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Follow these 10 Sic Bo winning formula Tricks to win real money up to RM700 per day. Use M88 live casino & 88MYR betting guide to boost your winning rate by 98%.

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Sic Bo is one of the most fun online casino games you can play at sites like M88 to win high payouts, but this is only more evident if you know the sic bo winning formula. In the betting world, pro players play with many sic bo winning formula tricks to win real money online and so, 88MYR and its experts have put together 10 of them that will guarantee a boost in your winning rate by 98%.

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1. Start by selecting a good Sic Bo game room

The first sic bo winning formula is extremely crucial to the other below-mentioned tricks to win online, and that is to select the best sic bo game room in the betting world online that caters to your needs as a gambler.

  • This sic bo game room should come from a legal and secure online betting site where you can easily place bets on any betting options of your choice using a reasonable betting stake rate.
  • This is important because most of the sic bo winning tricks below require you to play efficiently and as long as you can do that, you can learn how to play the game to win real money online.
  • Creating an account at online betting sites like the M88 Register is essential when it comes to this as it offers you with multiple sic bo game rooms you can choose from with different betting rates.

2. Set a bankroll to play the Sic Bo game

The next sic bo winning formula requires you to know how much playing the game itself would cost you. Doing so is essential to win as you will have to play with a set bankroll that does not hinder your daily expenses.

  • Being responsible when gambling is something you should learn while learning How to play Sic Bo online and you can start with understanding how to save your money and not overspend.
  • Setting aside a bankroll for Sic Bo and other gambling entertainment is essential as it can help in playing with a limit so that you do not end up overspending a lot of money. Using online betting sites like M88 is another way of keeping a bankroll as the betting stakes for most games are low. Check out this M88 Casino Review article for more details.
  • Using a proper bankroll is something that you should do well as you should be able to play online comfortably to win more. Using game rooms that have low minimum betting stakes can be useful so that your bankroll lasts for more rounds.

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3. Understand the rules of the game room

Understanding the rules of playing Sic Bo online is something obvious, however, here it is important to understand the rules of the game room you play in too. This is because sometimes game room rules differ from the standard rules of the games to keep things entertaining.

  • It is also important to keep in mind that these rules should not have a huge difference from the standard rules of the sic bo game that is universally accepted.
  • What this means is that you should understand if there is a betting time limit or difference in the payout or house edge in the game room. For instance, sometimes to make things more thrilling game rooms offer less time to wager on an option than other game rooms.
  • At M88 Live Casino, you can get a list of rules of the game room for Sic Bo in the room itself which you can glance through before playing any sic bo game on the site.

4. Play Big/Small bets more than the others

One of the best things about playing Sic Bo is the many betting options you get to choose from and this is exactly what makes the game beginner friendly and easier to win using these betting strategies. And so, the next Sic Bo winning formula is to play the Big/Small betting option most of the time.

  • The Big/Small betting option requires you to predict whether the total of the 3 dice would be a big number that is from 11-17 or a small number that is from 4 to 10.
  • In short, there are only 2 sub-betting options that you must focus on rather than getting confused with the many betting options to choose from.
  • Using the Big/Small betting system with the remaining Sic Bo winning strategies below would kickstart your winning rate gradually.

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5. Use low stakes to wager on more options

Above we have mentioned how important it is to use a bankroll to play online casino games like Sic Bo and so, maintaining this bankroll automatically becomes important. So, using a reasonable amount for your bankroll is important so that the amount could keep increasing as you keep winning.

  • But still, the question remains on how you can maintain a bankroll as well as earn more, and the answer to it is by using the lowest minimum stake in the game room and by betting on more options like the Big/Small bet or even the Odd/Even bet.
  • However, once you get How to Play Sic Bo Online with the other main betting options with more than 2 sub-betting options in them you can place your bets on them using lower stakes.
  • These could be used as backup bets so that you eventually win in each round. As you go further down the article, we will introduce you to ways in which you can win back your lost money as payouts.

6. Observe the gameplay after intervals

Observing games before placing bets in online casinos is something that many gamblers find helpful as it gives them an idea of which betting options win more and which ones win fewer rounds. Using this to your advantage you can eventually predict the winning betting options accurately.

  •  Observing the game can come in handy especially when you are only playing with betting options with 2 sub-betting options in them like the Big/Small or Odd/Even, so you can practice using these.
  • For instance, out of 10 rounds, you should see which sub-betting options win the most, and using the minimum betting stake you can bet on these sub-betting options.
  • It is also important to keep track of the interval taken for the most winning betting option to switch and so, using the observation skills you can win most of the rounds. Using the M88 Mobile app makes observing games like Sic Bo and others much easier!

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7. Maintain your bankroll by betting with systems

Above we have mentioned that observing the most winning sub-betting options help in winning more rounds but what about those rounds where you lose? Well, applying betting systems to your bankroll comes in handy in such cases. Joining sites like M88 would grant you an M88 Promotion for new accounts where you get a bonus of up to RM428.

  • Betting systems are a powerful tool used by many gamblers to maintain their bankroll for playing games with many betting options like Roulette, Sic Bo, etc. There are two types of betting systems in the gambling world:
  • Progressive betting systems are those where you must increase your betting stake whenever you lose a round so that you can win back the money you lost as a payout.
  • Non-Progressive betting systems require you to maintain the same betting stake throughout your gameplay so that you continue playing with the same bankroll while winning in small amounts.

8. Use progressive betting systems more

While the Non-Progressive betting system is less risky, using the Progressive betting system is a great way to earn extra or lose little by the end of the day, depending on how well the game went.

  • Progressive betting systems require you to increase your betting stake for the next rounds if you lose a betting round, so using the minimum betting stake as the initial wager is a great way to start.
  • These systems are great to apply to the Big/Small or Odd/Even betting option since they both have 2 sub-betting options.
  • In the end, using the most winning bet from the 2, you can bet on it with progressive betting systems while winning back the money you lost as the payout.

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9. Try the Combo or Single bets for more wins

Above we mentioned that by using minimum betting stake you can bet on options with 2 sub-betting options but we also acknowledge that this would end up making the game slightly boring. So, an interesting and thrilling betting option you can add is the Combo bets.

  • Combo bets are placed to predict the outcome that any 2 out of 3 dice will have the same face value.
  • As you can guess, this case happens very rarely but when it does the payout received is usually high.
  • If you do not wish to take this risk then just observe a few more rounds to see which single number bet wins more rounds than the other numbers to wager on it.

10. Be aware of the Gambler’s fallacy

So far, we told you about what you must do and now here is something that you should look out for and that is the Monte Carlo or Gambler’s fallacy. This is a fallacy that even pro players fall for and end up losing a lot of cash in one go.

  • Monte Carlo or Gambler’s fallacy is when a gambler thinks that just because a betting option won more rounds, it is unlikely to win again.
  • As the entire Sic Bo winning formula depends on betting on the winning bet, this is something you should be aware of.
  • The gambler’s fallacy can be said when gut instincts go wrong, so here it is best to believe in the most observed winning bet and bet with systems that will guarantee high returns.

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There were the Sic Bo Winning Formula Tricks that you can use to win most of the rounds in online gaming sites but choosing the best gaming site is something you should make sure that you do right from the start. For more such betting tips, tricks, strategies, and also casino same tutorials, check out 88MYR as our experts put together some of the best blogs on how you can turn from a beginner to a pro in no time!

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