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These days online gambling sites have been increasing in popularity thanks to their access to some cool and classic games. However, there are rare sites that offer you Poker game rooms that do not involve a live dealer. Virtual Poker game rooms sometimes give you an authentic Poker gameplay experience, and so if you want to experience something like this then the M88 Poker games are just right for you. With an M88 account, you can get access to some of the best virtual poker game rooms and their variants with an additional 188% welcome bonus of up to RM888 on other virtual casino games!

About M88 Poker rules and gameplay

Playing online poker on betting sites like M88 is extremely beneficial in many ways, especially if you are new to the poker world online. M88 Poker games offer you a variety of poker gameplay that you can choose from however, learning the basic rules of poker is enough to let you play efficiently in most of these game rooms. So, in the first section of the article, we will mainly be focusing on poker terms and their rules to help you get an understanding of what M88 poker is all about.

m88 poker how to play poker for beginners explained

The poker game is played between 5 to 6 players usually and consists of more than one betting round in a single game round. However, in online casinos like M88 Poker, you play only against the dealer and so, your ultimate goal is to beat the dealer by getting the best hand combo. Like any other casino game, M88 Casino Poker requires you to follow some standard poker rules which are as follows:

  • Before the cards are dealt, you must place your wager on the table. Once confirmed, the dealer will deal two cards face up on your end, two cards face down on their end, and three cards face up at the center of the table.
  • This ends round one, where you get the option to give up or continue the game. If you give up, a new round starts but if you continue, two more cards are added face up on the center of the table.
  • The cards at the center of the table are known as Community Cards and they are shared with the dealer. In the end, the Showdown takes place where the dealer reveals their two cards, and the winner of the round is declared.
  • The goal of the game is to form the best hand rank with your two cards and the community cards, and whoever gets the best hand rank wins the round and payout based on the payout ratio of the hand rank.

This is the general gameplay of the Poker game that M88 Poker requires you to follow. As you scroll down, you will learn more about Poker terms, hand ranks, and even the seating arrangement of the traditional poker table. Moreover, in the tutorial section, you will get an overview of how to access and play the Poker games at M88 Casino with a gameplay example.

Basic Poker terms you should know about

When it comes to online casino games, besides luck and some How to Bet tips up your sleeves, you need to have confidence, and this confidence must come from knowing the game you are playing well and speaking its language. So, the next part of this article will focus on the main Poker terms that you should know about when it comes to playing Poker. Understanding these terms would come in handy with making quick decisions at the Poker table.

m88 poker how to play poker for beginners online casino explained

  1. Ante: The bet that you must place on the table before the cards are dealt to you. Ante bets are compulsory bets that kickstart the game.
  2. Call: When you are confident in the hand that is dealt to you and want to continue the game round then you must click on Call.
  3. Fold: If you are not confident in the hand that is dealt to you and do not want to continue the round then you must fold. When you Fold, half of your betting stake is returned to you.
  4. Check: In Poker games that are played with more than one player, a player gets the option to Check which is to pass the round to another player without calling or folding their cards.
  5. Flop: The first three community cards on the table is known as the Flop. These cards are shared between the players and the dealer.
  6. Turn: Sometimes the fourth community card is dealt on the table with the last card or separately. If dealt separately, then the card is known as the Turn.
  7. River: Lastly, the fifth community card is known as the River, and is the last community card dealt on the table.
  8. Raise: If the hand is extremely good and the player sees the potential of gaining a high hand rank, then the player may Raise which starts for increasing their initial betting stake.
  9. All-in: When you have a higher-ranking hand or a hand you are extremely confident in, then you can use the All-in betting option where you wager your entire bankroll on the hand.

Understanding Poker seating positions

Although M88 poker and most live casino poker do not follow any seating arrangement since you directly play with the dealer, traditional poker or online poker forums where there are real players playing alongside you follow a seating arrangement and under this sub-heading, we will understand what these poker seating positions are. Knowing this basic structure of traditional poker, backed by the above-mentioned terms, would give you detailed knowledge of the poker game which would let you play poker in any setting.

m88 poker how to play poker for beginners gameplay

  • Button: Although this is a part of the Late Position on the poker table, the person sitting directly to the left of the player with the dealer button has to make the Ante wager.
  • Blinds: There are two blinds on the poker table, Small Blind and Big Blind. These are the players who sit directly to the left of the person with the dealer button called the Small Blind, who makes the necessary Ante bet and the Big Blind increases the bet and kickstarts the game.
  • Early Position: The Blinds as well as the next two players on the table in the Under the Gun position gal under the Early Position on the table since these players are most unlikely to turn the game around.
  • Middle Position: The next two players besides the players under the gun, are said to be in the middle position. They can either turn the game around or carry on with it.
  • Late Position: The Late position consists of the Hijack, Cutoff, and Player with the dealer button. These positions usually play toward the end of the round and can either turn the game around or make players go for another round.

The 10 card hand ranks in M88 poker

Now, let us introduce you to the most important yet fun part of the Poker game online, and that is the 10 card hand ranks of poker online. Learning this is extremely important as you need to be quick with making the best hand combos, but to make things easier for you, here is an easy table given below.

Ranks Card Hands Description Payout
1 m88 poker how to play poker for beginners royal flush It consists of 5 high cards in a sequence as shown in the image example. 100:1
2 m88 poker how to play poker for beginners straight flush Straight Flush refers to the hand where the cards have consecutive Ranks from the same Suit. 50:1
3 m88 poker how to play poker for beginners four of a kind When 4 cards have the same Rank from different suits, then his hand is called the Four of a Kind hand. 20:1
4 m88 poker how to play poker for beginners full house This unique hand is made up of 3 cards with the same rank, and 2 cards with the same rank, as shown in the image example. 7:1
5 m88 poker how to play poker for beginners flush When the hand consists of cards belonging to the same Suit, irrespective of their Ranks, then this hand is known as the Flush or Color hand. 5:1
6 m88 poker how to play poker for beginners straight When the hand consists of cards with consecutive ranks, irrespective of their Suits, then this hand is called the Straight hand. 4:1
7 m88 poker how to play poker for beginners three of a kind If three cards in the hand have the same Rank then this hand is known as the Three of a Kind hand. 3:1
8 m88 poker how to play poker for beginners two pair If there are two pairs in the hand as shown in the image example, then this hand is known as the Two Pair hand. 2:1
9 m88 poker how to play poker for beginners pair A Pair hand is made up of two cards with the same Rank in the hand. 1:1
10 m88 poker how to play poker for beginners high card Sometimes when there are no card combos in the hand, then the winner of the round is determined by looking at the highest card Rank. 1:1

As you can see, the ranking depends on how rare the hand is and so does the payout. The Royal Flush hand has the highest ranking and payout ratio and this is because this hand is rare. Thus, the other card hand ranks are based on how rarely they occur which means that in the end, Poker is indeed a game based to test how lucky one is. But this does not mean you cannot use some poker betting tips. With sites like 88MYR, the no.1 betting guide, learning how to play poker for beginners as well as winning is extremely simple.

Play M88 Poker using these 3 simple steps!

Now that you have understood most of the basic information about how to play Poker for beginners online, it is time to move on to the next step where we introduce you to one of the easiest M88 poker tutorials you will find on the internet. Using M88 as your Poker gaming site would give you exciting M88 Promotion offers which include a 188% up to RM888 welcome bonus.

Step 1: Log into your M88 account and visit Casino

  • The first thing that you must do is log in at M88 by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button available on the homepage. This will introduce you to a pop-up box where you must enter your login credentials.

m88 poker how to play poker for beginners online

  • If you do not own an M88 account then make one in the M88 Register in under 2 minutes by clicking on ‘Register‘. This will take you to the M88 registration form that you must fill out with accuracy.
  • Once done, click on the ‘Casino/Fishing‘ product option from the menubar on the homepage and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Click on Card & Table games & pick a game room

  • In step 2, you will find yourself on a page with all the virtual casinos and other fun games offered by top game providers at M88. So, now you must filter the page by clicking on the ‘Card & Table‘ option from the menubar above.

m88 poker how to play poker for beginners casino

  • This will introduce you to all the famous card games like Baccarat, Blackjack, and more. Since we want Poker games, you must scroll down and select a Poker game room from all the available options. Once done, move on to the final step of this tutorial.
  • The best part about playing M88 poker is that you can play for real money as well as try demo rounds to find a game room that suits your gaming style the most. To know more about the M88 site and what it has to offer, read this detailed M88 Review provided by our experts.

Note: Poker games at M88 are also known as Casino Hold’Em, so if you want to use the search bar to filter the casino rooms then you must also use the words ‘Poker’ and ‘Casino Hold’Em’ for accurate results.

Step 3: Place your bets to play the M88 poker game

  • In the final step, you will find yourself on a poker table where you must place the ante bet. For this, you must select a betting stake and place it on the Ante slot on the table.

m88 poker how to play poker for beginners online casino

  • Once you have placed the Ante bet, you must click on ‘Deal‘ and this will start the betting round immediately.

In the image above, we placed a €20 bet on the Ante slot since this is the demo room, so to help you understand how a Poker betting round works, we have divided the round into 2 rounds using the same example above:

Round 1: Based on your first two cards and community cards make an action

  • In round 1, the dealer will deal 2 cards on your side, 2 cards on their side facing down, and then will introduce the first three community cards on the table.

m88 poker how to play poker for beginners gameplay 1

  • Our first two cards are 2♥ and Q♠, while the 3 community cards are 8♠, 10♦, and 8♦. This gives us a Pair hand since the community card has two 8s with them.
  • You will also notice that the option for ‘Call’ or ‘Fold’ is given to us. Since we have a good hand, we will Call for another round.

Round 2: Wait for the dealer to reveal their cards and end results

  • In Round 2, the other two cards are revealed in the community cards slot, which is Q♦ and 6♥.

m88 poker how to play poker for beginners gameplay 2

  • Since our hand also has a Q card, we have another pair, giving us the 2 Pair hand rank. Thus we won this round with a payout of €120!
  • However, since the first round also gave the dealer a pair hand and since they received a 2-pair rank as well, the dealer won the round as well. Since this is the demo round, no Tie is shown, however, in real poker tables, such wins are pushed and the betting stake is returned.


This was how to play the M88 Poker game for beginners in the game room using the rules of poker games online. With this article, you are now equipped with the knowledge of playing fun poker games online and you can use this as your betting guide. It is important for you to learn the hand ranks thoroughly to be quick, but most importantly, it is important that you claim the M88 bonus of up to RM888 to play poker and other fun casino games online.

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