1XBET Affiliate Partner – Join Program & earn 40% Commission

Become 1XBET Affiliate Partner! Know the terms & conditions to promote 1XBET sportsbook & live casino. Bring active players to 1XBET & earn up to 40% Commission.

1XBET Affiliate Program  1XBET Partners  Earn 40% Commission

About 1XBET Affiliate Program

Since 2007, 1XBET, one of Asia’s most prominent online gambling and betting sites, has operated legal sportsbooks, slots online, live casino games, 1XGAMES, Bingo, Numbers, Toto, Lottery, Keno, and other games under a CURACAO E-Gaming license in Malaysia. 1XBET, run by Sergei Karshukov and Roman Semiohin, offers the best odds, outstanding payouts, a lower house edge, incredible RTP, high-quality games, a wide range of online sports betting, and live casino games. Register at 1XBET Malaysia today and receive a 100% first deposit bonus of up to €300 (RM1,480). The 1XBET Affiliate Programme is another way to earn real money with 1XBET!

1xbet affiliate program marketing partners make money with no hustle promote 15 years old betting site

Join the 1XBET affiliate program to advertise 1XBET products, bring active players to 1XBET for consistent betting, and earn a 40% lifetime commission on whatever amount your active players spend on the 1XBET betting site. To join the 1XBET affiliate marketing program, simply follow the three-step method provided in the section below to submit your application to become a partner in the 1XBET affiliate program. Promote, earn, and withdraw rewards up to $30 with 200 payment choices. Earn money by playing online games at the 1XBET betting site and by marketing 1XBET products in Malaysia through the 1XBET affiliate program.

5 Important 1XBET Affiliate terms and conditions/Benefits

Before you join the 1XBET affiliate program, make sure you understand the five key terms, advantages, and conditions listed below. Learn how to promote, process, and guide revenue share, CPA, and hybrid goods. Make a 1XBET Register to test out 1XBET products before promoting them.

1xbet affiliate program become partner create 1xbet affiliate account & get 40% commission payment

  1. Sign up as an affiliate partner with 1XBET immediately to advertise 1XBET products, bring active players to 1XBET for regular betting, and earn a 40% lifetime commission on whatever your active players spend on the 1XBET betting site.
  2. 1XBET Affiliate Process: Become a 1XBET affiliate, promote 1XBET goods on your website, refer new customers to 1XBET, and earn up to 40% of 1XBET’s net profit for each customer you recommend.
  3. 1XBET Affiliate Products: 1,000+ sports events under 50 sports for 1XBET sports betting, 13,000+ online 1XBET Live Casino games to play, and 3,500+ events under 25 E-sports for 1XBET E-sports betting. 1XBET Malaysia offers a variety of items for partners to promote and earn real money.
  4. Request for CPA & Hybrid: You can ask a 1XBET affiliate manager to convert your 40% commission to CPA and earn it when your referred player completes a specific assigned action. Alternatively, you can convert your commission into a hybrid, 25% revenue sharing, and CPA in exchange.
  5. 1XBET Affiliate Guide: To assist new partners in promoting 1XBET, 1XBET provides a ‘Blog’ feature in the 1XBET affiliate program’s Menubar. It aids in the promotion of 1XBET by providing digital marketing, SEO, SMM, SMO, and PCC advice through articles published by 1XBET digital marketing specialists.


Note: If you have any questions or concerns about the 1XBET Affiliate Programme, please contact 1XBET customer service at [email protected]. That is the only way to get in touch with the Affiliate Programme 1XBET Customer Care Services.

How to Become 1XBET Affiliate Partner – 3 Steps guide

In three easy steps, you may become a 1XBET affiliate partner: To become a partner, go to the official website of 1XBET Malaysia, scroll down, and pick ‘Affiliate Partner’ before filling out the application form. Get 1XBET Review Malaysia and play at 1XBET before joining the 1XBET affiliate program to promote 1XBET sports betting and live casino.

Step 1: Select ‘Affiliate Program’ & become a Joint Partner

Access the official betting website of 1XBET in Malaysia by clicking on the buttons given above, you will be redirected to the 1XBET section of 88MYR. Click on any of the three buttons given under the ‘1XBET alternative login links’ section to visit the official website of 1XBET Malaysia.

1xbet affiliate program partner account manager commission payment login marketing

Scroll down to locate the 1XBET Affiliate Program, also known as ‘Joint Program‘ in the 1XBET’s footer under the ‘1XBET’ category between the ‘About us’ & ‘B2B’ options. As soon as you click on ‘Joint Program’ you will be redirected to a 1XBET Affiliate Program page.

1xbet affiliate program become partner create account & get 40% commission payment

Click on ‘Become an affiliate‘ given in the top right corner of the 1XBET Affiliate Program homepage to create a 1XBET Affiliate account.

Step 2: Enter 1XBET Affiliate account & additional information

1XBET Affiliate marketing program’s registration form will appear on the screen after you have clicked on ‘become an affiliate’. Fill out the 1XBET affiliate account registration form correctly to create your account, promote 1XBET & earn through it. Enter the information in ‘Username and Password’ and ‘Additional information‘.

Note: Your 1XBET affiliate account registration application to become a 1XBET affiliate program member will be reviewed by the 1XBET affiliate manager, ensure to make no mistakes in your form otherwise your approval will either be delayed or declined.

1xbet affiliate program become partner create login account fill register form 1 & get 40% commission

Username & Password:

  • Login Username: Create a unique username for your 1XBET affiliate account to ensure a unique identity in the 1XBET affiliate program. Enter that username in the ‘Login username’ column, all the letters will be lowercase in the username and you can also add numbers
  • Password: Create a strong password for the security of your account, keep it simple to remember and difficult to crack. The least number of letters in the password is 8.
    • Confirm password: Re-enter the same password as entered in the ‘Password’ column to the ‘Confirm password’ column and be sure that you can remember the password.

Additional Information:

  • Site URL: Enter the URL of the homepage of the website you have created to promote 1XBET products. Hence, you have to create a platform to promote 1XBET first and then you can fill out the registration form to become a 1XBET affiliate partner.
  • Site category: What category does your website fall in? Select the category from the given list: Sports predictions, Sports news, Bookmakers & betting, Sports, Casinos, Sports broadcasts, etc.
  • Language option: What language does your website support? The UK stands for English, Thai, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Bulgarian, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.
  • How did you find out about us?: There are three options in this category list, select the one which gave you information on the 1XBET affiliate program: Advertising, Link to the website & Friend’s suggestion.

Step 3: Enter contact information & confirm to ‘Register’

Once you are done filling in the Username, Password, and Additional information, fill in the ‘Contact information‘ and ‘Payment details‘ to complete your 1XBET affiliate account creation form. Learn more with 1XBET tutorials.

1xbet affiliate program become partner create login account fill register form 2 & get 40% commission

Contact Information:

  • Name: Enter your legal first name as per the governmental legal documents, this will be verified in the further process once your application is approved. Hence, make no mistake in entering the legal first name of you.
  • Family Name: Put the correct legal last name of your family, as given in the legal government documents. Make sure to make no spelling mistakes and smooth approval for your 1XBET affiliate marketing application.
  • Email Address: Insert the active working email address to the column to receive 1XBET affiliate program-related notifications on your email. Mails are the most official way of communicating documentation information.
  • Messenger: Select one of the two messengers where the 1XBET affiliate manager can contact you with any question regarding your application: Skype or Telegram since they are the two most preferred online platforms to communicate in Malaysia.
    • Registered Number: Enter the number registered to your selected messenger to search and contact you on the messaging platform. Or enter your username into the messenger.
  • Country: Malaysia is a default setting for Malaysian members, select the country you want to target to promote 1XBET sports betting, live casino, slots online, etc.
  • Phone Number: Enter the working phone number in the application form so that the 1XBET affiliate manager can call you to identify your identity, ask any query, or ask any questions in the process of reviewing your application for the 1XBET affiliate program.

Preferred payment method:

The most preferred 1XBET affiliate payment method is a Bank transfer with the company and hence we recommend selecting ‘Bank transfer with the company‘ to deposit and withdraw real money.

1xbet affiliate program become partner get approved promote 1xbet win 40% commission

Once done filling out the form, click on ‘Register‘ to complete the registration process. Your 1XBET affiliate form will be transferred to the 1XBET affiliate manager for review and the status of your application will be sent to your email within 48 hours.


Earn 40% commission with the 1XBET Affiliate Program for life, become a member, and promote the following 1XBET Malaysia products: online sports betting, live casino, slots online, lotto, keno, 1XGAMES, E-sports, and so on. Bring in active and committed consumers; the more real money they spend on 1XBET, the more you will make through a 40% lifetime commission.

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