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Use proven 12 Best Blackjack Tips and Tricks to win in online casino for beginners by 88MYR and boost your winning rate by 98% with earnings up to RM900 daily!

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Playing online casino games like blackjack can be heavy on the wallet if you do not know about these 12 best blackjack tips and tricks to win almost every round in the game room. This is because these tricks are accumulated by 88MYR from pro players which is applicable on top online betting site blackjack game rooms like M88. So, read through thoroughly to get a proper understanding of how to ace your blackjack games online.

casino blackjack tips and tricks to win online by 88myr

1. Observe the gameplay in the online betting casino before wagering

  • The first thing you must do before wagering in the blackjack game room is to observe the betting rounds for a while before placing a real money wager on the table.
  • This enables you to keep up with the gameplay of the table, and also help you identify which table you wish to wager on since online blackjack offers multi-tables.
  • That being said, observations can also help you note whether or not the online betting game room is consistent with the standard game rules of Blackjack and whether or not the live game is rigged. To play authentic, and also legal and safe, blackjack games online, create an account in the M88 Register today!

2. Think of a betting system to apply to your gameplay

  • When playing blackjack games online it is important that you maintain a good amount of cash in your bankroll when playing online. But in play, maintaining this bankroll by using it wisely is also very important.
  • Thus, you should apply progressive betting systems or non-progressive betting systems in your bankroll so that you can maintain your cash while making profits effectively.
  • Progressive betting systems require you to increase your wager amount when you win or lose and non-progressive betting systems require you to maintain the same wager amount throughout your gameplay.

3. Opt for progressive betting systems with low risks

  • Progressive betting systems are preferred when playing online casino games, as these provide people with an instant boost in their wallets at the end of gaming sessions. However, you should note that progressive betting systems require you to win more rounds, and can be expensive to use.
  • Thus, you should go for low-risk progressive betting systems like the D’Alembert method which lets you increase your wager amount by one unit when you lose a betting round so that when you eventually win, you get some of the lost cash as part of the payout.
  • When you win, you can then decrease the wager amount by one unit or go back to the initial wagering amount so that you keep playing with the same bankroll. Try out this method today while playing M88 Blackjack online.

casino blackjack tips and tricks to win online every time

4. Keep an advanced blackjack strategy chart open when playing

  • When playing blackjack online, the best online How to Win Blackjack Every Time strategy you can go for is using advanced blackjack strategy charts that provide you with the best moves you can make on getting different card combinations in the first round.
  • Advanced blackjack strategy charts help you understand the exact moves you must make based on your first two cards and the dealer’s revealed card in online casino games, and this helps you boost your winning rate effectively.
  • Here you get moves for soft total hands, hard total hands, and other kinds of hands in the betting game rooms, which makes one of the best blackjack tips and tricks to win online.

5. Assign values 1 or 11 to Ace cards strategically

  • When playing blackjack online, you can assign the value 1 or 11 to the Ace cards, and getting these cards as one of the first two cards is always beneficial for players.
  • This is because if you have a higher-value card, you can assign the value 1 to the aces, but if you have a card with a lower value, you can assign the number 11 and boost your card hand total closer to 21.
  • That being said, sometimes card hands with the ace can instantly get you a blackjack win if you get your second cards with the value of 8, 9, or 10, but still, this is risky as you could get a bust card as well.

6. Always split two Ace cards in your hand to avoid a bust card

  • In order to avoid a bust card or busting your card hand when playing blackjack games online, it is always recommended to split your ace cards, if you get 2 ace cards, as one of the best blackjack tips and tricks.
  • This is because one of the ace cards can be assigned the value 1 and the other can be the value of 11, regardless, the total would be 22, or 12, which are not good numbers to hit 21 in blackjack as these are risky.
  • Splitting your ace cards or assigning them with the value of 1 could be a better casino blackjack tips and tricks to win strategy. Use the M88 Live Casino to play fun blackjack games online.

casino blackjack tips and tricks to win online daily

7. Resort to the betting chart moves when you have hard totals

  • Hard totals refer to those hands that do not have an ace card as your first two cards or that you have assigned the ace card the value of 11. Since 11 is a bigger number, getting a card closer to 21 but not more than it, or exactly 21 is hard.
  • Thus, you should resort to the betting chart guide to select a move which you can make on such a hard total hand combination to get the best of the best Blackjack Betting Strategies moves for gaming online.
  • Here you might even have to surrender or fold your cards in between the betting round as folding the hand is also one of the most effective blackjack tips and tricks to win online.

8. Fold your betting hand as seems fit during the gameplay

  • In continuation with the aforementioned point, it is important that you fold your card hand in the betting room when you do not get good cards as your first two cards at the beginning of the game.
  • These cards usually refer to those cards where you can hit for another card because the total is very below form Blackjack 21 but if you hit for another card you could also immediately bust.
  • Folding your cards for such a hand at the beginning of the blackjack game could ensure that you at least get half your betting stake returned to your bankroll rather than losing all of it in one go.

casino blackjack tips and tricks to win online ever time by 88myr

9. Set the initial wagering amount as the lowest limit in the game room

  • When learning How to Play Blackjack Online, it is given that you would be losing some rounds in general, as the idea of these blackjack tips and tricks to win is to win most of the betting rounds you play.
  • So, when you use betting systems, be sure to always use the lowest betting stake amount in the game room which usually comes from RM2 or RM5.
  • This way you can game more rounds in the betting rooms using the limited bankroll, and also would be able to double up in between a betting round to get more payouts for good hands. Read this M88 Casino Review to find your perfect blackjack game room today!

10. Maintain a fixed limit on your bankroll for the day

  • This is perhaps the most important betting strategy for blackjack gaming online and that is to maintain a fixed bankroll when playing blackjack games online especially because these games contain more than one in-game betting rounds.
  • Your bankroll should be the set amount of cash that allows you to play online comfortably and must be separate from your daily expenses bankroll.
  • This distinction can be created by using budgeting systems like the 50-30-20 method where 30% and only 30% of your income can go for blackjack gaming only.

casino blackjack tips and tricks to win online by 88myr experts

11. Apply for any online casino bonuses for account wallet boost

  • If you wish to avoid spending a lot of cash from your own wallets yet wish to game online with a good amount in your bankroll, then you should consider opting for online casino bonuses.
  • Online casino bonuses get you to make only a minimum deposit in your betting account and complete rollover requirements so that you eventually get the bonus cash reward deposited in your online wallet from the betting site.
  • The M88 Promotion bonus offer gives new members a casino bonus of up to RM428 which they can claim on their very first deposit in their new account casino wallet.

12. Keep track of all your losses and maintain a loss limit

  • Last but not least, always keep track of how much money you are losing when playing blackjack games online as it can help you manage your bankroll well and game responsibly.
  • Again, blackjack games are meant to test one’s luck and sometimes you may lose more rounds than win them and so these casino blackjack tips and tricks to win ensure you win most of the betting rounds.
  • But keeping track of your losses and also setting a loss limit for the day can help you predict how much you will be losing for the day and once this limit is met, you can stop gaming for the day.

casino blackjack tips and tricks to win in live casino games


These were the 12 Best Blackjack Tips and Tricks that you can use for gaming online. Using these betting tips and tricks to win blackjack can help your game in online betting sites like M88 effectively and receive huge payout wins. That being said, be sure to check out M88 Promotion bonus offers for live casinos so that you can claim them and play in their impressive blackjack game rooms from top providers on the internet. For more Blackjack betting tips, tricks, and tutorials, be sure to keep visiting 88MYR.

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