Is Online Baccarat Rigged: 5 Solutions to get your cash back

Is Online Baccarat Rigged? Learn 5 simple ways to identify whether is Baccarat rigged + 3 tips to avoid fake games. Play Baccarat safely at 1XBET, M88, and W88!

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Playing online baccarat games is fun until you notice something off about it and begin questioning whether is online baccarat rigged and fake or not. These questions end up making you even more doubtful about online casinos especially when you seem to be losing more rounds than winning. In the end, when you have lost more than you won, your doubts of is baccarat rigged lean more towards “Yes”, but before you blame the online casino read this article! Here you will get answers to is online baccarat rigged, solutions to get your cash back from rigged rooms, and 3 helpful, legal, and sage online casinos to play baccarat online like M88, 1XBET, and W88.

Is online Baccarat rigged and fixed in live casinos?

Is online baccarat rigged is something that many people claim to be true but there is a lot of internal things going on within the game room. So, you must identify which game room is real and which one is fake when it comes down to getting a conclusion to the question is baccarat rigged. That being said, let us first start by addressing whether or not is online baccarat rigged in famous betting sites, and if not why people think baccarat is rigged.

is online baccarat rigged learn how to identify rigged baccarat game rooms

Online baccarat game rooms are not rigged, however, this answer is applicable to only a few betting sites, thus, it applies to websites that have a reputation in the gambling world. What this means is that these websites often are reputable because of their game rooms and entertainment which directly comes from professional game room providers in the gambling world. Check Is Online Casino Legal in Malaysia to learn the truth about gambling in Malaysia!

Rigging these professional game rooms on live camera would only hurt the casinos’ reputation including the live dealer’s career. So, reputed betting sites like M88 that home thousands of users do not rig their game rooms for baccarat. That being said, there are still some online casinos that have rigged baccarat game rooms that you must be aware of based on our research on identifying fake and real online casinos. How do we know this? Well, there are many ways to tell easily whether or not is online baccarat rigged, 5 of them are mentioned below, so read on! 

What makes people think online Baccarat is rigged?

Before we help you identify how to know whether is online baccarat rigged or not in your online betting site, let us first address something important, something that could save you a lot of time. This is the answer to the question of what makes people think online baccarat is rigged and fake. Understanding the answer to this question is the first step to understanding whether is online baccarat rigged or real.

is online baccarat rigged learn how to identify fake baccarat game rooms

Losing more rounds: When players tend to lose more rounds than they win, then online baccarat games feel rigged. When researching even we noticed that there are many rounds won by the house rather than us. However, what makes this a credible reason are the two reasons why people think baccarat is rigged based on further research.

Lack of strategies: Lack of strategies can automatically make you lose more rounds in baccarat game rooms, which is major proof that online baccarat dealers do not rig their games but play professionally. The live dealers are professional, and the house is professional, so if you play for fun then you are bound to lose rounds. Fun must be balanced with Casino Tips strategies to win more rounds rather than mindless betting. In the end, this will make you feel that your game room is in fact not rigged, but you just lacked strategies to win. 

Negative-focused psychology: Lastly, it is your mind that focuses more on the negative aspects of many things that help you adapt better. What this means is that we are bound to remember negative experiences more than positive ones, so that we adapt to negativity if it occurs again. Losing gaming rounds is a negative event that is remembered clearly in the brain. So, at the end of gaming sessions, you are bound to recall the rounds you lost more than won, making you think that online baccarat rooms are rigged.

How to identify if your Baccarat game room is rigged?

In this section, let us help you identify whether or not the baccarat game room is rigged. The below-mentioned 5 methods are the easiest ways for beginners to easily spot whether is online baccarat rigged or not. However, it is important to also read reviews and other important information about the rooms as stated below to further learn what you are getting yourself into.

is online baccarat rigged learn how to identify rigged game rooms

  • Notice the rules of the gaming room: Every baccarat casino game room has a rules section that you must read before you start to wager and play the game. These game room rules must be read thoroughly and compared with the standard baccarat rules universally accepted. Yes, the game rooms may add some additional rules to enhance the gameplay but if these are unreasonable then leave the game room for it may be rigged.
  • Learn the payout ratio of the betting options: Next, under the same rules section, you will come across the payout ratio or return rate of the betting options in the game room. This also must be looked at thoroughly. That being said it is important to note that in baccarat games up to 5% house edge is taken if the banker wins. So, if this percent is high then there is a good chance the game room is cheating you.
  • Observe the live dealer for a while: One of the most effective ways to tell whether is baccarat rigged online or not is by observing the live dealer in the game room. This is effective since because of this many people have caught live dealers cheating in baccarat games and thus it is easier to tell whether or not the game room is rigged.
  • Glance through data on the game room provider: It is better to have other information about the game room outside of it. What this means is that you should use game rooms from providers and distributors you are aware of. Some of the popular and most reputed providers are Pragmatic Play, Evolution, Studio Asia, MG Live, M88 Mansion, etc. which provide authentic baccarat game rooms.
  • Check for the overall website’s legality: Lastly, you should check for the website’s legality or legal certificate to operate. In countries like Malaysia, these licenses are often provided by foreign companies that allow online casinos to operate and distribute their products worldwide. Looking at the date of the license is also important as expired licenses of the betting sites can be very problematic since if you find a rigged game room and lose your cash no authorities can help much.

How to get your cash back from rigged Baccarat rooms?

Have you ever found such a rigged baccarat game room? Or have you lost money unnecessarily from rigged baccarat game rooms? Well, below mentioned are 5 ways in which you can get your cash back from the baccarat game rooms that are rigged or online casinos. These 5 methods are the most helpful ways members on the internet have used to claim their cash back from the few rigged baccarat rooms existing on the internet.

is online baccarat rigged answered by experts with legal licensed casinos

  1. Contact the website’s CS immediately: Firstly, when you notice that your online baccarat game is rigged, you must use the live chat or website’s customer service (CS) to talk to an operator who will look into the matter at hand. That is why it is always important to check customer service by contacting them about queries before creating an account on the website to see whether they are truly helpful or not.
  2. Report the dealer in the game room: If you notice or have been rigged in the baccarat game room then you must immediately report the dealer in the game room. However, if the dealer is from the same provider then we recommend reporting the dealer to the betting site itself. Playing mindfully to notice rigged baccarat games is the key here.
  3. Provide accurate documentation and proof: If you are complaining about the games being rigged or are trying to get your cash back, then you should provide accurate documentation on the topic which can be screenshots, transaction history, etc. Providing your banking transaction history can also be helpful sometimes in such cases.
  4. Find people in forums who have experienced the same: One of the most helpful places to get genuine help is online betting forums that have people who experienced the same issue. Here you also learn more effective ways to get your money back or related to things you must avoid when it comes to gaming online responsibly.
  5. Stay calm, factual, and assertive when contacting authorities: Last but not least, always stay calm when contacting authorities. Staying calm, factual, and assertive can help you be confident when contacting authorities as keeping your cool would indicate you are a responsible gamer. Moreover, saying things as they were also is great proof from your end that can help you get your cash back faster.

Use 3 Tips always to play legal and safe Baccarat games online

Understanding the above things is important to understand whether or not is online baccarat rigged. However, in this section, we will now look into the top 3 tips to always help you play baccarat online in a legal and safe way, which in turn would not make you have any baccarat rigged questions.

is online baccarat rigged answered by experts with 3 legal betting sites

  1. Check the date on the license of the betting site: Above it is stated that it is best to check the license of the betting site before creating an account but what is also important is to check the date of expiration on the license, these should be up to date at all times.
  2. Always use game rooms from popular game room providers: Popular game room providers have real and physical estates in foreign lands so using their game rooms gives you more credibility as these are reputable websites that distribute games online professionally.
  3. Be sure to evaluate the website’s customer service: Lastly, check the customer service of the website before you create an account in the register by asking questions. Look at how helpful they are and how quickly they reply, this way you can easily tell if they will be helpful in the future or not.

Top 3 websites to play real and authentic Baccarat online

In the final section of this article, let us introduce you to the three helpful, legal, and safest betting sites on the internet that allow you to gamble on baccarat games without any fake game rooms. These three websites are reputable platforms that house many gamers across the globe.

is online baccarat rigged learn how to identify fake game rooms

  1. 1XBET Malaysia: 1XBET Malaysia is the most popular, privately owned, betting site with a physical location in Cyprus island. This website holds a license from Curaçao Egaming authorities that lets them distribute their services worldwide.
  2. M88 Malaysia: Next we have M88 Mansion which is another great place to play many baccarat games. This website owns game rooms from a few selected reputed game room providers. It holds an Interactive Gaming License to operate from the Republic of Vanuatu’s Ministry of Finance and Economic Department.
  3. W88 Malaysia: Lastly we have W88 Malaysia, a website that is beginner-friendly with no-commission baccarat game rooms. This website owns a BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International certification to operate online.


So, Is Online Baccarat Rigged? The answer to this question is no as long as you use gaming websites that come with an up-to-date license and game rooms from reputed providers. Apart from this, you also learn the most helpful ways to identify, avoid, and get your cash back from illegal or rigged game rooms online. Create an account on our recommended websites and learn how to play fun baccarat games with helpful strategies from the 88MYR homepage, to boost your winning rate and well-deserved earning today!

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