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Learn what does Handicap 0-1 means, also known as handicap 0/1 in sports betting, with examples & get a 3-step tutorial guide to place bets at M88 for RM02 only.

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Placing Handicap bets on sports matches is one of the most fun things any sports  gambler can do as this betting option comes with some exciting conditions that the stronger teams have to fulfil in order for the bets placed on them to win. Thus, this betting option enhances the thrills  of sports betting online. If you are someone new to this betting option in sports, then don’t worry as 88MYR has an easy explanation of the most common betting option, which is Handicap 0-1 meaning, under handicap bets with examples,  from M88, one of Asia’s top online betting site.

Introduction to Asian Handicap in betting

Before we give you the example and explanation of what does Handicap 0-1 or Handicap 1 0 means, let us first give you an overview of what the Asian handicap betting option is and how it works on sports matches. The Asian handicap betting option is not an option given to all the sports in the sportsbook and yet it comes under one of the main betting options that can help you win wholesome payouts. This is because there are additional conditions given to stronger teams under this betting option which must be completed and so winning the match is not enough.

handicap 0 1 meaning in sports betting

  • This is because in a match played between a stronger team and an underdog team predicting who has more chances of winning becomes easy, and so sports betting on such matches are avoided as they do not have any thrill in them.
  • However, with the handicap betting option, the stronger team is given a disadvantage while the underdog team is given an advantage to alter the end results of the match, making the competition even between the teams in the sportsbook. To find accurate handicap goal differences between the teams use reputed sportsbooks like the M88 Sportsbook.
  • This disadvantage to the stronger team is a goal Handicap while the advantage to the weaker team is a goal Head-Start, and they are denoted with a – and + sign, respectively.
  • As shown in the image above, the number of goals handicap and head-start vary for different matches and this is because the goals are based on the strength difference between both the teams.

For instance, the stronger team’s final result could have what a handicap – 1 meaning is considered, while the weaker team’s final result could have a +1 goal head-start. This would mean that if the match ended with 1-0 score, then the results in the sportsbook for the stronger team would be 1-1 = 0 and the weaker team would be 0+1 = 1, which means that the bets placed on the weaker team win. This way there are other handicap sub-options like handicap 0 2, handicap 0 3, and many more.

What does Handicap 0-1 mean in football betting?

The aforementioned example was about What Does Handicap 1 Mean in Betting but since the handicap 0-1 is the most famous betting option under the handicap bets in football, let us look into an example of it. So, what does the Handicap 0-1 mean in betting? The Handicap 0:1 meaning is an option where the stronger team is given a handicap of -0.5 goals, whereas the underdog team gets a head-start of  +0.5 goals.

Why 0.5? This is because 0.5 is the average of the Handicap 1 0 betting option, where (0 + 1)/2 = 0.5. It is important to understand that the 0.5 is the lowest handicap goal difference but in some cases there are teams with a handicap 0 option. Asian Handicap 0 meaning is simple to understand as there is no goal difference given to either teams and the end result of the real match determines the outcome of the bet results.

handicap 0 1 in football betting advantage disadvantage

Case 1: Shonan Bellmare has a Handicap of -0.5 goals, which means that Shonan Bellmare has to win the match by more than 1 goal for the bets placed on them to win. If they lose or draw the match, then the bets placed on this team loses. For instance, if the team scores 2 goal and wins, then 2-0.5 = 1.5 goals in the sportsbook, which means that the bets placed on this team would win as the -0.5 handicap would still give this team an upper-hand in the sportsbook.

Case 2: Yokohama FC has a Head-Start of +0.5 goals, which means that the team has to win the match by 1 goal or more or lose by 1 goal and draw the match for bets on then to win. If they lose the match by more than 1 goal, then the bets on this team loses. For instance, if the team draws the real match by scoring 1, then 1+0.5 = 1.5 goals in the sportsbook, which means that the bets on this team would win as the +0.5 would give this team an upper-hand in the sportsbook.

Place Handicap 0-1 bets at M88 Malaysia in 3 easy steps

Now that you know all about what does handicap 0-1 means with the handicap -1 meaning and examples, you can go ahead and place your bets in the sportsbooks however choosing a good sportsbook like the ones offered at M88 is important and this is because it offers a wholesome M88 Promotion bonus which you can claim upon creating a new account on the online betting site.

Step 1: Join and Login at M88 to access sportsbook

  • To access the sportsbook and play the handicap 0-1 betting option in football you must first create an M88 account by clicking on ‘Register‘,
  • This will take you to a new M88 page with the registration form that you must fill out with accuracy. Remember to create a strong password and unique username which you must use as your login credentials.

join m88 for handicap 0 1 sports betting

  • Once you are done creating an account in the M88 Register, you should make sure you are successfully logged into your account. If not, click on ‘Login‘ and enter your login credentials.
  • When done, you must hover your mouse cursor over or click on ‘Sports‘ to access all the sportsbooks, here you can click on your preferred sportsbook as we have selected SABA Sports to play the Handicap 1 0 betting option.

Step 2: Locate a desired match with handicap 0-1 option

  • When you enter the sportsbook on a new M88 tab, you will see many matches from different sports domain. Since we want the Handicap 0-1 betting option we will use the filter provided on the left and click on ‘Soccer‘.
  • As you can see, you can further filter out the options to give you early, upcoming, or live matches in the sportsbook to find a handicap -1 or handicap 1 0 soccer match.

play handicap 0 1 betting in sportsbook

  • The next thing you must do is scroll to locate a match with the Handicap 0-1 betting option. It is important to note that in sportsbooks the Handicap 0-1 betting option is give as -0.5 and +0.5. So, the Handicap – 1 meaning is different than what handicap 0-1 means here.
  • So, once you have found a Handicap 0.5 match in the M88 Sportsbook, you must click on the match, here we have selected the match between Santos Laguna and Deportivo Toluca under the Mexico Primera Division.

Note: Like most decimal goal advantage and disadvantage in Handicap betting, the 0.5 Handicap Betting option is an average taken from the 0 and 1 handicap betting options. So, 0.5 = HDP 0/1 or handicap 1 0 in sportsbooks online where (0 + 1)/2 = 0.5.

Step 3: Click on your preferred team and fill the bet slip

  • When you complete step 3, you will find yourself on a page with all the betting option available for the match you selected.  From these you have to bet on the HDP betting option as that stands for handicap in the sportsbook.
  • Although there are many handicap variants in football, we decided to go with the FT. HDP betting option which stands for full time handicap. From here you can click on your preferred sub-betting option.

place handicap 0 1 bets in m88 sportsbook

  • This will open a bet slip on the left side of the screen and here you must look at the M88 Football betting option you selected with betting odds and enter your betting stake. Again, it is important to note that handicap – 1 meaning is different from handicap 0-1 or handicap 10 meaning as the latter stands for the 0.5 handicap goal difference.
  • Once done, click on ‘Process Bet‘ to lock your stake on the betting option whose results will be declared after the full-time of the match.
  • In the image above we decided to go with the handicap -0.5 betting option for Santos Laguna with the betting odds of 2.11. Here, the betting odds multiplied with our betting stake of RM2, which is the minimum betting amount at M88, would give us a payout of RM4.22 if the bets win.

Handicap 1 0 meaning with betting odds

To elaborate further on why we selected the aforementioned handicap betting option, let us look at the handicap 1 0 or handicap 1 and handicap – 1 meaning with case scenarios along with the betting odds this time. Doing so would give you a clear idea of how to play Handicap 0-1 betting in football by taking the odds into consideration as well. To proceed with this example, it is important to note that the formula for calculating payouts  is betting odds x betting stake.

As you can see, in the above mentioned Handicap 0:1 meaning with odds, the betting odds do not change the condition of the handicap score but it affects the payout you will receive as it is multiplied with the betting odds. This is applicable to all handicap options like handicap 0 2, handicap 2.5, handicap 0 3, etc.

Team 1: Handicap -0.5 goals Team 2: Head-Start +0.5 goals
handicap 0 1 disadvantage in goals handicap betting 0 1 advantage in goals
Condition: Team needs to win the match by scoring more than 1 goal for bets placed on it to win. Here, for RM2 and betting odds of 2.11, you will receive a payout  of RM4.22 if the conditions are fulfilled. Condition: Team needs to score 1 goal and win or draw the match for bets placed on it to win. Here, for RM2 and betting odds of 1.82, you will receive a payout of RM3.64 if the conditions are fulfilled.
Betting Odds: 2.11 Betting Odds: 1.82
Betting Stake: RM2 Betting Stake: RM2
Payout Returned: RM4.22 Payout Returned: RM3.64

Since handicap bets are given to the teams based on strength difference, a handicap 0.5 goal difference means that both the teams are almost equal to each other, however the underdog team has lost 1 or 2 more matches than the stronger one. It is also important to note that in Asian Handicap 0 meaning, the bets must be placed by considering the betting odds alone as there is no goal difference.

Thus, the reason we selected the betting option with a negative handicap score was because the betting odds were high. Thus, when placing bets in sportsbook, it is equally important to consider the betting odds and handicap conditions together.


We hope that you have understood What Does Handicap 0-1 Mean in football betting online so that you can now go ahead and try out the most famous variant of the HDP betting option in sports. Lastly, remember to select a good sportsbook from a reputed online betting site like M88 to gain additionally promotion and benefits on sportsbook products for sports betting online.

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