Top 10 Sic Bo winning formula tricks & earn up to RM700 daily

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Playing Sic Bo at sites like M88 login to win big payouts is one of the most entertaining online casino games available; however, this is only more apparent if you are aware of the winning formula for Sic Bo. Pro players in the betting industry use a variety of sic bo winning formula strategies to win real money online. As a result, 88MYR and its specialists have compiled ten of these strategies that will increase your winning percentage by 98%.

sic bo winning formula tricks Choose a decent Sic Bo gaming room first

1. Choose a decent Sic Bo gaming room first

The first sic bo winning method, which is to choose the greatest sic bo gaming room in the betting globe online that meets your needs as a gambler, is very important to the other online winning strategies listed below.

  • This sic bo gaming room ought to be hosted by a reliable and safe online bookmaker where you can easily wager on any kind of betting activity with a suitable betting stake rate.
  • This is significant since you may learn how to play the game to win real money online as long as you can play efficiently, which is required for the majority of the sic bo winning strategies listed below.
  • When it comes to this, opening an account with online bookmakers like M88 Register is crucial since it provides you with a variety of sic bo game rooms to select from, each with a different betting rate.

2. To play Sic Bo, establish a bankroll

You must know how much it would cost you to play the game in order to use the next sic bo winning formula.

  • While learning how to play Sic Bo online, you need also to learn how to be responsible with gambling. You may start by learning how to save money and avoid going overboard.
  • It’s important to set aside money for Sic Bo and other gambling activities because it might help you play within your means and avoid going overboard with your spending. Another strategy for maintaining a bankroll is to use online betting sites like M88, where most games have minimal betting limits.
  • For further information, see our post on the M88 Casino Review.
    You should be able to play online easily and use a suitable bankroll in order to increase your winnings. To extend the life of your bankroll, it can be helpful to play in game rooms with modest minimum betting stakes.

To play Sic Bo, establish a bankroll - sic bo winning formula tricks to win 1

3. Recognise the guidelines in the gaming area

It should go without saying that you should be aware of the rules of the gaming room you play in as well as the rules for playing Sic Bo online. This is because, in an effort to maintain entertainment value, game room regulations occasionally deviate from the official game rules.

  • Furthermore, it’s critical to remember that these guidelines shouldn’t significantly alter from the widely recognized sic bo game’s normal rules.
  • This means that you should be aware of any betting time limits, payout differentials, and house edges that may apply in the gaming area. For example, in order to create an element of suspense, certain game rooms allow players to gamble on an option for a shorter period of time than others.
  • Before participating in any Sic Bo games on the website, you can peruse the rules of the game room at M88 Live Casino.

4. Place more large/small wagers than the others

One of the nicest things about Sic Bo is the variety of betting alternatives available to you; this is precisely what makes the game more approachable for beginners and makes it simpler to win with these betting techniques. Playing the Big/Small betting option the majority of the time is the next Sic Bo winning strategy.

  • You must determine whether the sum of the three dice will be a big number, ranging from 11 to 17, or a little number, ranging from 4 to 10, in order to choose the Big/little betting option.
  • In summary, you should concentrate on the two sub-betting alternatives available rather than becoming overwhelmed by the variety of betting options available.
  • Your winning rate would steadily increase if you used the Big/Small betting technique with the remaining Sic Bo winning strategies listed below.

sic bo winning formula strategy - Place more large/small wagers

5. Put small bets on a greater number of selections

Since using a bankroll is crucial when playing online casino games like Sic Bo, it follows that keeping this bankroll intact is also crucial. Therefore, it’s crucial to use a sensible quantity for your bankroll so that it can grow as you continue to win.

  • However, the dilemma of how to keep your bankroll intact while earning more money still remains. The answer lies in choosing the gaming room’s lowest minimum stake and expanding your betting selections to include Odd/Even and Big/Small bets.
  • You can place bets with smaller stakes on the other primary betting options, though, after you understand How to Play Sic Bo Online and they have more than two sub-betting possibilities.
  • You might use these as fallback bets in the hopes of winning every round ultimately. We’ll introduce you to strategies for recovering your lost funds as payouts as you read on in this article.

6. Watch the gameplay between scenes

Many online gamblers find it advantageous to watch games before making bets since it provides them with an idea of which betting options win more and which ones win less rounds. You can finally properly forecast the winning betting options by taking advantage of this.

  • When you are just using betting options that have two sub-betting options, such as Odd/Even or Big/Small, you can practice using these by keeping an eye on the game.
  • For example, you should examine which sub-betting options win the most out of ten rounds, and you can bet on these sub-betting options with the least betting amount.
  • Using your observational skills, you can win the majority of the rounds by keeping track of how long it takes for the most profitable betting option to swap. It’s much simpler to watch games like Sic Bo and others when you use the M88 Mobile app!

sic bo winning formula strategies - Watch the gameplay between scenes

7. Retain your cash by using methods when you wager

As we’ve just shown, keeping an eye on the most profitable sub-betting possibilities will help you win more rounds. But what about the rounds you lose? Using betting techniques to increase your bankroll will help you in these situations. When you sign up for new accounts on websites like M88, you may take advantage of the M88 Promotion, which offers bonuses of up to RM428.

  • Many gamblers utilize betting systems, which are effective tools, to keep their bankroll intact so they can play games with a variety of betting alternatives, such as Sic Bo and roulette. Within the gambling industry, two categories of betting systems exist:
  • Progressive betting systems require you to up your wager each time you lose a round in order to receive a payout equal to what you lost.
  • To play with the same bankroll and win little sums of money, non-progressive betting methods require you to keep your bets at the same level throughout the game.

8. Make greater use of progressive betting systems

Using the Progressive betting system is a terrific method to gain extra money or lose little at the end of the day, depending on how well the game went, even though the Non-Progressive betting system is less dangerous.

  • Using the minimum betting stake as the initial wager is a terrific method to get started with progressive betting systems, which compel you to increase your betting investment for subsequent rounds if you lose one.
  • Given that both the Odd/Even and Big/Small betting options offer two sub-betting options, these systems are excellent for application.
  • Ultimately, you can use progressive betting systems to wager on it and win back the money you lost as the most profitable wager out of the two.

sic bo winning formula strategies - For more wins, try the combo or single bets

9. For more wins, try the combo or single bets

We noted above that you can wager on options with two sub-betting options by utilizing the minimal betting stake, but we also admit that this would ultimately make the game a little monotonous. Therefore, you may include the Combo bets as an intriguing and exciting betting alternative.

  • The outcome that any two of the three dice will have an identical face value is predicted by placing combo bets.
  • As you may imagine, this type of lawsuit occurs infrequently, but when it does, the payment is typically substantial.
  • Simply wait a few more rounds to see which single number wager wins more rounds than the other numbers to see whether you want to avoid taking this risk.

10. Recognise the fallacy of the gambler

We’ve already explained what you need to do, but there’s one more thing you should be aware of: the Monte Carlo or gambler’s fallacy. Even professional players fall victim to this misconception and lose a significant amount of money all at once.

  • When a gambler believes that a betting option is unlikely to win again simply because it has won more rounds, they are committing the Monte Carlo or gambler’s fallacy.
  • This is something you should be aware of because the entire Sic Bo winning strategy rests on placing a wager on the winning wager.
  • When gut feelings prove to be incorrect, it is advisable to believe in the most frequently witnessed winning wager and use betting strategies that ensure substantial profits, as this is known as the gambler’s fallacy.

sic bo winning formula strategy tricks - Recognise the fallacy of the gambler


Sic Bo Winning Formula Tricks are available for you to apply in order to win the majority of rounds at online gaming sites; nevertheless, selecting the ideal gaming site should be your first priority. Visit 88MYR for more such betting hints, tactics, and casino tutorials. Our specialists have compiled some of the greatest blogs on the subject, enabling you to go from a novice to an expert in no time!

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