on 10 numbers to get the hang of gaming on keno online. Eventually, you can increase the numbers to 15 or even 20 bets to extend your chances of winning.

8. Observe the numbers that win more

  • One of the most effective Keno winning strategies that you can use in online betting as well as offline betting is to look at the previously winning numbers.
  • This is one of the most effective betting strategies that you can use since Keno games online are based on the RNG system and the most winning numbers are known as hot numbers that you definitely should add in your group of numbers to wager on.
  • Although this will take some time for you to get the proper hang of it, once you learn how to bet with the most observed winning numbers, you will notice more wins than losses.

88myr how to win keno online tips

9. Create a group of winning numbers to wager on

  • In continuation with the aforementioned point, when you find about 5 to 10 numbers that keep on winning consistently, you should consider wagering on them.
  • This way you can win more number bets in a single betting round making it the most effective keno strategy to win online.
  • This way you can create two different groups of numbers and bet on 2 tickets to expand your winning chance range.

10. Do not play Keno online every day

  • With this, we come to the last how to win keno online tip and that is to not play Keno online every day as it could end up resulting in negative effects of gambling.
  • Keno is fun to play, quick-paced, and offers results almost instantly, all of which could result in gambling addiction if not controlled.
  • The best way to control this behavior is by not playing the game online every day but instead setting a particular day on which you must bet on Keno online.

88myr how to win keno online strategies


These were the 10 How to Win Keno Online strategic tips that you can use to ace your wins in casinos online. Using the best gaming site M88, you can claim beneficial M88 Promotional deals and access one of the best Keno game rooms online to gamble using these keno winning strategies. For more gaming insights on lottery games from experts, keep visiting 88MYR.

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