10 how to win in Sic Bo casino game for sure 88MYR strategies

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If you like playing online casino games like Roulette on sites like M88 with many betting options, then Sic Bo is a casino game that you definitely will like. Like Roulette, Sic Bo has many exciting betting options including the common casino big small bet to wager on. However, to know how to win in Sic Bo casino games for sure, you need to use a good strategy. Thanks to our 88MYR experts, we have put together 10 how to win Sic Bo strategies that you can apply to boost your win rate today!

how to win sic bo strategy by 88myr

1. Set a bankroll to play Sic Bo online

  • The first sic bo strategy that you must use to keep winning at Sic Bo games is to play with a betting limit because winning in sic bo games basically translates to having more cash with you by the end of your gameplay.
  • Setting a fixed bankroll can give you the chance to bet with a limit for the day which is a great sic bo strategy to play more for more wins.
  • This bankroll that you set aside to play sic bo online must be reasonable enough to let you enjoy the game for more time but also should be separate from the income for your daily expenses.

2. Observe the gameplay before wagering

  • Sic Bo is a fun casino game to play if you register an account on sites like the M88 Register, as the gameplay is fun to watch and wager on thanks to the professional live dealers.
  • However, observing the game before you place a wager is important as after a few rounds of observing the game, you will be able to see which betting option is winning more for a particular time.
  • This way, you can focus on easy Sic Bo betting options like the casino big small or Odd/Even options and see which sub-option wins more rounds to wager on using the next how to win in sic bo strategies below.

how to win sic bo for sure

3. Decide on a betting system to main your bankroll

  • Next, one of the best parts about learning How to Play Sic Bo Online is the fact that you can use a betting system to wager on the observed most winning betting option to win most of the time. In the gambling world, there are two kinds of betting systems.
  • The first type of betting system is progressive which means that you must increase your wagering limit every time you lose a betting round so that you receive the lost stake as a part of the payout when you eventually win.
  • The second kind of betting system is non-progressive where you must use the same betting stake amount throughout your gameplay regardless of your wins and losses to maintain your betting limit as a sic bo strategy.

4. Use the minimum limit as your initial betting stake

  • In continuation with the aforementioned point, using progressive betting systems is obviously the betting option considering that you want to win more by the end of your gameplay. However, it is important to acknowledge that using these systems can be risky.
  • Thus, to lower the risk, you should start wagering with the minimum stake limit in your online sic bo game room so that you can still bet with the set bankroll for playing Sic Bo online.
  • Using progressive betting systems like the D’Alembert method is a good way to maintain your bankroll as it requires you to increase your stake by one unit when you lose and decrease it again when you eventually win.

how to win sic bo casino game for sure 88myr strategy

5. Wager more on Casino big small betting option

  • As mentioned above, observing the gameplay for a while is one of the best Sic Bo Winning Tricks you can use but this takes a lot of patience and skills to understand which betting options win more rounds as sic bo has many.
  • Thus, as a beginner, you should always observe the big/small betting option in sic bo as these are extremely easy to predict as well as apply the aforementioned betting strategies.
  • Big/Small betting options require you to wager on whether the total sum of the three dice will be a big number ranging from 11-17 or a small number ranging from 4-10.

6. Be aware of the Monte Carlo fallacy

  • Altogether the best how to win in sic bo casino game strategy for sure is to wager on the most winning betting option by using a betting system that is progressive in nature.
  • Since you will be doing this, it is important that you be aware of the Monte Carlo or Gambler’s fallacy, which basically is the idea that because a betting option won more rounds, it is unlikely to win again.
  • Many pro gamblers in the betting world expertized in different casino games have been victims of this fallacy and as a beginner, learning what this is is extremely helpful to avoid it to win more in games like Sic Bo.

how to win in sic bo in casino

7. Bet on the Odd/Even betting options

  • The next how to win sic bo betting option is similar to the one above where you must bet on the Even/Odd betting option to predict accurate wins based on observations.
  • The Odd/Even option lets you bet to predict whether the outcome of the three dice will be an odd number or an even number, and is thus one of the easiest sic bo betting options.
  • So, with the Big/Small option, you can wager on the odd/even betting option in a single round to get more payouts in small amounts and increase the money in your bankroll by the end of the day. You can use online casinos like M88 Live Casino where you can wager on multi-tables as well.

8. Do not always wager on the main bets

  • The main betting options in Sic Bo require you to predict the outcome of the total sum of the three dice after they have been rolled by the special equipment in the game room.
  • Although this betting option pays out more, it is important that you avoid them most of the time as a beginner since they are slightly more difficult to win than the side bets like Big/Small or Odd/Even.
  • This does not mean that you have to always skip the main bets, what this means is to wager on the main bets in moderation, only when you get the feeling that the sub-betting option under it is going to win.

how to win in sic bo in casino game

9. Wager on the Combo dice betting options

  • The above how to win in sic bo games strategy may seem too rigid however, these are only recommendations to earn more money the end of the day. In the end, it is important that you enjoy the game by experiencing its thrills and one such way of doing so is by wagering on Combo dice bets.
  • Combo Dice bets require you to predict the total sum outcome of two out of the three dice in the sic bo game room and this betting option is slightly risky, which is thus not really a recommended sic bo strategy.
  • However, like the main bets, the combo betting option is one of the best ones to play if you want to get higher payouts and boost your account wallet. Another way of boosting your account wallet is to make use of your casino bonus like the M88 Promotion offer of up to RM428 on casino games for new members.

10. Avoid wagering on more options in one round

  • Last but not least, sic bo is an online casino game that is very much like Roulette. However, unlike Roulette, you cannot cover most of the betting options on the table.
  • So, it is important as a beginner to stick with easy betting options like the big/small or odd/even option till you get the hang of applying betting systems to other betting options on the sic bo table.
  • Till then, we recommend only wagering on the big/small or odd/even options with sometimes wagering on both options in a single round to win in small amounts, because in the end, winning something is better than winning nothing.

how to win in sic bo game online


These were the 10 How to Win in Sic Bo casino game strategies that you can use t boost your winning rate up to 98% in the game rooms online. Be sure to use fun casino sites like M88 live casino which also provides you with new member bonuses for playing casino games online. For more sic bo or other casino games tips and tricks be sure to keep up with 88MYR as we provide gambler’s with the necessary pro insights to win every time.

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