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When you join entertaining online betting sites like M88, you will come across several game rooms, one of which is the Sic Bo game room. Sic Bo is a pleasant game, and every novice should learn how to play it online before moving on to other casino games in order to understand how online casinos work. So, to assist you, 88MYR has put together this article on how to play Sic Bo online, complete with game rules and betting possibilities.

What is the online Sic Bo game?

Sic Bo is a well-known online casino game that is popular among Asian gamblers. This game does not use cards, but rather three dice and special dice-rolling equipment designed exclusively for this game. Sic Bo, which literally means “Precious Dice,” is also one of the oldest Chinese casino games.

m88 how to play sic bo bet online

Because the goal of this game is to anticipate the entire amount of the three dice once they have been thrown, Sic Bo is regarded as one of those casino games with numerous primary betting alternatives. However, there are numerous side bets available at Sic Bo game sites online.

As you read on, you will be exposed to the major Sic Bo game rules as well as its betting possibilities, followed by a fast how-to-play Sic Bo online lesson at M88. Read our in-depth M88 Casino Review to learn more about M88.

5 Sic Bo game rules to remember

Understanding the rules of any game you play is critical to not just playing the game correctly but also winning money through bets. As a result, this section of this how to Play Sic Bo online guide is critical and must be thoroughly memorized.

m88 sic bo online casino game rules how to play

  1. As previously stated, the goal of Sic Bo is to forecast the total sum of the three dice rolled in the game room. However, there are side bet options that allow you to guess the number of two dice or whether the number is huge or tiny, odd or even, and so on.
  2. Gameplay: The dealer will allow you some time to place your bets on any betting option on the table. When the timer runs out, you must wait for the dice to roll in the apparatus and the results to be disclosed.
  3. Betting Time: To keep the game moving, most online casinos include a betting time limit. The shortest time limit seen is around 15 seconds, and the longest time limit seen is around 50 seconds.
  4. Betting Limit: The second criterion to remember is the betting limit of the casino gaming room you choose. This is because knowing the game room’s betting limitations can assist you keep a bankroll to play the game. For example, at M88, you have three betting limit options ranging from RM5 to RM3,000.
  5. Betting Option: Finally, it is critical to be comprehensive with the Sic Bo betting option. This means that you must grasp all of the betting possibilities, both primary and side bets, as there are many in the Sic Bo game. This will allow you to wager on a decent betting option, and to assist you with this, please see the Sic Bo betting options and payouts table below.

As a newbie, we recommend that you play in the 50-second time-limit gaming rooms available at M88 Live Casino. Speaking of convenient online gambling on Sic Bo and other casino games, you can download the M88 Mobile app and play all M88 goods with only a few clicks!

Sic Bo online betting choices and payouts

Another aspect of this How to play Sic Bo online article that you should read thoroughly is the betting options. Many professionals use betting alternatives and payouts to help them determine which bet to place in the specified time. You can, however, choose any online casino that provides an overview of the betting possibilities and payouts, which you can review before playing any Sic bo game online.

m88 sic bo how to play betting options

Sr. No.Betting OptionDescriptionPayout
1.Total Numberentire number bets are put to guess the entire sum of all three dice, and this is the most basic betting choice in Sic Bo.6-50:1
2.Small/BigThese bets are taken to anticipate whether the total number will be little or large, ranging from 4 to 10, or 11 to 17, respectively.1:1
3.Odd/EvenOdd/Even wagers are made to anticipate whether the sum of the three dice will be an odd or even number.1:1
4.Single NumberSingle-number bets are placed to guess the value of one of the three dice on the table.1-3:1
5.Double NumberDouble-number bets anticipate that two of the three dice will have the same face value.8:1
6.Triple NumberTriple bets forecast that the face value of all three dice will be the same number.150:1
7.Any TripleAny triple refers to wagers placed on the three dice having the same number.24:1
8.Combo BetsCombination bets forecast that any two of the three dice will have the same face value.5:1

In three easy steps, learn how to play Sic Bo online at M88 Live Casino

Now that you’ve mastered the fundamental game rules and betting possibilities for how to play Sic Bo online, it’s time to advance to the next level and play the Sic Bo game for real money. To assist you with this, we will use M88 Promotion, one of Asia’s leading betting sites, where you can earn an RM428 welcome bonus when you establish an account.

Step 1: Log in to M88 to gain access to a game provider.

  • First, you must log into your M88 accounts by clicking on ‘Login‘. This will bring up a pop-up box where you must precisely enter your login information.
  • If you do not already have an M88 account, click ‘Register‘ to access the registration form on the official website, which you must fill out with all of the essential information.

m88 sic bo online casino game how to play at m88 live casino

  • After completing the M88 Register signup process on the official website, you must click or hover your mouse pointer over the ‘Live Casino‘ product on the homepage.
  • You will have access to all of the top casino gaming room providers here, so you must choose one. We chose Club M88, an M88-provided game room with minimum betting rates as low as RM5.

Step 2: Choose a Sic Bo table with reasonable rates.

  • When you finish all of the above processes, you will be directed to a new M88 tab where you will view all of the games offered by your game room provider. By clicking on ‘Sic Bo,’ you can filter the page to show only Sic Bo games.

m88 sic bo online casino game how to play at m88

  • After you’ve finished filtering the M88 Live Casino game room, choose a table with a low minimum betting rate so you can play more Sic Bo rounds and wager on more than one betting option.
  • In this case, we choose a game room with betting rates ranging from RM5 to RM3,000. Such game rooms cater to beginners, thus playing here is crucial for newcomers.

Step 3: Place a bet and wait for the outcomes.

Finally, you will be taken to the Sic Bo online game area, where you must place your bets on any of the betting possibilities available on the table.

m88 how to play sic bo online at m88 casino

To understand how to place your wager on any of the alternatives, we have separated step 3 into two rounds that we will go over one by one.

Round 1 – Make a wager on a betting option.

In round one, choose a betting stake from the casino coins listed below and then click on your desired betting option. Remember that you must place your bets in the game room before the timer runs out.

m88 how to play sic bo online at m88 live casino

  • We opted to employ the RM5 minimum betting rate to wager on Big’s side betting choice. This means that our bets would win if the total of the three dice was between 11 and 17.

Round 2 – Watch for the results to be announced.

When the minute runs out, the dealer will shake the equipment carrying the three dice to reveal the results of the Sic Bo round’s winning betting alternatives.

88myr how to play sic bo online at m88 casino

  • As shown in the figure, the first die has a value of 4, the second dice has a value of 4, and the third dice has a value of 5, for a total of 13.
  • Because 13 falls between 11 and 17, the bets we put above won, and the RM4 reward will be deposited immediately into our online casino accounts.


This article was all about How to Play Sic Bo Online at M88, one of Asia’s most popular online betting sites. To have the best enjoyable experiences, remember to play Sic Bo and other casino games on reputable online betting sites. Finally, if you are a beginner, make sure to check out all of 88MYR’s thorough online casino gaming lessons, tips, techniques, and methods that have quickly turned many newcomers into pros!

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