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Betting games such as Dragon Tiger are among the top online games available on sites such as M88. These games provide exciting betting possibilities that allow you to estimate which side of the table will receive the better ranking card from the deck. There are also fantastic side betting choices that you may use to increase your chances of winning in the betting rounds. However, if you want to increase your chances of winning every time you play the game, you’ll need these 10 winning Dragon Tiger online casino tips and techniques.

1. Before you place a bet, watch a couple of betting rounds

dragon tiger winning tricks to earn more money

  • The initial Dragon Tiger online casino tips and tricks approach is to choose an online game room and watch the gameplay before wagering on any of the betting alternatives.
  • This can assist you not only in grasping the gameplay of the room but also in identifying the most profitable betting option in the gaming room.
  • This way, you’ll have a better understanding of which bets to place and how to use these Dragon Tiger online casino tips and tricks in the game room.

2. In the gaming rooms, utilize the previous winning chart

  • An alternative to the aforementioned Dragon Tiger casino tricks technique is to use the previous winning charts found in Dragon Tiger game rooms online.
  • This allows you to simply identify which choice won more in previous rounds, as well as check your observations of the winning side before entering the gaming room.
  • That is something that will be useful throughout your games. Create an account in the M88 Register to view the prior successful bets, as illustrated in the image below.

3. Use betting systems that are appropriate for your money and gaming style

dragon tiger winning tricks and tips to win more money

  • Betting methods are one of the most crucial dragon tiger winning tricks that you can use in your online playtime because they considerably increase your bankroll by the end of your game.
  • You can employ progressive betting systems, which compel you to increase your wagering amount based on your wins and losses throughout your gameplay.
  • Nonprogressive betting methods, on the other hand, demand you to keep the same betting stake throughout your gaming sessions when playing Dragon Tiger Online Casino Game.

4. Learn more about betting with progressive betting systems

  • Although nonprogressive systems appear appealing, progressive betting systems help to increase your earnings daily and are thus the most popular betting system.
  • However, because progressive betting systems are designed for big rollers, you must maintain a large bankroll, so you must choose low-risk progressive systems such as the D’Alembert method.
  • When you lose a round, you must increase your wager by one unit, so that when you win the round, you earn a portion of your lost investment as part of the payoff. However, if you win the round, you must reduce the stake by one unit again or return to the initial wager to play with the same bankroll.

5. Use the card counting technique throughout your gameplay

dragon tiger winning tricks to win more real money

  • You must employ the card counting trick, which was initially used for blackjack games to anticipate the rank of the next card in the deck if you want to observe the betting rounds and make your predictions as one of your dragon versus tiger tips and tricks.
  • You must do this by giving the cards 2 to 6 a value of +1, the cards 7 to 9 a value of 0, and the 10 cards a value of -1 to the face cards. As a result, while the dealer deals cards, you must keep track of them by adding and subtracting their rankings based on the allotted values.
  • In this manner, you’ll soon be able to forecast whether the next card drawn will be a higher or lower-ranking card in the deck. This dragon tiger casino tricks approach, on the other hand, can be complex and time-consuming because numerous decks of cards are utilized to play games like Dragon Tiger in online casinos like M88 Live Casino because they give authentic and cheat-free game rooms.

6. Use progressive systems to gamble on a single betting option

  • Now that you know which side wins more in the Dragon Tiger game room during your gaming session, you may use the progressive betting method on that side alone as one of your Casino Tips during your playtime.
  • It is crucial to note that you will not be able to win all of the dragon tiger betting rounds in the gaming rooms, but you will be able to win the majority of them, especially if you apply these dragon tiger tips and tactics throughout your playtime.
  • Thus, adopting progressive betting methods such as the D’Alembert method would allow you to recoup your lost bets as rewards while simultaneously allowing you to increase your bankroll by making profits and maintaining it well.

7. Bet once or twice on the Tie betting possibilities

dragon tiger winning tricks to win more money

  • Many individuals avoid the tie bet when it comes to the Dragon and Tiger Winning Strategy and games online since the odds of the Tie betting winning are high and hence it seldom happens.
  • However, given the payment of the Tie betting choice is enormous (8:1), we propose that you wager on it once or twice so that you can increase your bankroll as a result of the high payout.
  • It is critical to recognize that the Tie bet is one of the main betting options, and that tie victories are included in the prior winning table. As a result, if you believe that the tie bet, you can test your luck in the game room once or twice.

8. Make full use of side-betting choices to increase your chances of winning

  • To get the most out of your gaming experience at the Dragon Tiger game rooms online, you should also wager on the side betting possibilities. This is significant since it allows you to win more money in the game rooms in addition to the main bet wins.
  • Side bets in the Dragon Tiger game include Dragon Odd, Dragon Even, Tiger Odd, Tiger Even, Dragon Black, Dragon Red, Tiger Black, and Tiger Red. Other online casinos, on the other hand, provide additional betting options to enhance the game.
  • To gamble on the side betting possibilities for definite winnings, use the above-mentioned dragon versus tiger tips and techniques.

9. Use the game room’s minimum betting limit to place a wager

dragon tiger winning tricks tips to win more money

  • If you intend to use a progressive betting system in your gameplay, you must make a starting wager, which you must return to in order to retain the bankroll you set aside for playing online Dragon Tiger games.
  • As a result, it is critical that the initial wager you select for your games be the game room’s lowest betting limit so that you can increase and reduce the stakes without spending a lot of money.
  • This allows you to play with a fixed bankroll for a longer period of time while also winning the majority of game rounds in little sums when learning How to Win Dragon Tiger Game online.

10. Apply for casino bonuses and other special offers

  • In continuation of the preceding point, if winning little amounts does not fulfill your gaming desires and you want rapid results, you can apply for casino bonuses and other promotion packages offered by your online betting site.
  • These promotions are typically offered as new member bonuses that they may use to raise their online betting account wallet on their very first deposit, or as refunds that existing players can spend.
  • For example, on the online betting site M88, you can obtain an M88 Promotion bonus of 125% up to RM428 on M88 Live Casino gaming items on your first deposit.


These are the 10 Dragon Tiger winning tricks for your online gaming enjoyment. Make use of online betting sites like as M88 Live Casino to make the most out of your gaming experience with these dragon vs. tiger tips and tricks methods and to take advantage of additional bonus offers that will increase your online betting account wallet. That being said, keep visiting 88MYR, Asia’s no.1 online betting guide for top betting sites, for more winning tips, techniques, strategies, pro insights, and basic betting lessons.

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