1XBET Football betting for minimum RM10 bet | 88MYR tutorial

Learn 1XBET Football betting by 88MYR for minimum RM10 + 3 bonus tips. Play 1X2, O/U, HDP, total score or double chance using 100% upto RM500 sports 1XBET bonus.

1XBET Football  1XBET Bonus RM500  1XBET Sportsbook

The 1XBET football sportsbook is one of the best online betting sportsbooks you can game on as a Malaysian player because here you not only get updated, good, and instant odds on matches but also an impressive prediction chart that can help you make accurate bets in the sportsbook to win wholesome payouts. Moreover, here you can get a 100% bonus of up to RM500 bonus on the sportsbook on your first deposit. So, let us give you a detailed view of the 1XBET football betting options and tutorials at 1XBET.

Why is 1XBET Football sportsbook popular in Malaysia

Before we get into the how to bet on 1XBET football tutorial, let us look into why many players prefer the 1XBET sportsbook in not only Malaysia but all over Asia. There are many benefits to joining the 1XBET website as here you get to play casino, live dealer, slots, and other betting games as well which are all equally fun like betting on 1XBET football matches. To know more about 1XBET, please read this detailed 1XBET Malaysia Review.

88myr 1xbet football betting tutorial by 88myr

  • Legal to use: Firstly, the 1XBET website is legal to use as it owns a license from the Curacao eGaming company that lets it offer its services to Malaysian players and other Asian countries.
  • Secure deposits: The 1XBET website is backed with high security via their SSL certification which makes making transactions like deposits and withdrawals safe and secure with less time taken.
  • Easy Interface: Since 1XBET has only one sportsbook, it is easier to use and navigate thanks to the interface. Here you can bet instantly with just a few clicks and finding the bets you want to wager on is not difficult.
  • Instant Odds: Another cool thing about this website is that you can get updated odds for early as well as in-play betting. Of course, you must have a good internet connection for it, but regardless, locking bets on the best odds happens quickly.
  • Live Streaming services: Lastly, the 1XBET website lets you live stream the football matches right above all the betting options so that you can get a live observation of the match and then place a wager on the most favorable teams.

5 popular betting options in 1XBET football that you should play

Before we show you the 1XBET Sports Betting on football matches tutorial below, let us look into the different kinds of main betting options and the 1XBET football rules on the table. Understanding these football betting options is something that you should first do before playing at 1XBet because although the 1XBET football rules of these options are simple, they must always be remembered when wagering in the sportsbook.


The first one on the list is the 1X2 betting option in football which is something that you do regardless of whether you are betting online with money or not.

88myr 1xbet football betting tutorial by 88myr 1x2 rules explained

The 1X2 option, stands for Home-Draw-Away, where you must predict which team will win the match or whether the match will end up in a Draw.

  • 1 = Home = The Home team must win the match for this betting option to win.
  • X = Draw = There must be a Tie or Draw between the teams for this betting option to win.
  • 2 = Away = The Away team must win the match for this betting option to win.


Altering the reality of the match, we have the second football betting option which is the Handicap betting option. Here the real game results are altered based on the given headstart and handicap for the teams based on strength differences.

88myr 1xbet football betting tutorial by 88myr handicap rules explained

Sometimes, one team is slightly stronger than their opponents, and to even the strength out, the underdog team gets + goal headstart advantages while the stronger team gets – goal handicap disadvantages. This is then calculated with the end results of the match by adding or deducting the given headstart/handicap, respectively.


One of the best options you can wager on in the 1XBET sportsbook is the Over/Under option. This option is beginner friendly and so, if you play at 1XBET football, then you should definitely try this betting option.

88myr 1xbet football betting tutorial by 88myr over under rules explained

The Over/Under betting option in football is a total score prediction where you must predict the total outcome of the entire match to be more than a given margin for Over bets or less than the given margin for Under bets. Here, you are not betting on any team but on the total combined score they both manage to get by the end of the football match.

Correct Score

Making things interesting only at 1XBET football sportsbook, you can bet on the Correct Score prediction where you predict the correct exact score the teams will score by the end of the match by using the slider.

88myr 1xbet football betting tutorial by 88myr correct score rules explained

Again, you are not wagering on any one of the two teams but instead, you are wagering on predicting the end game results by putting in the end results you think both teams will score by the end of the game. So, using the slider, you must predict how many goals the home team would score and how many goals the away team would score.

Double Chance

Last but not least, the Double Chance betting option is just like the 1X2 betting option but here you get to wager on two out of three options in the sportsbook which makes the winning probability even more higher.

88myr 1xbet football betting tutorial by 88myr double chance rules explained

In the double chance betting option there are three sub-betting option that follow the same 1X2 1XBET football rules where the end match results would determine the winner of the betting options

  • 1X = Home/Draw = If the Home team wins or the match ends in a Draw, this betting option will win.
  • X2 = Draw/Away = If the match ends in a Draw or the Away team wins, this betting option will win.
  • 12 = Home/Away = If the Home team or Away team wins, this betting option will win.

How to bet on 1XBET Football in 3 simple steps? 88MYR tutorial

Now let us look into how you can wager on a football match in the 1XBET Sportsbook using these 3 simple steps by 88MYR. Using only these three steps you can go on and play 1XBET football betting on any of your favorite matches while also enjoying the live gameplay.

Step 1: Log into 1XBET account and click on the Sports product

  • The first thing that you should do is log into your 1XBET account by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button and then enter your login credentials in the given pop-up box.

88myr 1xbet football betting tutorial by 88myr step 1

  • If you do not own a 1XBET account, then you must click on the ‘Registration‘ button and make a 1XBET Registration on the betting site with accurate details.
  • Once done, click on the ‘Sports‘ product on the homepage menubar to get access to the matches with their betting odds for all matches.

Step 2: Filter the sportsbook and pick on a football match

  • Once the above steps are completed, you must filter the sportsbook by clicking on the ‘Football‘ option from the left side menu panel and as you can see, you can further filter the sportsbook by selecting which match or bets you prefer, like Directly, Exit Right, Today, Early, Moneyline, etc.

88myr 1xbet football betting tutorial by 88myr step 2

Then when you are done filtering the 1XBET Sportsbook according to your preference, you will get all the football matches on one page. From these, click on your preferred football match and move on to the final step of this how to bet on 1XBET football tutorial.

Step 3: Enter the stake and lock your bets on the match

  • In the last step, you will find yourself on a page with all betting options for the match you selected, and so from these, you can click on your preferred betting option to access the bet slip on the right side of your screen.

88myr 1xbet football betting tutorial by 88myr step 3

  • On the bet slip, you must then enter your wager on the sub-betting option of your choice, and based on the odds given, you will see the payout returns. If you are satisfied with the returns, you can click on the ‘Place a Bet‘ button and lock your bets in for the match.
  • Now all that is left to do is tune into the 1XBET sportsbook when the real match takes place to view the live streaming of the match in the sportsbook in anticipation of the results.

How do betting odds work in 1XBET football matches?

In the above how to bet on 1XBET football tutorial, we wagered on a match between Burnley and Manchester City. From the teams, we wagered on a 1X2 option where we put an RM10 bet on Manchester City for the odds of 1.341. Let us now look at the table below and see how the odds work in 1XBET football betting by looking at the scenarios of the 1, X, and 2 sub-betting options separately.

In football betting, the betting stake is multiplied by the betting odds to give us the estimated payout returns for a match. This means that the formula Betting Stake x Betting Odds = Payout Returns is always applied for any match in the sportsbook.

1 – Burnley F.C. @ 10.2

X – Match Draw @ 5.8

2 – Manchester City @ 1.341

88myr 1xbet football betting tutorial by 88myr betting odds 1 88myr 1xbet football betting tutorial by 88myr betting odds 2 88myr 1xbet football betting tutorial by 88myr betting odds 3
Condition: Burnley F.C. must win the match for this betting options to win Condition: The match must end in a draw for this betting option to win Condition: Manchester City must win the match for this betting option to win
Betting odds: 10.2 Betting odds: 5.81 Betting odds: 1.341
Betting stake: RM10 Betting stake: RM10 Betting stake: RM10
If the bet wins: You get RM102 returns f the bet wins: You get RM58.10 returns If the bet wins: You get RM13.41 returns
If the bet losses: Your betting stake RM10 is lost If the bet losses: Your betting stake RM10 is lost If the bet losses: Your betting stake RM10 is lost

With what is said and shown above, you must be wondering why we decided to wager on the lowest odds since the highest odds gets more returns. Well, this is because low odds always mean that the team has a better chance of winning and high odds means that the risk taken is high. So, a wise move would be to wager on lower odds and get paid in small amounts, than losing an entire betting stake on higher odds.

3 betting tips to ace your 1XBET football bets online

Now that you have learned about the 1XBET football betting options with a simple 3-step 88MYR tutorial, it is time to help you our with 3 bonus football betting tips before we end this article. Using these 3 betting tips, you can learn to ace your 1XBET football bets on the site without having to worry about spending a lot from your pockets as well as win more bets with ease.

88myr 1xbet football betting tutorial with 88myr football betting tips

  1. Apply for 1XBET sports bonus: Firstly, you should apply for the 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia bonus which gives you a 100% up to RM500 on sportsbook products on your first deposit. This is extremely beneficial as using this can help you boost your bankroll from beginner to wager on fun 1XBET football matches.
  2. Use the match history charts: Next, one of the most beneficial football betting tricks that you can apply in your gameplay is to look into the available history charts in the 1XBET shows you. This is because based on previous match results of the previous matches, you get accurate predictions of who is most likely to win the match.
  3. Always wager on lower odds: Lastly, as mentioned above, it is important that you wager on lower odds as lower odds mean that the chances of the bet winning is higher than the team with higher odds. Although you will earn in small amounts, you at least won’t lose your entire betting stake.


This was all about the 1XBET Football betting tutorial with a simple yet detailed overview of the 1XBET sportsbook for football betting. Follow the steps and tips above by 88MYR and you will begin to ace your bets in no time. For more betting tutorials on football matches, stick to 88MYR where we cover explanations and tutorials on every betting option including pro insights and tips, tricks, and strategies.

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