10 Football betting Tips and Tricks for Beginners from 88MYR

Get the top 10 free Football betting Tips and Tricks by 88MYR experts for beginners to ensure a high success rate of 98% & win RM800 daily in sportsbooks online.

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Playing football betting online with pocket-friendly online betting sites like M88 is easy as the sportsbook offered by such sites are sorted out in the most efficient way. However, winning the bets placed in sportsbooks can be difficult if you do not use your own football betting tips and tricks. So, to help you with a high success rate on your bets, here are 10 free expert football betting tips and tricks for beginners by 88MYR.

88myr handicap football betting tips and tricks by experts

1. Maintain a set betting limit from the start

The first football betting tip and trick is something you should keep in mind as a preparation for placing bets in the sportsbooks online and that is to maintain a set betting limit right from the start. Maintaining a set betting limit or bankroll is very beneficial when it comes to sports betting, especially for beginners online.

  • To maintain a set betting limit you must keep a bankroll aside specifically for football betting online and this amount must not be mixed with your daily expenses.
  • Using budgeting strategies like the 50-30-20 system is the best option for this where 30% of your income can go to your wants, and football betting is a want as a form of entertainment.
  • That being said, this 30% betting roll would eventually increase as you keep winning bets by making accurate predictions using the football betting tips and tricks. This betting limit should be adhered to strictly for this tip to be effective.

2. Use the best sportsbook from the online betting site

Next on the list is to select a sportsbook to place your bets and this must be done after a thorough research as the sportsbook you select should be able to give you all the necessary requirements a gambler needs to place bets with accurate predictions.

  •  Before selecting a good sportsbook it is important that you choose a good online betting site that s completely legal and safe to use with a license obtained by a foreign authority.
  • Next, it is important to look for sportsbooks that are well-known in the betting world that can provide you with accurate betting odds, statistical data, and even live match viewing options.
  • Sportsbooks like SABA Sports and Pinnacle Sports are famous as well as used by pro bettors which you can play football betting at M88 once you have created an account in the M88 Register.

88myr expert football betting tips and tricks 1

3. The minimum betting rate should not be more than RM5

Next, the sportsbook you select should have low minimum betting rates and should not be more than RM5. This is extremely important especially since you are a beginner as you are still learning and are bound to make some errors here and there. Although the highest roller opts for sportsbooks with high betting rates, using sportsbooks with low betting rates starting from RM5 is very beneficial.

  • When you place your bets in the sportsbook for football betting online, it is important to do so using the lowest minimum betting rate especially when you are trying these football tips and tricks.
  • However, this does not mean that you have to stick to the lowest betting rate as you can use progressive betting systems to gradually increase or decrease your bets based on your wins and losses.
  • That being said, to save maximum money in your bankroll, you can use the M88 Sportsbook which offers 3 sportsbooks whose betting rates start from RM2!

4. Use the Over/Under betting option more often

Now when you are placing bets in the sportsbooks it can be confusing as you do not know which one to go for that can help you place accurate bets and also apply these football tips and tricks. This is when you should opt-in to bets for any Over/Under betting option on football matches.

  • Using the Over/Under betting option in sportsbooks is the easiest and also beneficial as you do not have to place bets on individual teams but on the sum of total goals scored by both teams.
  • Doing so becomes easier as you can use previous match data to know more about the over/under average scores between the teams whenever they played together in past matches.
  • Additionally, the over/under betting option in football is a main betting option and so this betting option is not only easy to predict but also can give you extravagant payouts as the betting odds would be higher than the side bets.

88myr handicap football betting tips and tricks for beginners

5. If playing Handicap bets, go for the underdog teams

Another good betting option to play as you learn the basics of football betting online at sites like M88 Football is the handicap betting option. This is because handicap betting options alter the results of the matches in the sportsbooks to even out games played between stronger and underdog teams.

  • This is done by giving the stronger team a handicap disadvantage of – goals which is deducted from the final results of the real match. Whereas the underdog team gets a headstart advantage of – goals which are added to the final results of the real match.
  • So, if the stronger team scores 1 goal and won the match but has a -1 handicap, then their goal count would be 1 – 1 = 0 in the sportsbook. And if the underdog team lost the same match with 0 goals then they’d get 0 + 1 = 2 goals in the sportsbook.
  • These handicap matches come with conditions that usually favor the underdog team so that even if they lose or draw the match, your bets on them have a chance of winning or being refunded. These conditions make the underdog team a better football betting option among the two.

6. Use the sportsbooks’ statistic charts to place accurate bets

Many gamblers resort to placing bets in football by using the betting odds as higher betting odds with betting stakes decide how much payout you will receive, and this is something beginners should learn to avoid right from the beginning. Instead, they should use the betting odds as a secondary option when placing bets in the sportsbooks.

  • What they should look for, according to 88MYR experts, is the statistics of the matches played previously between the teams. This would give them insights into which team has a better chance to win.
  • As mentioned above, to carry out this football betting tip, you must find a sportsbook that gives you statistical data as shown in the image below where you can even know more about which team has a higher chance of winning.
  • Using this you can place bets on the team even if they have low betting odds as odds are bound to change but past data reports would always remain the same. To know about the products offered by the M88 sportsbooks, check out this detailed M88 Review article.

88myr football betting tips and tricks by experts

7. Observe the match before placing bets in the sportsbook

As mentioned above the betting odds are bound to change as the match is played in real-time. However, the betting odds are definitely beneficial when it comes to gaining higher payouts, so we must use this as a secondary betting trick. To enhance this, you should make use of the sportsbook live game and observe the match before placing bets.

  • Sometimes it may happen that the statistics won’t show a major difference between the teams and so both have equal chances of winning, this is when you can use the most effective football betting tip and trick and that is observation.
  • When you observe a match where there is no clear evidence of who is a stronger team and who is the underdog, you can observe the match for the first half and then bet on a team you think is playing well in the second half.
  • This case scenario is usually seen in hot football matches like the ones between Real Madrid and Barcelona as they have been long-time rivals with a good background. Additionally, sportsbooks offered by sites like M88 highlight such hit matches on their homepage, as well as the ones by the teams of the M88 Sponsor list that you definitely should not miss!

8. Avoid placing football Parley bets as a beginner

So far we have told you what you must do to get a football betting high success rate and so in this football betting tips and tricks point we will tell you what you should not do and that is place parley bets as a beginner as you can lose almost all of your bankroll in one go.

  • Parley bets are usually placed by high rollers, who combine multiple individual bets under one bet and so if they win they’d receive high payouts in one go.
  • But this also means that they would lose all their betting stake in one go if even one of their bet from this combination loses, which is not very good for beginners.
  • So, the experts at 88MYR recommend that you place single bets one at a time to receive payouts in small amounts. As you gradually learn how to play football betting with a consistently high success rate then you can slowly learn how to place parley bets in the sportsbook.

88myr free expert football betting tips and tricks for beginners

9. Make use of new member or other sportsbook bonuses

This is one of the best football betting tips and tricks you can find but it is also one that is mostly avoided. This tip is to make full use of any new member or other sportsbook bonuses that the online betting site you select offers. This is usually granted to you the moment you create a new account in the betting but it comes as a limited offer.

  • Sportsbook new member bonuses are a great way to save maximum money from the bankroll that you set aside as you can make a one-time investment by depositing the minimum deposit amount in your online betting site to claim the sports bonuses.
  • The minimum deposit should be about RM30, which you can deposit to complete the rollover requirements and in turn, gain a huge amount as the cashback bonus offer. So, instead of betting with your own money every time, you can use the bonus cash to place your bets.
  • For instance, at M88, you can make a minimum deposit of RM30 in your new account and be eligible for the new member M88 Promotion bonus offer of up to RM588 with additional 88 free spins.

88myr football betting tips and tricks in sportsbook

10. Be genuinely into football matches to get good insights

Many people join sports betting for the thrills of gambling and receiving higher payouts, and thus it can be considered an entertaining form of making small investments. However, the last tip in this football betting tips and tricks article is to genuinely enjoy football matches than being into it just for the money.

  • This is because people who are football fans have insights into the game that helps them place accurate bets. As they know which are the strong teams and which are the underdog teams in the football domain.
  • Additionally, they also have insights on which team is better than the other and also acknowledge when their favorite team is the underdog team for a certain match to help them place bets more rationally.
  • If you genuinely like football, then you will automatically know what are the top leagues and hot matches in the sportsbook that would offer higher odds and thus even higher payouts making you place bets accurately with a high success rate.


These were the 10 free Football Betting Tips and Tricks for beginners offered by expert 88MYR gamblers. Using this you are guaranteed to have a higher success rate than before. Remember to complete the basics of these tips and tricks because once you do, you can come up with your own gambler strategies to win even more. Until then you can rely on 88MYR your no.1 online betting guide to give you the best pro tips and tricks on sports betting.

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