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12 Best & low-risk Football betting strategies to win real money at M88 sportsbook. Apply these safest tips & tricks by 88MYR experts & earn up to RM800 per day.

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Football betting is one form of gambling that is not only fun but also most profitable as long as you have a good online betting site like M88 and some football betting strategies up your sleeves to help you achieve high payouts with every bet you place in the sportsbooks online. So, to help you achieve great betting results, the experts of sports betting at 88MYR have put together these 12 low-risk football betting strategies that you can try out today without going out of your way and still win up to RM888 per day!

m88 football betting strategy to win

1. Learn about football & understand what makes a team strong

The first football betting strategy on our list is to learn about football. We understand that you may be already thinking that you know enough football, but here, you must learn more about the game you want to wager on than by just knowing the overview of it. This means that you must dive deeper into the subject of football and understand the game based on statistics reports and facts.

  • The most simple way of doing this is by just keeping up with football matches and watching the games without any biased views, even if your favorite team is playing.
  • This way you will get a good understanding of which teams in the football world are stronger than the others and also eventually earn what makes these teams stronger, whether it is their gameplay or a good player in the team.
  • Knowing about M88 Football in depth is a great way to also keep track of hot matches where there are two strong teams playing against each other since the odds given by the sportsbook for such matches are high which would result in higher payouts than usual.

2. Select a site & sportsbook with low minimum rates

The second football betting strategy that you can use is another easy one where you must pick the best football betting site and on the site, pick the best sportsbook that offers you a low minimum betting amount. This way, you can go ahead and play football betting online without having to spend a lot of money from your own pocket, especially as a beginner.

  • Most pro bettors, wager a huge amount of money in one go since how much you wager has a great effect on the payouts you will receive.
  • However, they can do so because they are already experienced and know how to use these football betting strategies to the fullest. Wagering a huge amount is possible for them because they do so with confidence.
  • Considering that you are a beginner, it is best to register an account on an online betting site like the M88 Register, where the starting wagering amount on sportsbooks is as low as RM2 only. Using such sportsbooks is extremely beneficial for carrying out the below-mentioned football betting strategies.

m88 football betting strategies to win

3. Live or early matches – Know when to place your bets

Deciding when to place your bets may seem unimportant however, it is one of the best football betting strategies you can learn to enhance your own gameplay. To be honest, when you decide to wager does not really affect the real-match results, however, in sportsbooks, you can increase your chances of getting higher payouts based on this strategy.

  • In sportsbooks, you can choose between live or early matches to place bets on. Since sportsbook odds are predicted beforehand, you can get early odds data on some football matches which are sometimes higher than the ones in live matches.
  • Most pro players would suggest betting on higher odds because once your bet is locked in the sportsbook for the odds you wagered on at the time, it would not matter if the odds change or not during the live match.
  • Once you wager on a betting option with high odds, regardless of whether the odds lower when the real game is played, you will receive a payout depending on the odds you wagered. Of course, your team has to win the bet condition to receive the given payout.

4. Place bets on Live matches to improve your observations

In continuation with the above-mentioned point, placing bets on early matches is proven to be the best when it comes to receiving good payouts but if you want to improve your observation skills and learn betting like a pro from scratch, then you should try placing bets on live matches as these bets are even more thrilling thanks to the constantly changing odds.

  • Live betting is also known as in-play betting where you get to place bets on the football match as the real match is being played on the football field in real-time.
  • So, depending on how the game is being played, the odds of the game keep changing in the sportsbook, so you can either wait for the odds to go higher place a bet, or lock your bet on the team with high odds to ensure wins.
  • This is a great way to improve one of the greatest skills gamblers must have and that is observation skills. Just like knowing football sports thoroughly, watching matches in the sportsbook, like the M88 Sportsbook where you can watch the match live while placing bets, is a great way of understanding which team has a better chance of winning based on their gameplay.

m88 low risk football betting strategies

5. Start with placing Over/Under bets in the sportsbook

Understanding what betting options the sportsbooks offer is extremely important just like understanding the game and the team statistics. This is because knowing which betting option to wager on would help you place easier bets as a beginner and still receive higher payouts. Although most main betting options in football offer high payouts, the Over/Under bet option is the best one for beginners can try in their initial betting stage.

  • The Over/Under betting option is easy to understand since this option does not require you to pick between any of the teams as the end score of both teams is required to predict the outcome.
  • So, here you must bet on whether the total score of the match will be more than (over) or less than (under) a certain number margin. To get accurate margins on O/U bets, you should choose a betting site that provides you with the requirements like M88, click on this M88 Review to know more.
  • Bookies derive this number margin by analyzing the teams’ previous matches played together and so, using the sportsbook statistics of the teams, you too can easily predict the outcome of the match to place your bets accurately.

6. Wager on the underdog team more in HDP betting

In football betting, the most common main betting option is the 1X2 bet, where you must wager on 1 the home team, X a draw between the teams, or 2 the away team. However, when there is a match played between a strong and an underdog team, another betting option is available and that is the Handicap betting option.

  • In the Handicap betting option, the stronger team is given minus goal handicap disadvantages while the underdog team is given plus goal headstart advantages.
  • This means that to even out the strength difference between both teams, the end score for the stronger teams will have some goals deducted while the underdog team will have the same number of goals added to their score.
  • Thus if wagering on handicap matches, then the underdog team makes up for a better sub-betting option because here, even if the match draws or the underdog team loses the real match, because of the Asian Handicap Betting conditions, there is a good chance of your bets winning.

m88 safest football betting strategies

7. Place bets on the 2nd half more than the 1st half

It is emphasized above how observing a game is very crucial to placing accurate bets and it is one of the most beneficial skills used by pro gamblers so, watching and observing football matches is important to place accurate bets in sportsbooks. It is also mentioned above that observing live matches and placing bets can help you learn how to carry out this football betting strategy but when you must wager, is also something you should know.

  • The experts at 88MYR suggest that the best time to wager on a match is during the second half of the game because the entire 1st half should be used to observe how the teams play.
  • Here you can even place mental bets in the first half of the game where you predict the outcome of the first half just by making observations.
  • Then you can wager on the second half of the game with real money based on your observations. With this, you can make accurate bets plus get proper final odds towards the end of the match to wager on.

8. Understand how the odds of sports betting affect payouts

Next on the list of low-risk football betting strategies, we have the trick of wagering based on the odds that are used by many bettors online. Here, you must understand the odds and how they affect the payout thoroughly to place bets on a good betting option accurately since the betting odds has a huge effect on the payouts you can receive.

  • The payout of any betting option in sportsbooks is calculated by multiplying the betting odds with the betting stake using the formula betting odds x betting stakes = total payout.
  • This is why betting on higher odds is a better option to go with, however, the betting odds also let you know which team has better odds or chances of winning, so if you do not know which main betting option to go with, you can choose the one with higher betting odds.
  • This is also another reason why most pro bettors recommend betting on early or upcoming football matches, so they lock their bets on high odds from the start because even if the odds go lower during the real match, it won’t affect their payouts.

m88 best football betting strategies

9. Do not always wager on your favorite teams in football

Most people join sports betting online to support their favorite teams by placing bets on them in the sportsbook. However, if you want to win good payouts, then the next football betting strategy recommends that you avoid placing bets on your favorite team, especially if the odds on them are low. To know if your favorite team was a sponsor at one of the best online betting sites, check out this impressive M88 Sponsor list.

  • As mentioned above, higher odds provide higher payouts, and it also helps you understand which team has a better chance of winning the football match in the sportsbook.
  • So, if your favorite team has low odds, then we recommend that you avoid placing bets on the team so that you do not lose your betting stake and place your bets in the sportsbook mindfully.
  • This is why we recommended the very first football betting strategy because if you know the football game thoroughly then you would pick a strong team as a favorite. But this would also mean that as an avid football fall, you would acknowledge other stronger teams in the football world too which would help you become a rational bettor.

10. Avoid placing Parley bets in the sportsbook as a beginner

Another thing that pros like to do is place Parley bets where they bet on different matches in one go and in turn receive higher payouts. But as shiny as the outcome of parley bets sound, the more risks it has. Thus, we recommend beginners avoid this kind of bet initially since it is not one of the low-risk football betting strategies to use.

  • Placing Parley bets means placing bets on multiple betting options from different matches, which also means that all these bets are tied into one single bet.
  • So, if you place bets on 3 different betting options in the sportsbook from different matches, then for your bet to be successful all three bets must win, which means that if one bet loses out of the three, then your entire bet is lost.
  • Although winning such bets would result in high payouts, it is extremely risky for a beginner to use parley bets as they could lose more of their bankroll in one go. Pros have been in this for a long time and so they know how to place parley bets but beginners, must start slow and resort to parley bets as their last option.

m88 low risk football betting strategies to win

11. Increase the number of bets you place gradually

This next football betting strategy to win can be taken as a continuation of the above point. As mentioned, placing Parley bets must be avoided as a beginner, but this does not mean that you cannot place Parley bets at all. What it means is that you should learn how to place parley bets in the sportsbook slowly and you can start by placing more than one bet for a single match.

  • The above-mentioned football betting strategies apply to placing bets on any betting options and but using the minimum betting amount in the sportsbook, you must first try placing bets on only one betting option for one match.
  • Once you have learned how to place bets on one betting option, you must go ahead and place bets on two different betting options for the same match. To avoid spending from your own pockets, you can apply for your sportsbook bonus like the ones under M88 Promotion that give you up to RM588 on its sportsbook products.
  • This way, you can start by wagering on one match and then move on to wagering on two matches at the same time using these safest football betting strategies. This way, you will eventually get a hang of how to win more betting options’ payouts as well as parlay bets.

12. Maintain a set betting limit to play football betting

Last but not least, knowing how much you will be used to place wagers on the betting options is extremely crucial and is thus included in this low-risk football betting strategies list. The one thing that differentiates pros from rookies apart from experience is knowing how to handle and maintain a bankroll. Thus, setting a betting limit for yourself is important to earn and save more money.

  • Setting a betting limit or bankroll for yourself would mean that you are keeping some money aside only for wagering purposes, which is different from your daily expenses and also a different amount from the payouts you win.
  • This bankroll must be strictly used for wagering and once the limit is reached, you should avoid placing bets. Using minimum betting amounts to wager in a sportsbook could also give you an idea of how many times you can wager for the day.
  • To add to this, using savings methods like the 50-30-20 method or betting systems like the D’Alembert system is a great way to maintain a bankroll properly. Additionally, football betting strategies offered by sites like ours, 88MYR, are also a great way to save up as much as you can while receiving more money as payouts.


With this, we come to the end of this Football Betting Strategies article where we introduced you to 12 low-risk, safest, and best football betting tricks you can apply to your wagering gameplay in any sportsbooks online. Remember to select a proper sportsbook like those offered by sites like M88 and also to apply these strategies by learning them patiently. For more betting strategies, stick around 88MYR, one of Asia’s top betting guides!

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