Roulette Rules and Payouts: Beginner’s A-Z guide to winning!

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 Today with access to many online betting sites at the tip of your fingers you can play an endless number of casino games online efficiently to earn some extra cash. One such game that can give you instant earnings is the Roulette game you can find on betting sites like the M88 Website. Moreover, these roulette games are easy to play once you understand the important Roulette game rules and the Payout in Roulette for winning bets. So, to help you with this read our easy A-Z beginner’s guide on Roulette Rules and Payouts to kickstart your gaming journey on the fun devil’s wheel game!

Roulette Online: Dive into the Devil’s Wheel game

Before we look into the Roulette rules and payouts information let us dive into what the devil’s wheel game is all about. Understanding what Roulette is can help you understand what the Roulette game rules are so read on. Roulette is one of the most famous online casino games that is known worldwide. It is a game where you must wager on a betting option consisting of numbers or groups of numbers to test out your luck in the game room. Moreover, the roulette game is so popular that there are many variants to it, with the most popular ones being European Roulette and American Roulette.

online Roulette Rules and Payouts guide to winning online

  1. European Roulette: European Roulette is a roulette variant where you get to wager on a tale consisting of the numbers 0, 1 to 36 and other side betting options that enhance the thrills of the game.
  2. American Roulette: American Roulette’s gameplay is similar to European roulette, however, here you get an additional number which is 00 on the roulette table with the 0 -36 and side betting options.

Regardless of the betting options for the different roulette variants, the roulette game rules are the same where you must wager on an option on the table to begin the gameplay in the game room. However, it is best to always check the roulette rules and payouts in the game room before you wager. But to get a proper and in-depth understanding of Roulette rules and payouts, read on!

Understanding the online Roulette Game Rules

In this section of the Roulette rules and payouts explanation article, we will be looking into the online roulette game rules. Understanding the roulette game rules is extremely simple which can in turn help you play any roulette game online efficiently. Moreover, knowing the roulette rules and payouts properly can help you devise your own roulette Casino Tips to win bigger payouts when playing online.

Roulette Rules and Payouts beginners guide to winning online

The Roulette game rooms are available on many online betting sites as this is considered to be one of the traditional casino games. However, unlike most casino games, roulette games are played with a table consisting of betting options accompanied by a roulette wheel to determine the winners of the betting rounds. The Roulette game rules are very easy to understand as you must follow the below-mentioned details in this roulette rules and payouts explanation article.

  • To play roulette, all you must do is place a wager by placing your chips on any of the betting options on the roulette table before the timer ends.
  • Then everything is handled by the croupier or dealer as they spin a small ball or marble on the roulette wheel in order to determine the winner of the betting rounds.
  • Depending on where the ball or marble lands on the wheel, that number or group containing that number will be deemed the winner of the betting round.

So, all you must do as one of the important roulette rules and payouts is to wager on an option before the timer ends. Moreover, what you must further learn is the betting options and what they mean which will be explained in detail below in this roulette rules and payouts. Try playing roulette online with some of our expert roulette strategies you can find on our site today!

The Roulette table and its betting options

When it comes to the roulette rules and payouts, understanding the betting options is the most important thing. This is because when you understand the betting options for roulette games, you can further learn the rules of roulette payout which can help you choose the right betting option to wager on as a beginner. The roulette betting options can be divided into two sides, Inside bets and Outside bets, or the main bets and the side bets, let us take a look at what they mean one by one.

Inside Bets on the Roulette Table

online Roulette Rules and Payouts explained inside bets

Betting OptionDescription
Straight Straight bets refer to those bets made on individual numbers on the roulette table
SplitSplit bets are two-number bets wherein you place your chip between 2 numbers on the table to wager on them.
StreetStreet bets are placed in a vertical line to wager on any of the 3 numbers on the roulette table.
CornerCorner bets are those which are placed between 4 numbers to wager on those 4 numbers on the table.
LineLine bets are those bets placed between 6 numbers as a way of wagering on all 6 numbers on the table.
TrioThe Trio bet is more popular for European Roulette where you wager on the first three numbers on the table which are 0, 1, and 2.
BasketThis option is only available for American Roulette where you can place a bet on the first 5 numbers that are 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3 on the roulette table.

Outside Bets on the Roulette Table

online Roulette Rules and Payouts explained outside bets

Betting OptionDescription
ColumnsColumn bets are placed on any one of the three horizontal columns on the roulette table
DozensDozen bets let you wager on 12 numbers from 1 to 36 on the roulette table. There are 3 dozen betting options on roulette games.
Low/HighYou can wager to predict whether the winning number will be between 1-18 which is low bet, or between 19-36 which is high bet
Odd/EvenYou can wager to predict whether the winning number will be an odd number or an even number on the roulette table.
Red/BlackYou can wager to predict whether the ball or marble will land on the red pocket or black pocket on the roulette wheel.

Know the Roulette Payouts for each betting option

Now that you know about the betting options let us get to the important part of this roulette rules and payouts article wherein we explain the rules of roulette payout. When you learn how roulette payouts work, all you must remember is that payouts are typically given based on what it takes to win from other betting options in the range and are depicted in the form of a ratio as shown below.

online Roulette Rules and Payouts beginners guide to winning online

Inside BetsPayout RatioOutside BetsPayout Ratio

So, when learning about payout in roulette in this roulette rules and payouts explanation, you must remember that there is only 1 winner among the many outcomes of the roulette betting option. For instance, the reason the Roulette payouts for Straight bets are 35:1 is that there are 36 numbers in total, and from them, only 1 can win, thus the ratio here is 1 in 35. Similarly, the reason Red/Black has a 1:1 payout ratio is because wagers on only 1 of the sub-bets which is red or black will be winning the betting round.

Putting it all together: Try Roulette at M88!

With the above rules of roulette payout and explanation of payout in roulette for the betting options, you are now equipped with all the information beginners need to play roulette games online. However, where you can start is the M88 Platform created by experts for beginner players till they grow into pros. To learn more about how to play M88 Roulette betting, visit our official beginner tutorial by clicking on M88 Roulette.

Roulette Rules and Payouts explained with simple beginner explanation

Using our given roulette payouts explanation via the simple payout in roulette table above with betting options, you can wager and win big on some of the best roulette games on the M88 website. Moreover, you must claim the M88 Promotion of 125% up to RM428 to access the roulette games without spending a lot of cash from your own pockets. So, use these rules of roulette payout as your guide, and keep visiting us for more strategies to win roulette online.


These were the Roulette Rules and Payouts explained for beginner bettors, and using these you can go ahead and kickstart your roulette gaming journey on the M88 website. The roulette rules and payouts explanation above can further help you enhance your gameplay strategies as well, but if you wish to earn more daily on roulette games be sure to claim the M88 Casino bonus of RM428 to play and practice fun online roulette games on the no.1 online gaming platform.

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