How to win at Blackjack every time: Top 10 Expert Strategies

Do you want to learn How to win Blackjack every time? Use 10 strategies to win more often at blackjack & raise your win percentage by 98% to earn more money.

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While it may be fun to play online betting games like blackjack on sites like M88, succeeding at these games necessitates utilising improved strategies. To help with that, here are the top ten betting methods for blackjack that consistently result in wins. These tried-and-true strategies are often used by professional players in the greatest blackjack game rooms to help them win at the game.

how to win at blackjack every time betting strategies by 88myr

1. Make use of the Blackjack betting charts to assist in making selections

  • The first and most important step in learning how to win at blackjack consistently is to use blackjack betting charts, also known as advanced blackjack strategy charts, successfully.
  • You can put bets using these three-category charts depending on different combinations of the card the dealer has displayed and your first two cards.
  • There is a move you need to do for every combination in blackjack, like folding your cards, if you want to guarantee that you win every time. Therefore, this is the best betting strategy you can employ if you want to improve your blackjack winnings.

2. Learn how to get the most out of your ace cards in the first round

  • The best way to win at blackjack is to use your ace hands carefully when you have them, as they are considered soft totals.
  • Since ace cards in blackjack games can have a value of either 1 or 11, this is done so that the holder of the ace card can profit from having a strong value in their hand dependent on the value of the second card.
  • As a result, if your second card has a lower value when you’re first learning, you can be safe and set 1 as your ace card value. If not, your ace card is equivalent to an 11. How to Play Casino Blackjack Online.

win at blackjack every time with 88myr betting strategies

3. Once you have sixteen in total, stop hitting at random

  • It is important to remember that with online blackjack games, getting a total of 16 can be very difficult because, if you hit, there’s a good chance you’ll strike blackjack.
  • However, it is also feasible that you will make a mistake and end up hitting 22, in which case the betting round would be lost horribly. When you have a 16 total, refer to the advanced betting chart for help to avoid making mistakes.
  • These betting charts, as discussed before, provide you with very helpful guidance on what to do when you obtain specific totals. As a result, if your total is 16, you must move to a method that will optimize your advantages.

4. When playing, use betting techniques to boost your profits

  • Blackjack can be expensive if you don’t know how to handle your finances. Because of this, it’s usually advisable to use betting strategies, particularly while playing blackjack online.
  • Progressive betting strategies might assist you in getting instant outcomes at the conclusion of the game because you have to adjust your wagering quantity each time you win or lose a round.
  • However, non-progressive blackjack online methods, which demand that you play at the same stake every time, can gradually assist you in building up a larger bankroll. Create an account right now on the M88 Register to play blackjack online in rooms with betting options.

88myr how to win at blackjack every time to win consistently

5. In the gambling area, apply D’Alembert wagering procedures

  • Building on the last strategy for winning at blackjack every time, progressive betting methods are more likely to be used by those who require instant pleasure. However, these systems might be regarded as expensive and risky.
  • Using low-risk betting techniques like the D’Alembert strategy, which demands you to increase your wager by one unit each time you lose a betting round, is therefore one of the greatest Blackjack tips and strategies to win. In this manner, a portion of your initial investment will still be included in the payout if you end up winning.
  • However, you must either go back to the initial amount or reduce your wagering amount by one in order to maintain the bankroll.

6. When you have a weak hand, fold your cards right away

  • Though these strategies help you win the most in online blackjack games, it’s important to keep in mind that they rely on the first two cards in your hand, which are sometimes not the best cards.
  • Therefore, in this scenario, fold your cards without thinking twice because doing so will allow you to wisely preserve the funds in your bankroll.
  • Folding your cards is a smart betting strategy in blackjack since you will receive a return of at least half of your initial bet. Make use of these useful strategies while you play blackjack at M88 Live Casino.

88myr how to win at blackjack every time betting strategies

7. Remember to use twice as many soft, wonderful hands

  • You either draw good cards or bad cards in the first round, as was previously mentioned. Therefore, if you have to fold the bad hand to get half of your stake back, you need to double up on good cards to get double the reward returned.
  • You can value your ace cards at one and use doubling to select a new card since these good hands usually consist of soft hands, one of which is an ace card.
  • Blackjack games have advanced betting charts that may be used to achieve just that. These charts show you when to double up based on the dealer’s card that is displayed and your first two cards.

8. Use the smallest betting stake feasible for your initial gamble

  • When you employ betting techniques like the D’Alembert method as one of your blackjack betting strategies, you can significantly increase your bankroll and save money. For maximum impact, you should, however, always make your first bet in the game room at the lowest betting limit.
  • You could play more betting rounds in the gaming room and effectively protect and increase your bankroll by doing this, as there are several betting rounds in a single blackjack betting game.
  • Having the lowest minimum limit may also make it possible for you to double up favorably since you will have enough cash in your bankroll to do so whenever needed.

88myr how to win at blackjack every time to always win

9. Observe expert blackjack players via streaming services

  • One of the best strategies for succeeding at blackjack is to practice observation. You can improve this strategy by seeing experienced players play the game in person.
  • By viewing live broadcasts or replays of well-known Blackjack events, you can learn how to win at the game. Expert players usually apply these strategies to optimize their winnings from these popular casino games.
  • That being said, you may play blackjack games with little money out of your pocket if you take advantage of online casino bonuses, like the M88 Promotion bonus, on your betting site.

10. Continue to lose money in order to gain wealth

  • Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that, even if these betting strategies enable you to win the majority of these rounds, you will unavoidably suffer some losses when playing online blackjack because, in the end, luck will mostly determine how this game turns out.
  • To preserve your bankroll, you must continue to have a losing count. Actually, knowing exactly how much you stand to lose when playing online blackjack games is made easier by selecting a losing limit.
  • By sticking to this limit, you can place sensible online bets and maintain a bankroll large enough to last several weeks.

88myr how to win at blackjack every time to always win online


These were the top ten 88MYR strategies for winning at blackjack every time that would boost the earnings and winning percentage of your online betting account by 98%. That being stated, you should only play online at trustworthy bookmakers like M88, as they could offer you significant incentives like the RM428 promotion on casino products. Having stated that, continue visiting 88MYR for additional betting advice from skilled employees and professional athletes.

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