8 Best Sic Bo strategies to win RM800 daily by 88MYR Experts

8 Super best Sic Bo strategies to follow at M88 live casino by 88MYR Professionals & win up to RM800 daily. Apply the tricks & increase your winning rate by 98%

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#1. Understand Sic Bo game & betting options better

What do you think is the most important thing to know for playing any online casino game? Well, we bet you can’t get the answer to this question wrong. So let’s dive directly into it and understand the gameplay of Sic bo online casino game. It is important to learn how to play sic bo online casino game before we learn how to win more real money while playing sic bo casino game. For exclusive guide you can click on how to play sic bo game online by 88MYR betting experts to learn, play, and earn more.

how to win sic bo online for real money

Sic bo is one of the most loved online casino game in Malaysia with multiple betting options and minimum betting limits, it is played via an inverted glass equipement and 3 dice. Players begin by placing a bet within a set time frame and live dealer will conduct the online casino game. Inverted glass and 3 dice kept inside it are shaken and 3 numbers are revealed. Players have to predict the nature of the numbers or the sum total of the numbers. Some popular betting options are even/odd, small/big, triplets, etc. Play Sic bo online and earn real money of up to RM900 every day at M88 Malaysia.

#2. Analyse winning patterns before playing Sic Bo

If you have great observing skills, then this trick can do wonders for you! Online players with amazing observing skills have known to earn huge profits at sic bo game online, and if you are the one, then you can do. You get limited amount of time to place a bet on online sic bo game, but you get unlimited time to watch and observe the game, meaning that there is no hurry for you to leave the table, you can stay as long as you want without placing a bet. Hence, take advantage of this opportunity to observe the game, understand the pattern and then place the bets, this way you will not only win real money, but you will get experience to understand the pattern and follow through.

By observing the winning patterns of sic bo online game, you can understand which betting option is winning frequently and bet as per your ideology. In this sic bo strategy, there are two types of ideologies after observing the pattern of the game: one is the negative and other one is positive. Let’s know them better and select the one you prefer and place a bet accordingly.

Let’s take an example where you see that ‘big’ betting option has been winning frequently. Now you can have two thoughts in your mind. One, since big wedding option is winning frequently, there is a high chance that in next round ‘big’ betting option will win again. Second thought in your mind will be, since ‘big’ betting option is winning a lot lately, there is a chance that it’s time for ‘small’ betting option to win. If you select the former one, then you are selecting a strategy known as positive strategy and if you select the latter than you are selecting the negative strategy. Know more casino tips to win more!

#3. Place small bets & increase the amount gradually

There is a trick to invest your money in online gambling and earn a huge amount of profit through it, that is the key essential of playing online casino games. The rule here is to start your online gambling journey by placing small bets in the beginning to get the idea of the gameplay, practice with less amount of money and increase the amount gradually, once you feel you are experienced enough to risk a big amount in order to earn even bigger amount.

Sic Bo winning strategies to earn real money up to RM900 every day

  • Since we all know what makes a man perfect, keep practising Sic bo online casino game at M88 Live Casino with minimum betting amount of RM1 and earn double of what you wager with double RTP rate and least house edge.
  • By placing a small bets with least amount of money possible you will not only increase your chances of winning, but you also save your bankroll and rectify the possible net loss while playing online sic bo casino game.
  • You can increase the amount of bets as soon as you understand the pattern of the game, it’s impossible to encrypt the algorithm of the game, but it is possible to observe the pattern and bet accordingly. Get to know more ways on how to win sic bo game online by 88MYR betting experts and share your winning stories with us.

#4. Follow progressive betting system strategy

Are you constantly losing your money in sic bo games online? We have got an ultimate game changer for you to balance out your losses and gain the lost money back. Follow a progressive betting strategy to win your lost money and win even more real money, some of the most popular progressive betting systems are Martingale, Fibonacci, D’Alembert, anti-Martingale, etc. Here’s a general example for you to understand what is Progressive betting system so you can create your own sequence and follow it as per your bankroll.

  • Suppose you place a bet of RM1 on Small betting option in round 1 and you win the bet, then place a bet of RM1 again in round 2.
  • If you lose round 2, then double the wager amount and place a bet on RM2 in round 3 of sic bo online casino game.
  • If you lose round 3 too, then place a bet of RM4 on round 4 and this continues until you win the round again. You can go back to your initial bet as soon as you win in the next round.

Most important condition of this progressive betting system is that you cannot change the betting option, you have to a place a bet on same betting option throughout the strategy.

#5. Prefer betting on combined bets often in Sic Bo

When it comes to playing the sic bo online casino game, understanding the sic bo betting options is equally important as knowing the gameplay and rules. Sic bo is one of the most played online casino game because of it’s multiple betting option choices, alike roulette, sic bo provides mutliple betting options in one bet-type to place a bet of more than one number once and win real money. Most popular betting options at Sic Bo are:

super sic bo strategy to win online casino game in Malaysia

  • Big/Small Sic bo betting option: If the sum total of three numbers of three face-up dice ranges between 4-10, then the player who wagered on small betting option wins. And if the sum total of three numbers of three face-up dice ranges from 11-17, then the played who wagered on big betting option wins the game.
  • Even/Odd Sic bo betting option: If the sum total of three numbers of three face-up dice is multiple of 2, then the player who wagered on even betting option wins. And if the sum total of three numbers of three face-up dice is not a multiple of 2, then the played who wagered on odd betting option wins the game.

There are many more betting options but these 4 allows the online players to place a bet on multiple number with one betting option and that’s why recommend placing a bet on combined bets frequently. One of the best platforms to play sic bo casino game online is M88 Live Casino, play and grab a chance to earn M88 Promotion of up to RM428 on first deposit.

#6. How to select best Sic Bo online gaming room?

There are many live casino game providers in Malaysia and some of the most popular ones are those who provide legal betting license, minimum betting stakes, high-quality video players, multiple betting options, live streaming, no lagging in videos, mulitple tables to choose from, different variants of one game, larger number of active players, etc. Ezugi club, Evolution Club, Pragmatic Play, Gameplay Interactive, Playtech, and Sexy Gaming are of some the most popular online live casino game providers.

Looking for a best sic bo gaming room depends on what you are looking for? Do you want a gameroom with minimum betting amount? Do you want a gameroom with least house edge and highest RTP rates? Decide what you want and explore the ones. We recommend playing at Club Ezugi and Evolution for better odds, great payouts, least house edge, and affordable betting limits. Play Sic bo online and learn more ways to win, try Sic Bo tips & tricks by 88MYR and experience the impact on your own.

#7. Research & select reputable online gambling site

When it comes to finding the most trustworthy online gambling site to play any casino game, it requires a lot of time for research. Research is the most important aspect of finding the best online gambling site to play Sic Bo online. There is a plenty of fishes in ocean to catch, similarly, there are millions of online gambling sites to research and review to find the best one. Lucky you that we have done the research for you and have brought the best online gambling site for you to play. We kept multiple points in account like legality, customer reviews, SSL certificate, availability of products, customer care services, compatible mobile apps, etc. in mind while searching the best online gambling site for you.

best sic bo game winning startegy to win loads of real money

  • M88 is an online gambling site that is most reputed in Malaysia to conduct legal online gambling games like Sic Bo, baccarat, blackjack, etc under Interactive Gaming License by Republic of Vanuatu, Ministry of Finance & Economic Development with 128 Bit SSL secured connection.
  • Not only Sic Bo, you can play sports betting, every live casino games, lottery, arcade games, slots online, keno, etc. at M88 Malaysia with minimum betting stake of RM1.
  • M88 betting site is also available for Android and iOS mobile users with impeccable customer care service devoted to fulfil the needs of online players 24/7 instantly. Make M88 Register now and claim 100% welcome bonus of up to RM428 on your first deposit.

#8. Take an oath of play responsible gambling online

Nowadays online gambling is easily accessible 24/7 to the gamblers, which makes them prone to get even more addicted to gambling than offline gambling. That’s why it is crucial to take an oath and become a responsible gambler for your own sake. Alongside of practising responsible gambling, online players must also focus on enhancing the skills to earn more money. Hence, with responsible gambling methods and enhanced skills, you can earn loads of real money with less unnecessary risks.

The two most important component that you should master in responsible online gambling methods are time and money management, both are equally crucial for living a sustainable life with all your needs and wants fulfilled. We recommend following 50:30:20 method for your money management, spend 50% of your monthly bankroll to fulfill the needs of your living like rent, electricity, food, etc; spent 30% of your bankroll in investment and savings; and keep the remaining 20% for leisure activities, which also includes gambling.

Sic bo strategies to win real money in Malaysia

In order to save your time. we recommend setting a time limit for yourself, meaning that you should set a time to play online gambling for yourself and don’t play in any other given time, irrespective of your desires. For beginners, we recommend 30 minutes per day, that’s more than enough to earn some money and have fun with online gambling. As for professionals, who have made online gambling their profession, you should devote as much time as you can to online gambling games, that doesn’t mean only playing the games is enough, learning about them, learning the strategies and researching plays strong part in your earnings.


Sic Bo is a fun exciting online casino game with endless opportunities and earn some extra money, we are here to help you earn a lot more than you can with these 8 Best Sic Bo strategies. By following these M88 betting experts and their strategies you can enhance your earnings by 98%. So grab the strategies now and pave your path to win more real money with Sic Bo gameplay at M88 live casino. Enjoy many more online casino games with M88, play Sic Bo, and earn cash of up to RM900 every day.

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