Is Online Casino legal in Malaysia? The truth revealed here!

Wish to know whether Is Online Casino legal in Malaysia or not? Learn the truth here by discovering gambling laws in Malaysia, identifying legal casinos & more!

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Online betting sites are something that contains some of the best gaming products that people across the globe can enjoy. However, when it comes to Malaysian players gaming on casino websites can be sort of difficult due to legality issues. Yet there are many top online betting sites that let members game online with the Malaysian Ringgit, so stick around to learn about the top three sites below. By the end of this article, you will learn the truth of whether is online casino legal in Malaysia, the 3 dominating gambling laws in Malaysia, and how you can identify safe and legal casino in Malaysia.

Is Online Casino legal in Malaysia?

Jumping straight to the question of whether is online casino legal in Malaysia or not we will first take a look at what makes an online casino legal in the first place. There are many aspects of an online casino that provide legality to operate and the two main aspects are gambling laws in the country and the operating license that allows casinos to operate legally.

is online casino legal in malaysia explained with important gambling laws in malaysia

So, is online casino legal in Malaysia? Well, there is no direct answer to this however, by reading all of the information mentioned here you can decide for yourself. When it comes to online casinos operating in countries like Malaysia is it important to note that they can do so with a foreign license. Learn about the Best Online Casino Games that you can play in Malaysia legally.

This means that since online Casinos are online that are on the internet, and thus are not land-based the prevalent gambling law in Malaysia does not affect these. Moreover, these online casinos that operate in Malaysia are operated by a foreign license from a country that allows gambling, so any gambling law in Malaysia cannot touch them. That being said, it is important to understand that online casino operations in Malaysia are different from gambling in Malaysia, and to learn whether or not is online gambling legal in Malaysia, read on!

Top 3 dominating gambling laws in Malaysia

In continuation with the aforementioned information on is online casino legal in Malaysia or not, let us now look into another related and important information which is whether is online gambling legal in Malaysia or not. As stated above, there are many online gaming sites that lets its members play online betting games with the Malaysian currency using various Casino Tips. However, there is a gambling law in Malaysia that is prevalent in the country and must be adhered to as a Malaysian.

is online casino legal in malaysia explained by experts

1. The Common Gaming House Act 1953

  • The Common Gaming House Act 1953 is the oldest gambling law in Malaysia with the latest amendment made in 2006, and thus it is still pretty much active in the country.
  • This law prevents anybody from playing gambling games in public gaming houses and is amended to also apply to gambling via any sort of electronic device and means.
  • The penalty given for people caught gambling by this law is a jail time of 5 years and a fine of up to RM200,000 that must be paid depending on how severe the offense is.

2. The Betting Act 1953

  • Along with the Common Gaming House Act of 1953, the Betting Act was passed in the same year which allows many players to wager on certain gambling games, mainly two types of games.
  • This gambling law in Malaysia allows people to wager on lottery games and also on horse racing, however, it is inapplicable to Muslim members of Malaysia.
  • Moreover, the Betting Act allows the operation of Sky Casino in Genting Highlands, which is a popular tourist spot in Malaysia. But there are certain Sky Casino rules that must be followed which also prohibits Malaysian Muslim members.

3. The Shariah Law

  • Lastly, the Shariah or Syarish gambling law in Malaysia is specifically created for Muslime members of the country as gambling is one of the forbidden acts according to the teachings of Islam, which also bans other things like alcohol, adultery, and blasphemy.
  • To comply with this gambling law in Malaysia, Muslim members must avoid gambling online and offline, and also avoid going anywhere near the Sky Casino in Genting Highlands as they could be subjected to the penalty.
  • The penalty for disobeying this law is a jail time of 2 years and a fine of up to RM3,000. Moreover since this law is highly based on the teachings of Islam, it could also harm religious sentiments related to morality.

How to identify online safe and legal Casino in Malaysia?

Now that you know whether is online casino legal in Malaysia or whether is online gambling legal in Malaysia, let us move on to the next section where we introduce you to important ways to identify a legally operating casino in Malaysia. Yes, there are many operating casinos in Malaysia online regardless of the laws however, if you decide to play the games then be sure to find a legal casino in Malaysia using the following guidelines.

is online casino legal in malaysia truth with important gambling laws in malaysia explained

  • Check for their operating license: Firstly it is important to check the online betting site’s operating license from their homepage. This license is usually available in the footer of every page of their website and must be easily accessible to members as well as non-members.
  • Check the site’s SSL certification: Next, it is also important that you look at the site’s SSL certification which makes it safe to operate on the internet. You can access a site’s SSL certificate by clicking on the lock or site information icon before the domain name in the URL bar and checking for the site’s connection information.
  • Check game room providers and sponsors: Another way to know whether the betting site you use is a legal casino in Malaysia is simply by visiting the live casino section and looking at the game room providers. Although online casinos do not have a physical base, their game room providers should be some of the most famous in the world with an actual base in a foreign country. You can also look at their sponsorship partners throughout the years at the bottom of their homepage to know whether it is a legal casino in Malaysia or not.
  • Check for deposit and withdrawal methods: The most helpful aspect of learning whether an online casino is a legal casino in Malaysia is also glancing through their payment methods for making deposits and withdrawals on the betting site. These payment methods must be well known and popularly used by many people in Malaysia whether or not they are gamblers especially when it comes down to their Internet banking methods.
  • Check for quality customer service: Last but not least, to understand whether the online betting site you selected for yourself is a safely legal casino in Malaysia we recommend that you talk to their customer service at least once before creating an account on the betting site. This way you can find out whether they have quality service when it comes to helping members or not in case you go through any problems as a member in the future.

Top 3 Online Casino in Malaysia you can use to earn!

So far you have learned most about whether or not is online gambling legal in Malaysia and have also identified ways to tell if the betting site you selected is an online casino legal in Malaysia or not. Now it is time to introduce you to examples or help you with finding the best of the best online legal casino in Malaysia online that are not affected by any gambling law in Malaysia.

is online casino legal in malaysia explained for beginners by experts

  1. 1XBET: Taking the No. 1 spot on our small list is 1XBET which is a great site for new members as well as pro players to game online. The 1XBET website operates with a legal license which is the Curacao Egaming License based in Cyprus. Thus, this betting site is legal to use for gambling on sportsbooks, casino games, lottery, horse racing, and more!
  2. M88: Next we have M88 another popular and best website in Malaysia. The M88 Gambling site operates online with an Interactive Gaming License from the Republic of Venuatu’s Ministry of Finance and Economic Department. Here you can find many popular game room providers along with some of the top sports sponsors thereby crediting their legality further.
  3. W88: The W88 website is another beginner-friendly website that owns a license from the BMM Compliance as well as the Gaming Laboratories International certificate providers. The W88 website has many game rooms from popular providers which you can access in Malaysian currency and also crypto coins.

3 Helpful ways to make gambling responsibly fun!

Regardless of the gambling law in Malaysia and other important aspects discussed in the online gambling legal in Malaysia sections above, there are millions of players playing in Ringgit using exclusive promotion offers, and more than members can claim from the top betting site. However, it is important to note that gambling does not always have to be bad or taken in a bad context as there are ways in which you can gamble online with responsibility. Below mentioned are the three helpful ways to make gambling more responsibly fun!

is online casino legal in malaysia learn truth from experts

  1. Set your Bankroll aside from daily expenses: Firstly, it is important to set your bankroll aside from daily expenses to gain control over gambling. Just like you pay for OTT platform subscriptions, you can set aside certain money to deposit and play games on top betting sites using helpful budgeting systems and more.
  2. Maintain a daily loss limit for gaming sessions: Additionally, you can set a daily loss limit on your bankroll which will help you understand when it is time to stop playing for the day as well as manage your bankroll well. This means that you should learn how to game by being ready to lose a certain amount of cash from your bankroll but not beyond that.
  3. Always play consciously with a cool mindset: Lastly, you should always sit for your gaming sessions with a cool mindset and also sober. Playing with a conscious mind is beneficial in many ways for strategies and also bet in the game rooms wisely for a fruitful entertaining time.


So, Is Online Casino Legal in Malaysia? The answer to this is yes, as long as they operate with a foreign license. But is online gambling legal in Malaysia? Then the answer to this is no as there is gambling law in Malaysia that subjects people to the risk of penalty. Yet certain legal casino in Malaysia here and there operate with a foreign license and let people play online and claim promotions in Malaysian Ringgit.

In the end, when it comes down to it all, the decision depends on you. Remember, the only reason gambling is banned in most countries is because of its negative allegations and behavior related to it. But as long as you gamble online responsibly by taking control over your betting habits rather than it being the other way around, you are good to use legally operating casino sites like 1XBET, M88, W88, and many more than promote responsible gaming.

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