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Learn 7 Advanced Poker Strategies & tips for individual, table & tournament cash games by 88MYR betting professionals to win real money of up to RM900 every day.

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#1. Consider Overbetting when you have ‘Nut-Advantage’

Having strong cards in poker is rare and if you ever get strong cards in poker, make the most out of them. If you have a strong range over your opponent’s range, then make a great advantage by over-betting, this type of opportunity is considered a ‘Nut Advantage’. But make sure that your overbetting is polarized, it should be made up of strong cards and master bluffs only as an advanced poker tips.

advanced poker strategies to win RM900 every day

Using overbetting allows you to earn the maximum value of your hand with a proper bluff. The most effective overbetting bluff is possible only when you can block the strongest card of your opponent. The best example of a Nut advantage is a flush blocker to three to a flush board. Hence, overbet in poker when you have strong hands and win the maximum amount with bluffing.

#2. Create compatible tactics for your overarching strategy

In order to have a strong game of poker against your opponent, you have to build a strategy based on the fundamentals of poker and that will be the foundation of your strategy. Once you have settled on a default strong strategy for your gameplay, make sure your tactics are compatible with your decided overarching strategy.

Poker is known as a skillful game and it is often compared with chess due to great analogy, you can organize your thoughts and use them to defeat your opponent in both games. In poker, there are two games being played, strategic & tactic game. A strategic game is a player’s defensive mechanism with long-term future plans. Meanwhile, the tactical game is based on short-term moves, they keep on evolving and constantly reacting.

#3. Responding to a Raise put forth by the player behind you

When a person sitting behind you raises the bet, it’s always a difficult situation to interpret and decide what you should do, it usually depends on the size of the raise and position on the table. There’s no rule to call a raise whenever you get one, there’s a whole set of thought processes involved to make a certain decision.

poker winning strategies advanced tips & tricks to win real money

So, as an advanced poker tips, you have to keep your hands in mind, if you have strong hands, then go ahead and call the raise, take a chance on your hands and you might win loads amount of real money. Look how many players are left when the player raises the bets, it there are fewer players than initially then call the raise, they tend to show strength with fewer players in the form of bluffing. Look how aggressive is the raise, more than triple the amount can mean that the player really has strong hands. Understand the pot odds before calling the raise in poker, you can call a raise when there are better odds in your favor.

#4. Understand the importance of counterstrategies & follow

This is considered to be the most important of all strategies when it comes to exploiting your opponents, that is, hit a pre-flop and post-flop decision with counterstrategy whenever possible. Whatever your decision is, it should be based on the mere possibility of exploiting your opponent’s cards. All rounds should be practically applying tactics with counterstrategies, Opponents might consider your default strategy but they won’t see it coming when you strike them with a counterstrategy.

However, you cannot always read the cards of your opponents and that’s when you have to follow a ‘vacuum strategy’ that is made for such game playing. Vacuum strategy will be your base strategy when you know nothing about your opponent’s move, in such condition as to observe the moves of your opponent on the table and create your counterstrategies on the position. Adapt to changes as quickly as you can and master your observing skills.

#5. Bet, raise, and reraise to not rely on your luck for Poker

If you have drawn hands in poker, play them faster, that’s the thumb rule as one of the poker tips advanced. Meaning that it’s better to earn as much money as you can in the middle of the game in more of the situations. This is because your draw hands will have no value in showdown, you can’t win a pot with an unimproved draw hand. So, if you bet, then raise the bet, and then re-raise the raised bet, there’s a great chance that you will win without having strong hands and without having to rely on your luck. Ace High will be best in this scenario.

online poker advanced tips & tricks, professional strategies to win real cash games online

Another reason to claim your win as soon as you can in poker with a draw hands is that the odds in earlier streets are higher as compared to the later streets. Hence, players can pay you more in a flop than a river. Some draws are not worth playing, so let them so and fold the first chance to get. There’s a great risk in giving it a chance, if you are willing to take such a risk, go ahead and play with risky draw hands as your own advanced poker strategies.

#6. Learn the art of disguising your card showing in Poker

Even though your opponent can’t see your hands they can see your cards through your expressions, so keep them as blunt as you can. There are two ways in poker if you win the game before showdown, you can either decide to show your cards to the opponent or you can decide to not show the cards to your opponent.

In this case, as a poker tips advanced never show your cards after winning the pot, this can give a clear idea to your opponents about your moves and strategies. We see that a lot of beginners show their cards after winning the game, which is a mistake because your opponent knows your moves as per your cards. If you had strong cards, they know your strategies and if you bluffed, they know your bluffing style now. Be careful and never show your cards to your opponents, neither through your eyes nor through your expressions.

#7. Squeeze (Preflop 3 Bets) more often pre-flop in Poker

poker advanced tips & tricks to win more real money strategies online

A Squeeze is a pre-flop 3 bet, in which there’s an open raise, one caller and more before you. It’s another advanced poker strategies trick to put the money from the weak cards of your opponents. The objective of squeeze is to get other players to fold and pick uncontested pre-flop. Try bluffing and squeezing the money out of your opponent in the first street since this street has the highest odds of all streets.


Poker is an online casino game, most popular due to its skill gaming techniques. It is not a game of luck, you need sheer observation and advanced strategies to win poker online. That’s why, we are here to provide 7 advanced poker strategies to follow with your clever tactics to win more real money online with professional formulas and techniques. Play at M88 live casino with minimum betting stakes and win double what you wagered, join, and claim a 175% welcome bonus of up to RM428 on your first deposit in a live casino. Enjoy another level of online gambling with M88 Malaysia!

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