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Want to know How to win at Blackjack every time? Apply these 10 pro strategies to win at blackjack every time & boost your win rate by 98% to earn consistently!

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Online betting games like blackjack on online websites like M88 are fun to play, however, to play these games it is important that you adopt some better strategies. For that, here are the 10 most helpful betting tips on how to win at Blackjack every time. These strategies are proven and often used by pro players in top blackjack game rooms to win at blackjack every time.

how to win at blackjack every time betting strategies by 88myr

1. Use the Blackjack betting charts to make accurate moves

  • The first and most important how to win at Blackjack every time strategy is to make good use of blackjack betting charts, also known as advanced blackjack strategy charts.
  • These charts are divided into 3 different categories and tell you how to bet on the different combinations of your first two cards and the dealer’s revealed card.
  • For every combination, there is a move that you must make, including folding your cards, to guarantee winning at blackjack every time. Thus, this is the best betting strategy you can apply in your blackjack game to get more wins.

2. Learn how to use your first-round ace cards wisely

  • The best way to win at blackjack always is to make proper use of the ace cards in your hand whenever you get them as these hands are considered to be soft totals.
  • This is because ace cards in blackjack games can be considered to either have the value of 1 or 11, which gives the ace cardholder the benefit of getting a good value in their hand based on the value of the second card.
  • So, if your second card has a value that is lower, then you can consider ace to be an 11, but otherwise, you can play it safe by assigning 1 as your ace card value when learning How to Play Blackjack Online Casino.

win at blackjack every time with 88myr betting strategies

3. Stop hitting blindly after getting a total of 16

  • It is important to note that when playing blackjack games online, getting the number 16 as a total can be very tricky, because if you hit, there is a good chance things could go well and you could hit blackjack.
  • But things could also go wrong and get you to hit 22, which is a worse way to lose the betting round. So, to avoid messing things up when you have a 16 total, refer to the advanced betting chart for a guide.
  • As stated above, these betting charts provide you with extremely helpful tips on what moves to make when you get certain totals. So, if you have 16 as your total, based on the other aspects of the particular round, you will be asked to make a move accordingly to get the most beneficial outcome.

4. Apply betting systems to your gameplay to earn more

  • Playing blackjack games can be expensive for those who do not know how to maintain their bankroll. This is why it is always important to use betting systems especially when playing games like blackjack online.
  • Progressive betting systems can help you gain instant results at the end of the gameplay as you must increase or decrease your wagering stake every time you win or lose a round.
  • Whereas, non-progressive systems can help you earn increment in your bankroll after a period of time as you have to maintain the same betting stake when playing blackjack games online. Create an account in the M88 Register today to game online in blackjack game rooms with betting systems.

88myr how to win at blackjack every time to win consistently

5. Make use of D’Alembert betting systems in the game room

  • In continuation with the above how to win at Blackjack everytime strategy, every body would want to gain instant results and so they tend to use progressive betting systems more. However, these systems can be deemed risky and not-so-budget-friendly.
  • This is why asn one of the Blackjack Tips and Tricks to Win, you should go for low-risk betting systems like the D’Alembert method where you must increase your wager by one unit every time you lose a betting round so that when you eventually win, the payout will contain some of your lost stake.
  • However, to maintain the bankroll, you must decrease your wagering amount by one unit again or go back to the initial wagering amount as this will let you game on more blackjack rounds.

6. Do not hesitate to fold your cards when the hand is bad

  •  Although these betting strategies help you get the best outcomes in blackjack games online, it is important to note that these Blackjack Strategies depend on the first two cards in your hand, and these cards can sometimes be bad.
  • So, when you experience such a card hand, do not hesitate to fold your cards as these can help you save up the cash in your bankroll wisely.
  • Folding your cards in Blackjack would mean that you will receive at least half the betting stake back, and this is a good betting strategy. Play Blackjack at M88 Live Casino to apply these winning strategies.

88myr how to win at blackjack every time betting strategies

7. Make sure to double up on good soft hands

  • Just as mentioned above, you either get good or bad cards in the first round. So if you must fold the bad hand to get half the stake returned, then you must double up on good hands to get double the payout returned.
  • These good hands are usually soft hands, which include an ace card, so you can assign the value 1 to your ace cards accordingly and opt for another card by doubling up.
  • The aforementioned move can be done by referring to the advanced betting charts in blackjack games as they tell you when to double up based on your first two cards and the dealer’s revealed card.

8. Use the minimum betting stake as the initial wager

  • When using betting systems like the D’Alembert method as one of your Blackjack Betting Strategies, you can save up and also see an increase in your bankroll impressively. But for more impact, you should always keep the minimum betting limit in the game room as the initial wager.
  • Doing so would not only let you play more betting rounds in the game room but also help you maintain your bankroll effectively while also increasing it since there is more than one betting round in a single blackjack betting game.
  • Moreover, using the lowest minimum limit can also let you double up beneficially whenever needed as you will have enough money in your bankroll to double up and play.

88myr how to win at blackjack every time to always win

9. Watch pro players play Blackjack on streaming services

  • One of the most helpful betting strategies you can use to win at Blackjack every time is the art of observation and you can practice this by looking at the live streams of pro players playing Blackjack.
  • These live streams or replays of popular blackjack tournaments help you understand how to win at blackjack strategies that pro players tend to use in their gameplays to benefit more from these famous casino games.
  • That being said, another important pro tip is to make use of online casino bonuses on your betting site like the M88 Promotion bonus, to game on blackjack games with spending little money from your own pockets.

10. Keep a losing count to save up on your bankroll

  • Lastly, it is important to note that you are bound to lose some rounds when playing blackjack betting online because in the end this game is a game that depends on luck although these betting strategies can help you win most of these rounds.
  • That is why it is important that you keep a losing count to save on your bankroll. In fact, keeping a losing limit is extremely beneficial as well because this gives you an idea of how much you are going to lose exactly when playing blackjack games online.
  • Keeping this limit is a great way also to gamble online responsibly and also maintain your bankroll enough to last for weeks on your online betting site.

88myr how to win at blackjack every time to always win online


These were the 10 How to Win at Blackjack Every Time strategies by 88MYR that can help you boost your winning rate by 98% and online betting account earnings as well. That being said, it is important that you gamble online on trusted betting sites like M88 as these can help you get huge betting bonuses like the promotion on casino products of up to RM428. That being said, for more such betting strategies from pro players and an expert team, keep visiting 88MYR.

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