12 Poker tips and tricks for beginners that you did not know!

Know about these 12 proven Poker tips and tricks for beginners to kickstart your poker journey with huge wins. Increase your win rate by 98% to earn up to RM900

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Online Poker games like 3-card poker, 5-card poker, casino hold’em, etc. are fun to play but without online betting tricks to play these games, you could end up losing a significant amount of money. So, to help you avoid this you must use some online betting poker tips and tricks for beginners that can help you boost your poker journey and then help you earn up to RM900 daily. Follow these 12 poker tips for beginners by M88 88MYR to earn huge payouts!

poker tips for beginners to win

1. Select a good gambling site to play Poker

  • The first step to winning big is to always start well, so, it is important to choose a good online gambling site that caters to all beginner’s needs for playing poker online.
  • This game room should offer reasonable betting prices that are beginner-friendly but also those that will help you win good payouts. Moreover, the interface of the site must be easy to use and not confusing so that poker games can be carried out smoothly.
  • Online betting sites like M88 are good examples of beginner-friendly sites that you can use to get wholesome bonuses, a variety of poker games, and even free demo poker rooms. So, we recommend creating an account in the M88 Register or any site similar to M88 to play poker online.

2. Use Virtual dealer Poker rooms more

  • The second trick that you can use to win poker online is to play poker more in virtual dealer rooms as these rooms have an easier set-up that can cater to new player needs.
  • Online game rooms which are virtual are more trusted game rooms than live dealer games because here, the cards are dealt with based on the RNG system and the chances of these game rooms being rigged are low.
  • Since beginners would find it hard to tell whether an online game room is rigged or not, using virtual game rooms is the best way to game online. The M88 Live Casino offers you many poker casino game rooms which are virtual and also have free demos.

3. Play online poker with a betting limit

  • The next thing that you should do as one of the most useful poker tips and tricks for beginners, is set aside a betting limit that you use to play poker with.
  • This betting limit should be reasonable to allow you to game freely but also should be separate from the income you use for your daily necessities.
  • Setting betting limits as a beginner would help you maintain a good and healthy relationship with gambling online, especially for games like poker with many betting rounds.

poker tips and tricks for beginners to win

4. Understand the card ranks in Poker

  • The next poker tip for beginners is to thoroughly understand the card ranks and how they work on poker tables before you begin playing poker online.
  • Poker in live or virtual game rooms comes with a time limit and so, you must be quick when it comes to making card rank hands on the poker table, etc.
  • Thus, knowing how the card rank works in poker tables and how to form such hand ranks is important when it comes to playing poker online. Thus, it is advisable to either keep a card rank chart open or memorize these ranks to play efficiently.

5. Bet with a minimum stake in game rooms

  • Now that you have learned about the basic poker tips and tricks for beginners, let us move on to how to win at poker for beginners tricks that can help you bet to win wholesome payouts.
  • The first thing that you must do is start wagering with minimum betting stakes. One thing about playing poker online is that you do not play against other people in the room but play against the live dealer.
  • So, choosing the ante always depends on you and thus, you must wager with lower minimum stakes to maintain the betting limit set for your daily gaming hours.

6. Start by playing 3 hand poker games online

  •  Since poker is one of the most widely played games in online casinos, there have been different variants introduced to the game to make things interesting.
  • One of these variants is the 3 card poker game where you get to play with 3 cards at hand which makes the process of learning card hand ranks easier.
  • So, as a beginner, when learning How to Play Poker for Beginners, you can start with  3 card poker virtual or real live dealer games to learn the card hands in-play.

12 poker tricks for beginners to win

7. Try using betting systems in your gameplay

  • Another poker card trick is to apply betting systems in your gameplay so that you maintain your bankroll while increasing profits. In the betting world, there are two kinds of betting systems, progressive and non-progressive.
  • Progressive betting systems refer to those systems which require you to increase your wagering stake every time you lose so that you receive the lost money as a payout.
  • Non-Progressive betting systems are those which require you to maintain your wagering stake throughout your gameplay so that you bet with the same bankroll.

8. Use low-risk progressive betting systems

  • From the above explanation, it is clear that progressive betting systems are a better way to increase your profits but this also means that you need to have a good bankroll since you will have to increase your wagering amount accordingly.
  • So, going for those betting systems that have lower risks but are still progressive is a great way to win as well as maintain your money for profits. Joining online sites like M88 can give you new member M88 Promotion bonuses that can boost your account wallet instantly.
  • One such progressive betting system is the D’Alembert system where you must increase your wager every time you lose by one unit so that when you win payouts, you also win the lost money back by the end of your gaming session.

9. Fold your hand if needed to maintain bankroll

  • In poker, there are betting rounds and each betting round has its own sub-betting rounds. These sub-betting rounds require you to carry out some actions that determine how you play the game online.
  • One of the actions in poker is the Fold option, which needs you to surrender your cards in the game room if you have a bad hand or do not seem to be winning.
  • Although this option is not used by many, the fold betting option in Poker games is a good way to save money in your bankroll, because when you fold, half of your wagering limit is returned to you.

12 poker tips for beginners to win

10. Do not bet recklessly if you win

  • If you use online betting poker tips and tricks for beginners, then you definitely will be able to increase your winning rate eventually.
  • So, when you keep winning, it is important to understand that even if you win the rounds continuously, you still have to keep following the tips, tricks, and poker strategies.
  • Another thing worth noting is that you should never really go all-in with your stakes as this could lead you to losing your entire bankroll in one go and since you should not play with the payout money, the poker game won’t be as beneficial as it should be.

11. Understand when you must stop gaming

  • The next thing that is important for you to learn as a beginner gambler is knowing when to stop for the day or even the week or month.
  • Gambling on games like poker is only fun as long as it does not affect your daily lives, and to be honest, gambling can have a negative side effect on you.
  • So, to avoid addiction problems or other problems when it comes to gambling, it is important to learn when you should stop playing for the day. If you join sites like M88, then you can also self-exclude yourself for some time till you are ready to gamble again.

12. Have fun by maintaining responsibility

  • Last but not least, and perhaps the best poker tip for beginners, is to have fun but only while maintaining responsibility.
  • Although it may seem that responsibilities and certain ground rules may be too binding, playing poker to win and have fun is only possible when you learn to gamble responsibly.
  • This way you won’t have any other problems to deal with including losing continuously in poker game rooms, which in turn would make playing poker one of the most fun gaming experiences.

12 poker tips and tricks for beginners to win


These were the 12 Poker Tips and Tricks for Beginners that can help you boost your win rate gradually up to 98%. It is important to remember to start slow when using these tricks and tips for poker, eventually, you will be able to earn up to RM900 daily by just playing poker online. For more such easy betting tips, tricks, strategies, and tutorials, be sure to visit 88MYR, Asia’s top online betting guide.

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