9 Dragon Tiger winning strategies | Best Casino game tricks

Follow 9 Best Dragon Tiger winning strategies to win up to RM900 daily with 98% chances. Join M88 live online casino & apply the tricks to the game to win more.

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#1. Understand dragon Tiger gameplay, betting options & betting odds

People often don’t understand but one of the most crucial strategies to win any online casino game is to understand the gameplay, rules, betting options, and betting odds better before placing a bet. That’s what we are going to do first and recommend you follow the same strategy: get to know the Dragon Tiger online casino game better with us. Get how to play Dragon Tiger online game in a live casino guide by 88MYR experts and learn how to play in just 3 steps, It’s important before knowing how to win.

dragon tiger online casino games strategy tips & tricks to earn more real money

  • Dragon Tiger is a card game and live casinos use multiple card decks to avoid the chance of card counting for online players. It’s a game of skill and chance, where one card is drawn to each side, dragon and tiger, and whichever side gets the highest card wins the game.
  • The card Ranking sequence followed for Dragon Tiger is the standard one from highest to lowest: K > Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > A irrespective of the color. There are three main betting options: Dragon, Tiger & Tie (if both sides get the same value card).
  • Other side betting options are Dragon Even/Odd (predict whether the drawn numbered card for the dragon is even or odd), Tiger Even/Odd (predict whether the drawn numbered card for the tiger is even or odd), Dragon Big/Small (predict whether the drawn numbered card for the dragon is big or small), Tiger Big/Small (predict whether the drawn numbered card for the tiger is big or small), and Suited Tie (if both sides get a same card with the same color).

#2. Explore and select the best Dragon Tiger gaming room for yourself

Alike online casino platforms, there are millions of online casino providers that conduct dragon tiger games in the live casino platforms. Hence, before selecting the best online casino platform to play Dragon Tiger online casino games, you have to select the online casino game providers/clubs where you want to play the Dragon Tiger online casino game. Otherwise, you will end up with the best online casino platform without the best online casino games provider.

  • There are multiple factors to look at while researching the best clubs, make sure that the online casino games provider club offers minimum betting stake, great payout, large odds, least house edge, good video quality, no lagging in the video, etc.
  • Some of the most popular online casino game providers in Malaysia are Evolution Club, Club Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, Sexy Gaming, Gameplay Interactive, M88 Club, Live 1XCasino, etc. Hence, select an online gambling site that offers as many popular live casino providers as possible.

#3. Play Dragon Tiger online with small wagers & increase gradually

As a beginner, we would recommend you place small bets on the Dragon Tiger online game to get the hand of the online casino game first. There’s no point in spending a large amount of money on online gambling when you are new and learning the rules of the Dragon Tiger game. The foremost step is to understand the online casino game, the rules, odds, and betting options, and research multiple Dragon Tiger tips and tricks before placing a bet. Once you have acquainted yourself with everything, you can start by practicing different dragon Tiger winning strategies and selecting the best one for yourself.

dragon tiger winning tricks online casino game strategies

  • Place small bets while you are practicing the Dragon Tiger online game, You can also try playing free trials at M88 Live Casino to become more familiar with the rules, betting options, and odds.
  • Once you have settled down with one strategy and feel experienced enough, you can increase your betting limit, but don’t jump on the maximum betting stake possible. Increase your betting limit gradually and earn more real money with the Dragon Tiger online casino game.

#4. Balance out your wins & losses with Progressive betting system

No matter if you are a beginner or professional, this strategy is an absolute game changer to even out your losses and win more real money. A progressive betting system can be applied to any online casino game, be it baccarat, roulette, blackjack, dragon tiger, sic bo, slots online, etc. The simple trick is to keep increasing your betting amount in a sequence until you win the next round after winning the one. Let’s look at a simple example to understand this dragon tiger winning strategy better:

  • Begin by placing a base bet, say RM1 on either tiger or dragon. You cannot change the betting option as long as you want to apply a progressive betting system in your gameplay. So, be mindful while selecting the betting option and stick with it to the very end.
  • If you win round 1, then place a base bet (RM1) again in round 2. If you lose round 2, you have to double your betting amount for round 3. That is, place a bet of RM2 in round 3, if you lose the bet again, double the betting amount in round 4.
  • Place a bet of RM4 in round 4, and if you win the bet you get RM8, balancing out all the losses and even winning more real money. For round 5, go back to the initial betting amount, that is, RM1. Make sure to bet on the same betting option you chose in round 1 throughout.


Betting AmountWin/LossProfit/Loss

Round 1


Round 2


Round 3



Round 4RM4WIN


Round 5RM1WIN


Total Spend-RM9Total Gain/Loss


From the given example, we showed that you spent RM9 on playing the online Dragon Tiger casino game and following the betting system, which resulted in a profit of RM3 in the end. Hence, you even out your losses and win extra money with progressive betting systems. Know more ways how to win dragon tiger online casino game at M88 Malaysia.

#5. Observe & follow through with Negative/Positive ideology strategy

One of the most prominent dragon tiger winning strategies to win more real money is to observe the game and take a look at previous winners to understand the pattern and bet accordingly. Once you know which side has been winning a lot lately, you can follow either of the two ideologies: You can either bet on the side winning the most lately, or you can place a bet on the side that has not been winning a lot lately.

Dragon tiger winning strategy tips & tricks to win real money

Players have two ideologies towards such winning patterns: they either believe that the side that has been winning frequently will win the next round too, since it has been winning a lot lately, this is termed a Positive strategy. Some players believe that if one side has won frequently, then maybe it’s time for the other side to win the next round, this thought is termed a Negative strategy. You can believe in either, but we recommend playing with progressive systems when you follow this strategy and don’t change the side you choose to bet. Know more casino tips!

#6. How to select the best online casino Dragon Tiger platform?

In these times when everything is digitalized and there are billions of options to choose from, how can you select the best online gambling platform to play the Dragon Tiger casino games for yourself? If you sit to explore and research every online betting platform there is, it will take hundreds of lifetimes to explore every online casino on the internet.

That’s why, we have done the research for you with 88MYR betting experts and have brought the 2 best online live casino sites to play Dragon Tiger online with affordable betting limits, better payouts, great odds, less house edge, amazing video quality, multiple betting options, legal license to conduct online dragon tiger live casino game, and valid SSL certificate to secure your documents.

dragon tiger winning strategies to earn more real money

  • M88 Live Casino: Conducting dragon tiger game online under an Interactive Gaming License by the Republic of Vanuatu, Ministry of Finance & Economic Development with a minimum betting stake of RM1 and double payouts. Join M88 Live Casino & claim a 175% welcome bonus of up to RM688 on your first deposit.
  • 1XBET Live Casino: 1XBET conducts online dragon tiger casino games under a CURACAO e-Gaming license with a minimum betting limit of RM1, least house edge, and maximum payouts. Join and win a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM1,480 on your first deposit in a live casino wallet.

#7. Know when to stop playing & never discard your default strategy

Writers often encounter something known as Writer’s Block, when they cannot write. A similar thing happens with online players and it’s better to be prepared for such a situation. You might encounter consistent defeats sometimes and you should know what to do when you are struck with some block.

  • Suppose you lost 3-4 previous bets then we recommend to hang on and don’t discard your default strategy. Create a default strategy for yourself and never discard it no matter what. In anger of losing again and again, online players discard their default strategies and lose even more.
  • But if you have lost 6-7 previous rounds, then it’s time to discard the game for the day and return to it another day with better mood and enthusiasm. You see, online gambling requires consistent emotional management to sustain your wins & losses.
  • Not all days will provide huge profits and you have to accept this fact before starting to play the Dragon Tiger casino game. Acceptance before entering the online gambling world is essential to sustain your mood, time, and money. Don’t take any gambling actions in anger! Make M88 Register and engage in sustainable betting online.

#8. Set a spending limit on your bankroll before playing Dragon Tiger

In order to make a huge profit, online players lost their tracks and spent more than required. It doesn’t depend on how much you spend on Dragon Tiger online to win more real money, it depends on the consistency, skills, Dragon Tiger winning strategies you use, discipline, and most importantly, knowing when to back off. Hence, set a spending limit for yourself before you go on to spend your whole monthly bankroll on Dragon Tiger online casino games.

How to win dragon tiger winning strategies real money

  • Divide your monthly bankroll into 3 ratios 50:30:20 and spend each of them according to the given plan. Spend 50% of your monthly bankroll to fulfill the needs, that is, rent, electricity, EMI, loans, food, petrol, diesel, etc. of your life.
  • Save 30% of your bankroll in a PF account or invest it in the stock market. The remaining 20% can be used for your leisure activities like tours, trips, travels, clubbing, and online gambling. You can devote 5% of the remaining 20% to online casino games.
  • We recommend following the 50:40:10 ratio for beginners, it’s best to invest for the future rather than risk your money. You can increase your percentage of spending on leisure activities once you are experienced and know the drill.

#9. Earn without playing Dragon Tiger by claiming welcome bonuses

There are many benefits of playing online casino games like minimum wagering limit, verified legal license, secure document management, great odds, better payouts, less house edge, etc. But the ultimate plus point of playing the Dragon Tiger game in an online live casino is the welcome bonuses you are offered on joining the online gambling platform. Never ignore these astonishing welcome bonuses for new members in Thailand.

One of the best promotional deals that we came across while researching is the M88 Promotion for new members in Thailand: Join M88 Live Casino and claim a 175% welcome bonus of up to RM688 on your first deposit of a minimum of RM30 in M88 Live Casino. You can withdraw the bonus amount after completing the terms of 28 rollovers within 14 days.


Dragon Tiger online casino game interests every online player, beginners, and professionals in Asia and has immense popularity in Thailand. It is a game of thrill and suspense, conducted by legal online casinos and live dealers with multiple card decks. Try out your luck & enhance your skills to win more with the 9 best Dragon Tiger winning strategies at M88 Live Casino, tested & proven by 88MYR betting professionals for a decade. Join and grab a chance to win a 175% welcome bonus of up to RM688 for new Thailand players on first deposits.

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