10 Keno tips and tricks to play and win up to RM900 by 88MYR

10 useful Keno tips and tricks by 88MYR pros to play online and win up to RM900 daily! Learn 88MYR experts’ tips for winning Keno to boost your win rate by 99%!

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When it comes to lottery games, today thanks to the internet and amazing betting sites like M88, you can get many variants of the lottery games online. Where you can game with ease and also have a good bankroll to help you win jackpot after jackpot. That being said, to win jackpots right from the time you begin, you will need some winning tips for keno for beginners. So, here are the 10 useful keno tips and tricks that will help you ace your keno betting games online.

m88 keno tips and tricks for beginners by 88myr pros

1. Find a good site to play Keno online

  • Firstly, it is important that you find a good online gaming site to play keno games online which also caters to your bankroll while maintaining the thrills of keno betting.
  • Moreover, your betting site should be legal and secure to use as using such game rooms create a better environment in which you can focus on playing and having fun only.
  • Creating an account in the M88 Register is something you can consider as a beginner because here you can not only get extravagant bonuses but also free demo keno game rooms.

2. Make use of any online bonus on Keno

  • When you select the site, the first thing you will have to do is create an account with accurate information and verify the details, and the second thing you must do is make a deposit.
  • When making your very first deposit, you should opt for a promotion bonus offer that lets you make the minimum amount deposit so that you can get cashback bonus offers that are easy on your own pockets.
  • For instance, the M88 Promotion section has many new member bonus offers that you can claim as a beginner to boost your account wallets right from the beginning for keno betting online.

m88 keno tips and tricks for beginners to win big

3. Set a bankroll aside for playing Keno

  • Having a separate bankroll to play keno games online is another important thing that you must do as a keno trick to play responsibly.
  • Setting a bankroll not only lets you separate Keno gaming money from your daily necessities but also lets you play Keno games with a limited amount of time.
  • This ensures that you do not overspend and using these betting keno tips and tricks, you can earn in small amounts over time, by also ensuring a fun gaming session.

4. Decide on a wagering system to use

  • Wagering or Betting systems are something that many gamblers use as a strategy on How to Win Keno Online, but with online keno being fast-paced, you can apply progressive or non-progressive systems to your gameplay to maintain your bankroll.
  • Progressive systems are those that let you increase or decrease your wagering amount based on your wins or losses for every round throughout the gameplay.
  • Whereas, non-progressive systems require you to maintain the same betting stake amount regardless of your wins and losses throughout the gameplay.

m88 keno tips and tricks for beginners by 88myr experts

5. Make use of systems like the D’Alembert strategy

  • Clearly, the Progressive betting systems seem to be better when it comes to betting systems as there will be a boost in your bankroll by the end of the day, but it is important to note that these systems are usually risky.
  • So, using low-risk progressive systems like the D’Alembert method is a good choice to go with as here you can wager by increasing your betting stake by one unit when you lose a round so that when you eventually win, you win back the lost money as part of the payout.
  • once you win, you can decrease the wagering stake by one unit again so that you keep playing and maintaining the bankroll as well as the winning payouts for playing keno games online.

6. Do not select more than 10 to 15 numbers

  • Keno is a game where there are 80 numbers and from 80 numbers there are about 20 numbers pulled out as the winning numbers.
  • Instead of selecting 20 numbers, try your luck on about 10 to 15 numbers in a single round as these will help you get a hang of the game as a beginner.
  • These 10 to 15 numbers should be similar to the ones in the previous winning bets as they can definitely help you win big right from the start as you slowly increase your bets to 20 numbers.

m88 keno tips and tricks for beginners by 88myr

7. Make use of the previous winning charts

  • As stated above, using the previous winning charts as a guide to wagering on the keno games online is a great Keno tip that you can use as these numbers are known as hot numbers.
  • Hot numbers are the numbers that recur most of the time for intervals which can land you good wins once noticed.
  • So, you may not win all the rounds by wagering on these hot numbers but with the D’Alembert method, you can win most of the rounds by betting on the hot numbers in keno.

8. Create groups of winning numbers to wager

  • Another way you can make use of the most winning numbers or hot numbers in M88 Keno game rooms online is by creating groups of these numbers and wagering on two tickets at once.
  • Although this is not a recommended move for beginners, you can go ahead and try this out to maximize your win rate in the betting rooms for keno.
  • This way if you do not win the numbers on one ticket you can win in the other ticket however, this is something you should not always do when playing keno online.

m88 keno tips and tricks for beginners to win big jackpots online

9. Wait for the previous results before wagering on a new round

  • As stated above, wagering on two tickets in one go is something you can do but should not always do, and thus, it is important that you always wait for the previous results before wagering again.
  • Waiting for the previous results can help you see how you played in the previous round and so this will also tell you what works and what does not when playing keno games online.
  • Moreover, the previous winning bets can help you understand whether luck is on your side for the day or not and this is something extremely important for luck-testing games like lottery keno.

10. Apply these Keno tips and tricks using demo modes first

  • Last but not least, there is no way you can just go and apply these keno tips and tricks in the game rooms with real money gameplay as there are a lot of trials and errors that you must go through to see what works and what does not.
  • Thus the only option left for you is to go ahead and play keno games with these Keno tips in the free keno game rooms on your betting site.
  • Joining M88 Live Casino will give you demo rooms on all keno games on the betting site that you can access even if you do not have any money deposited in the M88 cashier making it the best online keno betting site beginners can use.

88myr winning keno tips and tricks for beginners


These were the 10 most beneficial Keno Tips and Tricks that you can find on the internet that you can use to win big jackpots online. That being said it is extremely important to follow the very first keno tip for beginners as selecting a good online betting site like M88 can guarantee that you have a fun time without overspending money from your own pockets in the game rooms online. That being said, it is important for you to follow these keno tips to win by first practicing it in the demo rooms to win real money payouts on almost every round in the long run!

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