Is Blackjack online rigged: 5 ways to pin-point fixed rooms!

Is Blackjack Online Rigged? Learn the answers here in this detailed pro online blackjack analysis. Know how to avoid rigged rooms & top 3 safe gaming platforms!

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Betting on Blackjack games on online betting sites like M88 is fun. However, sometimes you may have doubts about whether or not is Blackjack online rigged. So, to answer the question of are online blackjack games rigged, here is a detailed analysis by experts that provides you with a comprehensive explanation of whether or not is online live blackjack rigged. Moreover, here you will get 5 ways to avoid rigged game rooms and also 3 tips with 3 betting sites to play safe blackjack games online.

Is Blackjack Online rigged? Truth unveiled

Let us first answer the question is blackjack online rigged, and truth be told, there is no single answer for this question. However, what matters is the betting site you select, game room providers, and also the Blackjack strategies you use to win. As long as all these three aspects are top-notch on your end, you will have no issues with your blackjack games online.

is blackjack online rigged and fixed know the ways to play blackjack safely

To further elaborate on what is said above and give you a reasonable answer to whether or not is online live blackjack rigged, it is important to acknowledge that some blackjack games can be rigged, some blackjack games can feel rigged, while there are some blackjack games that are not rigged at all. As you read on, you will know why some blackjack game rooms feel rigged, how to avoid the ones that are actually rigged and fixed, and finally learn three helpful tips to play blackjack safely in those safe game rooms from the three top gaming platforms in Malaysia. Learn How to Play M88 Blackjack Online for the safest and most authentic blackjack gaming sessions online.

Why do people claim Blackjack online is fixed?

In this is blackjack online rigged article section, let us first clarify why some people think blackjack games are fixed online. Understanding the reasons behind this is extremely crucial for bettors because once they understand this and identify these issues on their end, knowing the answer to are online blackjack games rigged or not.

is blackjack online rigged learn the truth from detailed analysis

  • High commission rates: The first thing that makes people question is online Blackjack fixed is the fact that there are blackjack game rooms with high commission rates. But since Blackjack is in high demand, in reality, these commissions are necessary for the maintenance of the physical casino that broadcasts these game rooms.
  • Losing more rounds: Another common thing that people think about is online blackjack fixed is the fact that they lose more rounds because they jump into betting in the game rooms without any strategies. It is important to note that blackjack is played against skilled dealers, so using skilled strategies is a must to win more rounds. Check our M88 Casino Tips for some strategies from experts to win online casino games.
  • Focusing on loss more: The last thing that influences questions like whether is online Blackjack fixed and rigged is the fact that because of losing more rounds, the brain tends to focus more on the lost rounds than the rounds you won. Collecting payouts separately from your spending bankroll could help you identify not only the fact that you can win blackjack games but also how much you spend on your end.

5 Ways to Identify a Rigged Blackjack Game Room

In this is Blackjack online rigged section, let us get to the most important part of this entire is online live Blackjack rigged article. Here are the 5 ways to identify a rigged blackjack game room or online betting site that can help you as a beginner. Before we state them, it is important to note that there are many ways to tell are online blackjack games rigged or not, but the below-mentioned points are telling tales.

is blackjack online rigged and fixed know the ways to identify fixed games

  1. Lack of license evidence on the betting site: The first way to identify whether is blackjack online rigged or not is there being a lack of license evidence on the betting site. A safe-to-use website always has an updated license link at the bottom of its website that users can access.
  2. CS does not provide/disclose full information: Another way to tell whether is online live blackjack rigged or not is that the Customer Service (CS) does not respond properly with full information, especially when asked about the betting site’s license to operate.
  3. Rooms are not provided by popular providers: It is important to check out the game room providers and their background as well when trying to get the answers to is online blackjack fixed because the safe game room distributors are as important as safe betting sites.
  4. No multiview live dealer camera in the game room: A crucial thing that you must first look into when you use a betting room is whether or not the live dealer has a multiview angled camera on them. It is important that the cards are shown from all angles and this is a good way to find out are online blackjack games rigged.
  5. Payouts not shown instantly in account wallet: Although this may not be directly related to finding out is casino blackjack rigged but it can help you identify a shady betting site or game room if your payouts are not shown in the account wallet balance instantly after you won a round. Calculating payouts on your end to see if the correct amount is added to your account is important as well.

3 Helpful tips to play Blackjack online safely

Now that you know more about is casino blackjack rigged or not, let us look into the 3 helpful tips to play Blackjack online safely. This section is important because once you apply these 3 tips to any betting site, you can easily identify which betting site is better than the other and play Blackjack and other popular casino games online safely.

is blackjack online rigged know the truth from 88myr

  1. Check license and updated date of the betting site: The first tip to avoid questions like is casino blackjack rigged is to scroll down to the bottom of the website and look for the License logo on the footer. It is best for websites to have their license logo with the link to further information about their license which includes the date to check whether or not it has been updated.
  2. Use game rooms from popular distributors: Another way to avoid questions like is casino blackjack rigged is to look at the game room providers. For instance, sites like M88 have one popular blackjack game room distributor with four tables in total, which proves they go for quality over quantity when it comes to safe and authentic blackjack games online.
  3. Talk to CS to see how they respond to issues before joining: Lastly, before joining the betting site, contact their CS (Customer Service) just to test how they respond to you. You could ask them about transaction details, or other account-related queries like the new member promotions and claiming process. This helps you identify how helpful their customer service is in case you actually began having any is casino Blackjack rigged doubts.

Top 3 websites to play safe and authentic Blackjack games!

In the final section of this is Blackjack online rigged article, let us now look into the top 3 websites in Malaysia that let you access and play some authentic Blackjack games online. The game rooms from these websites for blackjack are from similar providers which means that they are known for providing blackjack games from some of the top gaming distributors in the betting world.

is blackjack online rigged and fixed 3 sites to play real blackjack

  1. 1XBET Malaysia: The first website is 1XBET Malaysia which comes with a Curacao E-Gaming license and is owned by a private company. The base of this website is in the Cyprus Islands and they distribute their gaming products worldwide.
  2. M88 Malaysia: M88 Malaysia is another top-notch betting site that is good for beginners and expert players with their quality game rooms. They own an Interactive Gaming License from the Republic of Vanuatu’s Ministry making this the most credible website to use.
  3. W88 Malaysia: Lastly, beginners can play at the W88 Malaysia game rooms wherein they can play from the W88-provided blackjack game rooms and also with low commission. The W88 website owns a license from BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International certificate providers.


So, the answer to Is Blackjack Online Rigged or not does not have a fixed answer, and this is because it highly depends on other aspects of the betting site. That being said, it is easy to identify a fixed blackjack game room from a real and safe one using the 5 ways stated above as those are telling signs. But as a player, it is also important to be responsible and vigilant on your end to keep an eye out for any fraudulent activities. For more analysis on such topics, or for beginner-friendly betting guides and strategies, keep visiting the 88MYR website.

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