12 Best Online Roulette winning strategies to win RM900 daily

Make use of these 12 Online Roulette Winning Strategies by 88MYR live casino experts to boost your odds of winning by 98% and to win as much as RM900 every day!

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Online roulette gaming can be entertaining, but only if you don’t lose or end up spending more money than you intended. Yes, a lot of luck involved in playing roulette and other online casino games. But it’s important to use certain shrewd online betting strategies that might raise your winning percentage in order to reduce the hazards involved with this. These are the top 12 online roulette winning techniques that you may use to your advantage while playing at online casinos such as M88 login to win right now.

online roulette winning strategy by 88myr to win

1. Choose an inexpensive roulette table

  • It’s imperative that you select a roulette gaming site that both suits your budget and lets you play for longer stretches of time.
  • When playing roulette, you can wager on more options in a single betting round. You can also raise your chances of winning by selecting a gaming establishment that fits within your budget.
  • By using online betting sites like the M88 Register, you may get reasonably priced, top-notch roulette game rooms from top suppliers in the online betting sector.

2. Recognize how much each roulette session costs

  • Once you’ve decided which online casino best fits your spending limit, it’s important to calculate how much a roulette session will likely cost.
  • This would provide you a clear image of how much you’ll need for entertainment, preventing you from confusing that amount with the money you’ll need for daily needs.
  • That being said, by knowing how much you usually spend on each game, you can use the roulette betting strategy below to figure out how many rounds you need to play in order to make the most of this budget.

online roulette winning strategy by 88myr to win for sure

3. When you play, use a betting strategy

  • Once you’ve implemented the aforementioned roulette sure-win tactics, you must learn how to hold onto the funds you’ve allocated for roulette play in online gaming rooms.
  • One way to do this is to use progressive or non-progressive betting systems that can teach you How to Play Roulette Online for Real Money.
  • Progressive betting systems require you to increase your wager every time you lose, but non-progressive betting systems require you to maintain your wager throughout the game.

4. When you are betting, apply the D’Alembert method

  • Clearly, if your objective is to win at online roulette, progressive betting tactics are more seductive. But keep in mind that these are really risky, so you should go with some of the low-risk progressive system options, like the D’Alembert approach.
  • The D’Alembert method is a clever strategy that you should think about utilizing if you lose a round of roulette in the game room. It needs you to increase your stake by one unit in order to win back the money you lost as part of the payout.
  • After winning the round, you must, however, lower your wager by one unit in order to continue betting with the same bankroll.

online roulette winning strategy by 88myr for sure win

5. Make use of roulette betting patterns to cover more numbers

  • One of the best things about playing roulette online is that there are lots of different ways to gamble on the game. However, if you are not adept at making the most of these decisions, you may end up losing more than you bargained for.
  • Because you can cover the majority of the numbers on the table in a single game round, one of the most important online roulette winning strategies for beginners is to wager in patterns.
  • One of the most popular betting patterns on the roulette table is the snake pattern, where you wager on all the numbers that fit in a zigzag pattern. You may test this out in the reasonably priced M88 Live Casino segment.

6. Make an outside bet to play more games in a shorter amount of rounds

  • Speaking of patterns, since these generally typically encompass a larger range of roulette numbers, trying out all the outer betting options is a wonderful way for novices to get started with pattern betting.
  • Despite the fact that roulette’s outer bets are considered side bets and may pay out less, using these pre-made patterns can increase your chances of winning.
  • Before moving on to the rows and columns, you should first start betting on the big/small or colored outer roulette bets to get the feel of it.

online roulette winning strategy by 88myr for online roulette gaming

7. Try using the Roulette 36 method once or twice

  • As one of the Roulette Tips to Win Big, we’re here to assist you with placing bets in this manner using the roulette 36 approach. You may wonder if it’s feasible to wager small bets on each of the 36 numbers in a single roulette betting round.
  • The roulette 36 method requires you to employ the outer bets in a way that covers every betting number on the roulette table.
  • One example of such a sequence would be to wager on the 1-19 option, then the third dozen option, and lastly a row bet that includes six numbers. The roulette table covers all 36 numbers, however, there are only three stakes spots accessible altogether.

8. Always place the lowest stake when you first place a wager

  • You can use much of the winning strategy for online roulette that you now know to assist you win and noticeably increase your wins in the playoffs.
  • However, we suggest that you always start your bets as a novice with the lowest minimum wagering amount available in the gaming room of your choice.
  • You would be able to wager on a greater variety of sports, maintain the balance of your gaming session, and utilize betting strategies effectively by doing this.

online roulette winning strategy by 88myr experts

9. Make more frequent use of the 1-18 or 19-36 wagering selections

  • As previously mentioned, it is more fun to place outside bets; but, if your main objective is to boost your earnings in the online roulette game rooms, you might want to consider sticking to the big/small betting options.
  • The big/small option is also known as the 1-18 and 19-36 selections, where the former denotes the little gamble and the latter the massive bet.
  • You can use betting methods like the D’Alembert strategy to determine which side is more likely to win and keep betting on it because these two scenarios account for most of the numbers on the table. Participate in online casino promotions to earn bonuses up to RM428. One such promotion is the M88 Promotion.

10. See which numbers are hot or cold by keeping an eye on the roulette table

  • Hot and cold numbers in roulette refer to those that tend to win or lose most of the time, respectively.
  • Hot and cool numbers in roulette game rooms might help you easily win most of the rounds. That being said, these temperatures are often not constant.
  • As a result, one way to place wise bets is to observe the roulette game for a while without making a wager and use the chart that is available in the gaming room to record the numbers that have won the most.

12 online roulette winning strategy by 88myr

11. When playing roulette, never make a big bet

  • If you were following the previously described roulette strategy, you ought to be winning more game rounds by now, and thus, your bankroll ought to have grown substantially.
  • Limiting your bets during roulette games is essential to maintaining this winning streak and bankroll with minimal wins as part of your How to Win Roulette Every Time strategy.
  • Remember that in a single gaming session, even seasoned gamblers might lose everything they have worked so hard to accumulate. You have to keep utilizing a roulette strategy to win modest amounts of money.

12. When you play, set a time limit for your betting sessions

  • To restate the above, you should allocate a certain amount of time to roulette and place more bets if you want to enjoy the game.
  • This is a great way for a beginner to learn how to manage their bankroll, which will definitely help them in the long run.
  • Having said that, we recommend playing online roulette games mostly at night because this is the best time to place bets with other users of the same online betting site that are a little higher.

12 online roulette winning strategy by 88myr for sure win


These 12 Online Roulette Winning Strategies can help you win each and every time you play. Use a trustworthy online bookmaker that takes into account your budget and gaming preferences at all times. Finally, take your time applying these techniques. But for more expert roulette advice, stick around 88MYR.

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